Cornel West is Arrested in Protest


Your Black News Reports:

Critics insinuate that Princeton professor, Dr. Cornel West, is all talk, preaching from his Ivy League tower about the ills of the African-American community, while never getting his hands dirty.

Today, he got more than his hands dirty, he got them handcuffed when he was arrested in front the United States Supreme Court in Washington D.C.







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4 responses to “Cornel West is Arrested in Protest

  1. Kim

    PPl with a purpose SHOULD stand for what THEY FEEL is right regardless of who it is and who it bothers. In Gods eyesight it was illegal to lynch and keep ppl as slaves for many centuries. Who cares about standing on any steps with posters for what ppl feel is wrong? I mean really. I didn’t even know there was such a law. It’s a crime to put ppl to death without any evidence as well. Or keep them behind bars for crimes they never comiited. But THEy still do it. We all have our own views for what is wrong. But is any doing a damn thing about it? More ppl should stand on the supreme courts steps all across this nation and protest for teh cruelty and harm that is done in EACH STATE with posters then maybe more JUSTICE FOR all would finally come into existence – if this is what it takes to get attention for the vicious and cruelty of laws set upon us who never get a voice in America. After all what harm is this doing to ANYONE! But at least we would get heard more.

  2. I am proud of Dr. Cornel West and Smiley recent interface with Bill O’rielly. These two showed how smart they are. They out-did Bill O’rielly on facts during the Factor show. Bill was embarrassed almost pooping in his pants. I had told Bill to mess around with right wing morons not with these two professionals and articulate people. I hope O’rielly will not invite these two for arguments. Bill learned his lesson the hard way.

  3. Renelda Moorehead

    And Cornel West’s protest was about what?… Publicity stunt, maybe.
    Why aren’t there more blacks down with the OCCUPY WALL STREET
    protestors. 99% of us are part of the 99%. I think West is shunning the
    Wall street protestors because he, like other Black elitists, feel it is not
    politically correct. And the beat goes on…

  4. Boo

    How right you Moorehead you are. More blacks particularly the you should be with the Occupy Wall Street. IT’S their future at stake! It’s their time to speak out and demand what they want and need for themselves and for their people! THEY need jobs for themselves and loans to go into business so they can hire their own people.

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