What the Hayell? NYU Study Shows that 5 Million People Could Lose the Right to Vote


5 million people could lose their right to vote

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3 responses to “What the Hayell? NYU Study Shows that 5 Million People Could Lose the Right to Vote

  1. WizardG

    What we don’t know surely hurts us.
    I continue to try to inform the unaware of the true nature of our societal environment. Many (blacks and others) are under the perception that everything is proper and running according to the age-old statures created by the Anglos. (Who generally make and break laws as they please). It is not so! Those same kind of people have had a secret type of grip on, and control of this country ever since the very beginning. They merely pass the mantle down to the people they choose to continue. That being said. “Blacks” and others are not considered to be entitled to many of the rights and privileges and therefore will always run into problems regarding every facet of this vile white-racist based social structure. People tend to relax or forget about the deep racism and prejudices when they are doing well. Yet every time we win a fierce fight to gain ground on something, anything, we don’t realize that they have already started to work on ways to thwart those gains. Sometimes it takes time and sometimes we can see their immediate responses if we understand the direct signs or can “connect the dots”. Not only are they intent and determined to keep us at a distance, but they also reign down punishments upon us when we win ground on something, or anger them in any way. They always find ways to get revenge! We hardly ever realize why and who is really behind our communities being plied with drugs, or our schools left without proper funding, or our children turning against each other and being beaten into gangs, why our unemployment numbers rise faster and why we are denied proper medical insurance and care. We are being strategically attacked but most of us cannot see it, some are not paying any attention to it, and others don’t care to know much about anything political or otherwise. They even have us blaming each other! I’ve spoken to people who want to shut out anything that isn’t happy and fun! All this is to say that it is no wonder voting is being tampered with. If they don’t change or sway the results of their choosing one way they will do it another way! Don’t forget that they can tamper with the voting results, and don’t forget that they have used their supreme court and other courts to fix their results. This country remains a very vile and racist country where the whites outnumber blacks four to one. The laws may have changed but the people haven’t. “Blacks”, Africans, and other ‘people of color’ are being set upon. Even whites are suffering! You can be sure that if whites are suffering “blacks” will suffering at least twice as much! Some people believe that everything happens for a reason. I think that humans in power can make things happen for a reason.

  2. Kim

    It really doesn’t matter to me anymore. Why should I? I CHOSE NOT TO VOTE anymorfe because I am tired of my votes putting clowns into offices. Until they rid of the EEOC, justice in the PA court system as well as others, and jobs to make a good living for ourselves and families, that is when I will vote. So it sounds and looks as if I will not be voting ever again in this life. Because it is surely soon to an end in the first place I listen to much Bible prophecy, and when the death penalty is demolished that is when I will vote. So since they cannot help me with my issues, I cannot help them or any of them with my votes. TOO BAD TOO SAD oh well that is the way the ball bounces. I am sure the black side of me (ancestors) would not be dismayed with me those who died and gave thier life for me to vote because I feel they would feel the same way. WHy put ppl in offices who aren’t doing anything for me and that side of my race of people? I mean REALLY????

  3. This is a very eye opening piece of information. To add to this, the Voter Rights Act has to be voted on by the President to allow people of color, women, and other minorities to be able to vote in America. Why should the right to vote be left up to one individual? This should not be an act, it should be an Amendment in the Constitution.

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