Should President Obama Be Telling Black People to “Stop Complaining?”–Dr. Boyce and Dr. Wilmer Leon Discuss


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6 responses to “Should President Obama Be Telling Black People to “Stop Complaining?”–Dr. Boyce and Dr. Wilmer Leon Discuss

  1. Kim

    Hell no! He should be listening to our complaints because after all we know where and why we are hurting. Just like no one can resurrect Troy Davis we are (the majority) wondering if we will ever be resurrected trying to stay alive in this country. He wants to know where to rid of wasteful spending within the Government – he needs to HEAR the stories from those of us who been taken into extremes struggles of poverty from the worthless EEOC who are still robbing others from thier careers. That would be a huge savings – in demolishing them entirely! Check out the stories on Smiley n West and how they rid of thier very own for blowing the whisle on them and how they do the minority complaints to thier offices; let alone me and many others!

  2. Tula

    I have been an ardent supporter of the President as I know what he is up against. However, I think he was out of line and disrespectful for those talking points – stop complaining etc. Moreover it was simply silly. The entire country is in high complaint mode in light of the economy and other issues. Why shouldn’t African Americans raise these issues? Even if I find Dr. West and Tavis petty in their anger, they have the right to raise issues. He wouldn’t talk to any other group this way….he is standing on the backs of many in that room (and not in the room) ….his language should reflect that….no need to be politically correct, but manners and basic respect are cheap, simple and easy. Minimally the same respect he gives to other groups. Makes me wonder at times if the boy has lost his mind (language is powerful huh?)

  3. Kim

    @ Tula VERY very POWERFUL!

  4. WizardG

    Obama is not your friend in fact he may well be your enemy!
    How many obvious signs are going to have to be shown to all of you before you realize that Obama is working for the Anglo-elite white-supremacist racists who own the US? We have always been a thorn in their side but they have always been miles ahead of us in solving their problems concerning us, the “Indians”, the Mexicans…and anyone else they’ve considered a bother or a threat! They have always found members of a group who were willing to turn against their own for money or notoriety or whatever. Stop being so naive about who is running this foul country and stop thinking that Obama has the power to do anything to change the direction the Anglo-elite have always planned for this their final conquest. Mr. Obama is a lying con-politician with his mind on his money and his money on his mind. He can relate to intellect power and wealth, but he cannot relate to average common people and especially not to blacks! He cannot change the plot that has been orchestrated against the American citizens and he doesn’t care or want to. He wants everyone to believe in the political sphere of patriotism just as all of the hundreds or thousands of political scum. We have been suckered a thousand times over and if we try to fight back they will destroy us all. One sign you should have noticed is how easily they can turn our own forces on us, how easily they can kill innocent people and how torture is not an issue to them. The signs are everywhere! We are not living in a democratic society and soon those who are still blinded by a semi-quiet normalcy will see! Nothing these politicians say means anything!!!

  5. Kim

    This may be very well true. I read something about that. They call themselves the Global Elite. They not only controll Obama but every other president there was. Bush before him was a walking contradiction that was used topush the CFR Council on Foreign Relations agenda of a one-world government. All of the top US politicians are CFR members and former CFR chairman David Rockefeller admitted in his memoirs that he works tirelessly towards a world finanical and political system. he and his bankster thieves hold the reins, of course! But then we Bible believers also know these things HAVE to happen God seen it all we are living through it. AND IT hAS TO HAPPEN and because the Bible states it – IT WILL HAPPEN! Amen! Obama therefore is a Puppet Getting PAID!!!!!!

  6. Shakir

    “Anything that sends a message to the mind is a word’ What message is the president sending? the undertone of his remarks are questionable. If the first black President does not have enough respect for people that are his elders our elders, His base the CBC, than what does that say for me or you. Than we need to teach him how to respect us. But we should know that empathy and decency is not taught in academia, those institutions teach how to rob and pillage. even if we had nothing to gripe about, Democracy within itself Mandates that we the governed check and question the governing body. Mr President have we not shown you the power of the black vote. you should feel a deep scense of humility and honor to be in the presence of such greatness. have you lost your mind or have you somehow arrived? Are you not aware that the first branch of government has always been and will always be. We the people of the United states! I just thought I would remind you.

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