Yvette Carnell: Obama Tells Black People to Stop Bitching and Come Work for Him

president obama at the cbc




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5 responses to “Yvette Carnell: Obama Tells Black People to Stop Bitching and Come Work for Him

  1. Shirlene Pryor

    Yevette Carnell
    I do not profess to know what you are thinking but to me it seems that you are a shallow thinking empty headed dingbat with issues.

  2. Ms. Carnell:

    It is easy to have you revealed you true self: Sean Hennity. Have you already signed your contract with Faux News? If not, I’m sure it’s waiting for you. You have all the signs of a tea party “patriot” faithful–bash the President at all cost–even to your own peril. Obviously, you probably claim that you were writing a “thoughtful critique” of Obama’s speech, but as it turned out, it was just another right-wing rant. Did you write this for Rush Limbaugh’ s program?

    I totally agree with Shirlee Proyer

  3. MissT

    Bull Crap, I didn’t hear not one comment when the country was going down hill under the reign of the replubicans. They were the true pimps of society and have sold the country away to the highest bidders in every thing from cars, gas, land. I heard no one say one word while everything was going to hell. They did not want to win this term, they knew the country was a mess that’s why Palin which I wouldn’t hire to run my errands was nominated to run for Vice President.

  4. MissT

    Sorry I mispell Republicans.

  5. I will vote for Obama again, but I do not appeciate the manner, the tone nor the demeanor he demonstrated when he addressed the Black Caucus. I thought he, in that instance, showed disrespect, arrogance and insensitivity to the horrific circumsances of Black Americans. He set the example for how we as Black Americans can be regarded and that it is OK to treat us that way. “Other people” can say, the President did it and no one said anything, so it must be OK. I love my wife, but she can not disrespect me and look for a long relationship. So it is with Obama, I would rather suffer with dignity than be “elevated in disrespect.” It is plain and simple, President Obama disrespected, and disrespects Black Americans.

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