Dr. Boyce: Herman Cain, the Brainwashed Caricature of a Candidate

Herman cain is brainwashed





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6 responses to “Dr. Boyce: Herman Cain, the Brainwashed Caricature of a Candidate

  1. WizardG

    Herman Cain is a politician. Politicians are generally self-serving confidence men. Lying is part of their trade and those politicians that go in trying to do good soon find themselves drawn into a vast pool of treacherous lying confidence men. Their main objective is power and wealth and they will serve the wealthy without hesitation. We have long gravitated into what is actually a worse country than it was during legal slavery. The elite have moderated the game in their favor from the beginning and they have always gotten their wishes and desires. They know best how to use people and they know how to create public illusion. They have chosen Obama for specific reasons. They don’t like the idea of “blacks” having too much power but if they are regulating and controlling the “blacks” it’s all the same. They must maintain public calm during these times of their illusive “black” leadership, but I don’t believe they want to put in another black at this point. They worked hard to put this Obama person in and now that they have accomplished that they will more than likely keep him for a second term. After all, he is doing everything they ask of him as he knows he’d better. Nevertheless if they do choose to place Cain. He will only continue doing what Obama is doing. Which is fooling the public on both sides and doing the work of the Anglo-elite and their cohorts.

  2. I am sorry for Cain being Neo-Slave. Cain has lied to himself not to be African-Am¬erican but sees himself as White conservative republican¬. Cain doesn’t identify with President Obama. Cain says Obama is African- American. Unfortunately Cain does not know he is not wanted by TEA Party, GOP and right wing media for his race. Bill O’rielly and Sean Hannity treat Cain as a lost black man. But like many neo-Slaves Cain has delusion is accepted in GOP and TEA Party. This is a disease some us Blacks acquire when we get big jobs from right wing masters. Cain also claims TEA Party is not racist group. However some TEA Party leaders have admitted to hate Blacks and therefore are racists. In fact TEA Party members include KKKK groups. Cain should check himself into mental rehab to see himself as African-Am¬erican. Cain needs Blacks’ sympathy

  3. Cheryl

    “They worked hard to put this Obama person” What a hell of of a statement to make! Most African Americans knows people like Cain…so his Uncle Tom attitude does not surprise me at…however this site’s attitude towards President Obama during these times really baffles me. I know this post probably will not make through your moderators…at least THEY will read it. This site is no different than all of the Cains out there…you know ones that are educated but find it neccesary to pretend to be concerned about poor blacks…when it is all about your personal agendas. We can put Cain, West, Smiley and a bunch of others in the same basket together. It would different if there were BETTER candidates than our President…but we don’t. If you think blacks are suffering now…let a Perry, a Romney, a Bachman and/or a Krispie become president due to your negative remarks about Obama. Rest assure the good ole blacks won’t be no where around to help the poor black people that read your post and decide to sit it out on election day. I am so disgusted with our elite blacks and your condesending attitudes toward a man that was the best choice for the American people. After we take a hundred giant steps backwards…ask yourselves what will be there for our children/grandchildren…we will have start all over fighting again. I see the white sitting at Wall Street protesting and NOT bashing the President…I see blacks listening to people like the above mentioned, and reading site like this and listening to their elected officials when they should be on Wall Street fighting the real culprits instead of expecting so much favor from the president when they did not get off of their sorry butts and vote to send President Obama some help!
    Cain just happens to be in the spotlight and the baggers love to see blacks bash Obama and they serch black site like this one and get all giddy inside to see how you report about him.

  4. This pig went to Romney whose church (Mormon) teaches that Blacks are cursed humans and wants us men marry two wives; this pig went to Perry whose house stone had the “N” word and got Cs and Ds in college; this pig went to Bachmann who says Blacks are better off as slaves; this pig went to Herman Cain who says Blacks are brainwashed-cannot think for themselves. Sorry we ran out pigs (GOP candidates). None is qualified to be President of all people. They are all bigots. Republicans have to start all over recruiting new candidates.

  5. Kim Wilcox (male)

    Kim Wilcox (male) I’m always suspicious of Black Republicans. I understand that in order for my race to suceed in the future we must intermix with both parties. We must think about the future, and the future of our children. Intermixing with every race here in America is the only way the future will be better for all. I’m not sayin that every one has to mix, but those who wish to should feel free to do so. (I myself have never dated outside my race, I’m married to a Black woman I love, we’ve been together for twelve years.) I listen to Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Rush and other racist talk show host, and if they like Herman Cain you won’t be wrong if you come to the conclusion that Cain is a cookie, an Uncle Tom, etc. This intermixing that I speak of will take maybe another fifty to one hundred years if you

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