Cop Charged with Shooting 7-Yr Old Girl During Televised Police Raid

officer charged in the death of 7-year old aiyana jones





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2 responses to “Cop Charged with Shooting 7-Yr Old Girl During Televised Police Raid

  1. WizardG

    I remember this story. It is a story that has repeated itself in many forms throughout our stay here in these occupied lands of the “Indians”. We never truly belonged here in this very racist based country where the whole of the society is top-heavy white ruled and “black” assisted. Our people are twisted and confused with no relief in sight. Even those who think they’ve made it are missing the point and many will never be able to adjust to the machinations of this viciously prejudiced environment. Those who find this acceptable and even relaxing are truly living in a fantasy, and many are self hating due to the constant psychological abundance of white-pride/black hate input provided by all types of media.

    Now the crime that builds in black neighborhoods are in part due to the over abundance of poverty, disenfranchisement and a host of other problems that have long since been created by those who run this country and their violent unforgiving atmosphere, among the many other reasons. Everyone should accept our share of blame for allowing the police brutality, the inability to help reduce the black male’s crimes, our inability to prevent these police intrusions which caused the child’s death, and the abuse of the grandmother. We are not a community and although it does “take a village” we have had the village dismantled centuries ago. Now that we have been thoroughly scattered apart as a community it is important for the Anglo-elite and their willing minions to keep us scattered and conflicted.
    They have had centuries to hone their skills in all forms of human disruption and destabilization etc. We remain, as always, their prime target. It’s just a shame that so many can not see just how dire the situation really is. Obama is also surely, and quite clearly part of their game! We have no strength in our so-called community to even keep police and the court systems from incarcerating and murdering our people at will let alone the strength to garner jobs over the whites. Many of our people are so connected into the fantasy of the Eurocentric (white man’s) “American Dream”, that they cannot see that the mere participation in it guarantees our collective doom, and the continued ability of the “whites” to easily lord over us and our children. If we can’t create strong leadership with the ability to connect with all of us we cannot turn this around. Keep in mind that the barbarians are always thinking far,far ahead of us!

  2. Renelda Moorehead

    WizardG, you have said it ALL, and with intelligence and insight. But,
    as true as your blog is, I will not live on DOOM. Where is life so much
    better for African Americans? Tell me and I’ll consider seriously becoming an expat. But until then I hail and pray for those who ARE making a difference in both our community and the community-at-large. I have
    always done my bit through love via being a good neighbor, friend, and volunteer–political and social. This rose called life does indeed have thorns.
    Sometimes I imagine if we ruled the world, and how it would be. My dream
    always ends with a mox nichts attitude, or it wouldn’t be different. No culture
    has a lock on cruelty , greed and other human frailties. Love covers over
    a multitude of sins, does it not? May that little soul that was sacrificed be
    the cause for a new set of behaviors in that family, and community. Then
    Little Angel will not have died in vain. PEACE.

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