Intentional? MLK Memorial Does Not Mention the Word “Black” Anywhere

Martin Luther King Memorial fails to mention the word "black"

by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Your Black World

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5 responses to “Intentional? MLK Memorial Does Not Mention the Word “Black” Anywhere

  1. BlackBeauty

    I swear, this Dr. Watkins person is about petty crap!

    The titles of your commentaries are used to simply incite black people!

    Apparently there is nothing of value you can contribute, except something stupid! In fact, most of the junk you write about you must think all black folks are stupid as well.

    The man was black! Everyone knows he was black!

    You have been on the rag about this monument since the beginning.

    Stop the foolishness, and focus on the positives.

    Stop being so petty and finding fault in everything about the momunment?

    It is a done deal! MOVE ON!

  2. Renelda Moorehead

    And you, my dear, like so many whiticized minds, need to stop accepting
    everything and idea thrown in your path. I hope you learned deductive
    reasoning in school.; and are well-versed in various thoughts of philosophers –of many cultures. Your anger at Dr. Watkins seems to be
    based on your limited knowledge of African American History, as well as
    American History. Don’t be angry at differing, creative opinions which you
    do not understand. Learn to think outside the box. Creative reasoning
    will provide you an edge to understanding abstract concepts. Good luck!

  3. BlackBeauty

    Sorry, I stand by my post.
    Perhaps it is you who needs to understand “deductive reasoning”, and then you may fully understand crap when it is thrown at you.

    This writer is always on the negative. Itis called let me stir up the negros so I can be invited to speak on the popular talk/news programs.

    With all of the issues we should be discussing that is focused on us moving forward, with education, less OTW births, drugs, murder of our own people, how to understand finances, money growth, building solid foundations, and health issues, one would think you would see more from this “scholar”, but his intent is to bait folks like you into emotional responses which is a waste to us as a whole.

    Good luck to you as well!

  4. Henry Agboga

    Yes Dr King fought for the rights of all peaple. His dream was for a place that was color blind in the way respect was given. On that basis the omition of thew word black and race is a very befitting speech on this great occation. Sure he is a black man but he fought and sacrificed his live for all mankind. You the kind that will deny his African heritage but will rather be called African American and not black.

  5. Abigail

    I happen to agree with the intelligent piece of Dr. Watkins. It is not a surprise when of all places Big Business suddenly decided to fund a piece of whatever the – beautifully made statue I must say – thing is made of.
    Dr. Watkins merely stated facts.
    That some people like the seemingly enraged BlackBeauty (why not state one’s case poised and with a smile and love in your heart instead of trying to tear a person down and be condescending? It is called inner decency and the ability to have a decent communication also when one has a difference of opinion) still have no clue about aims, purposes, political or otherwise is sad. And very shortsighted. Some people prefer to keep looking the other way or hide their head in the sand.
    There must be an organising of minds and agendas like dr. King’s. Not only talk and analyse but do also. With courage, dignity and perseverance. The untapped reservoirs of goodness, dignity, intelligence and decency could form a starting platform. Come on people, why wait for another dr. King? He’s not coming back. Let’s learn from him and proceed.

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