Is Herman Cain a Racist? Dr. Boyce and Ron Christie from Harvard Debate the Issue on CNN



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3 responses to “Is Herman Cain a Racist? Dr. Boyce and Ron Christie from Harvard Debate the Issue on CNN

  1. Pollard

    This was relatively fair and unbias. They are both correct Herman Cain is going to become a characature if he doesn’t watch. Some would argue he has already become one already. One unfortunate aspect of Herman Cain is that he is a well educated man, I believe with at least one degree in Mathematics, but the general media doesn’t focus on those qualities. They would rather focus on the pizza profile. He is so busy trying to find favor by putting blacks down he is missing a great opportunity.

  2. I will stand by comments. I am sorry for Cain being Neo-Slave. Cain has lied to himself not to be African-Am­erican but sees himself as White conservative republican­. Cain doesn’t identify with President Obama. Cain says Obama is African- American. Unfortunately Cain does not know he is not wanted by TEA Party, GOP and right wing media for his race. Bill O’rielly and Sean Hannity treat Cain as a lost black man. But like many neo-Slaves Cain has delusion is accepted in GOP and TEA Party. This is a disease some us Blacks acquire when we get big jobs from right wing masters. Cain also claims TEA Party is not racist group. However some TEA Party leaders have admitted to hate Blacks and therefore are racists. In fact TEA Party members include KKKK groups. Cain should check himself into mental rehab to see himself as African-Am­erican. Now the right wing has dumped him. Cain needs Blacks’ sympathy.

  3. Bill lost the debate to Tavis Smiley and Prof. Cornel West on his Tuesday show. Those guys had all the facts on issues Bill was trying to exploit on. Further, Bill self- inflicted wounds about the OWS and Cain arguments. You could easily see Bill pooping in his pants for being out-done by these two guys. I have told Bill that he can mess around with right-wing dummies – not with intellectuals like Tavis Smiley and Prof. Cornel West. That was embarrassing to Bill especially before so many people. It a lesson to Bill.

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