Survey: Majority of African Americans Believe Obama Should Have Spoken Up for Troy Davis




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15 responses to “Survey: Majority of African Americans Believe Obama Should Have Spoken Up for Troy Davis

  1. Nojma Muhammad

    An Open Letter to The President of the United States of America Mr. President, When you were running for President, your platform was “Change, we can Believe In.” In their excitement to have a Black President sit in the “highest office of the land”, my people voted for you, believing that you would indeed be or create that change that you promoted. The only change was the color of the face; all else remained the same.

    When Oscar Grant’s murderer was released you were silent. When Kenneth Harding was publicly executed for not paying bus fare you were silent. When Aiyana Stanley Jones was murdered in her home by police officers you were silent. And as I can continue to name more, you have proven that you will continue to remain silent. You appealed to have the execution of one of our Brown Brothers, stopped, though he was guilty of the crime, because you thought it would “Make America “look bad” abroad’. You personally appealed to the Supreme Court on his behalf, but said NOTHING regarding Troy Davis. Well tell me, Mr. President, how did America look when Troy Davis was killed in front of an international stage? How was America perceived when seven out of nine witnesses recanted their story, yet a man was still killed? When the policy of reasonable doubt was ignored, and a man was wrongfully executed? Lean in a little closer, THAT WAS NOT A GOOD LOOK FOR AMERICA!

    The execution of our Brother was nothing more than a public lynching, mirroring those that took place years ago, and as recently as our Brother that was hung from a tree in 2010 in Greenwood, Mississippi. To all those that thought you were the Golden Child, that would finally administer justice and reprieve for us and our condition, you have shown them who you really are; A black male continuing our oppressors agenda. You are so quick so speak out against Muslim Countries and their Leaders; you berate them and their mistreatment of those under their authority. I ask you, how are you any different? Have we not suffered under your authority? Have we not been mistreated under your authority? Do you not represent a country that was built on the back of your ancestors but is run by those that held us and keep us in captivity? Liars, thieves, rapists, murderers, homosexuals, all those that lack moral authority of those in the position of power in this country. They preach a grafted religion to Us, but partake in all the activities that God HATES. “Can unjust leaders claim that God is on their side—leaders whose decrees permit injustice?” Psalm 94:20 You criticize others when America is guilty of setting the initial precedent of injustice. No one wanted to hear Ahmadinejad when he said “”Do these arrogant powers really have the competence and ability to run or govern the world? Is it acceptable that they call themselves the sole defender of freedom, democracy, and human rights, while they militarily attack and occupy other countries?” Ahmadinejad asked the G.A. because no one wanted to face the absolute truths of his words. Instead, everyone one did what America does best; turn their back on truth, and walk towards an agenda with lies and manipulation as its base. Let me very clear in my letter to you, I am not holding you accountable for what took place BEFORE you entered the White House, I am holding you accountable for what has taken place since you became President. You aid in abet in injustice every time you remain mute. Your silence regarding issues that affects the Black Community speaks volumes. However, our lack of support for you at the polls will be DEAFENING! After the Jews have used you and abused you, don’t find your way back our doorstep. You will find a “NOT WELCOME” sign placed there. Just as the plight of my people were not welcomed into your conversations or action plans. You will be rejected and disowned, in the same manner that you have rejected us. We will turn our backs on you as you have turned your back on us. America is indeed falling Mr. President, and you have fallen right along with her. “Your hands are the hands of murderers, and your fingers are filthy with sin. Your lips are full of lies, and your mouth spews corruption”. Isaiah 59:3 Signed, Nojma Muhammad-one of many that was NOT fooled, and saw you for who you are and what you will always be; A PUPPET. (c)2011

  2. That’s exactly what I was thinking, when I responded to a post on my facebook page, concerning this very issue. ie: Posted under the video of Judge Mathis comments regarding this racist ass, “Criminal Justice System.” Need I say more.

  3. BlackBeauty

    Some African Americans need to stop thinking with their emotions.

    The executions of any murderer is not something the President (any President) should get involved it, even under the Troy Davis circumstances. This was a state/governor issue.

    Please stop trying to bring Mr. Obama into state issues. Mr. Davis had his case taken to the higest court in the land and it was rejected. Just what did you want the President to do?

    This is one of the reasons we are behind in most everthy. We are too emotional, too many depend on these black preachers, and not enough think properly.

    Now, here it is that black folks (some) feel the President should have “done something”, and of course it will come down to it being his fault.

    Also, once again these Blog titles are misleading (most are titled to incite black folks), because stating that the majority of African Americans believe that Mr. Obama should have spoken up is foolish. I hardly think that ALL African Americans were polled! Should Mr. Obama have spoken up about the execution of Lawrence Brewer? Especially since the President signed into law the Texas hate crime act/bill which was federal!

    Please black folks, stop leading with your emotions and use good common sense.

  4. Renelda Moorehead

    Your President spoke on behalf of a white death row inmate just 2days ago.
    That was a news item on the internet.

  5. Shirlene Pryor

    The three governing bodies of the USA are Executive -The President,
    Legislative- Both houses of Congress, and
    Judiciary- The Supreme Court.
    The Troy Davis case was a Judiciary issue..


    If he opened his mouth for Henry Gates, which was a state issue than he should have opened his mouth on behalf of Troy Davis. Foul!!!!!!!!!

  7. I really do not (want to) understand how some people can rightly complain about racism and then talk about parts of the American population in generic terms in a derogatory way i.e. the Jews (see piece of N. Mohammed above). Replace it with the African Americans or the Negroes or the Blacks and the house is on fire. Complaining about racism right or wrong? Why not first clean out your own house first. Then you may have a reason to further talk about racism.
    The case of Troy Davis might have been an obligation for this Administration to act on his behalf. It chose not to. Politics can never be above fighting for a life. This President and his Administration would have gained a lot of respect everywhere although that can never be a reason to act on the political stage in itself.

  8. claudia

    I am also one who is very dissapointed in our black President. I feel that if it wasnt enough evidence or proof that Troy Davis did this heineous crime then he should have gotten at least life without parol but not death. President Obama, I was also one who held you highly during your election. I really thought you would fight for our society and I dont just mean blacks. I thought you would fight for change that America so desperately needs, instead you have sat back
    on many issues and has done nothing. I’m very dissapointing that you allowed the jurisdiction system to execute another black man without reasonable proof that he did commit the crime. When will it ever end. Casey in Florida walked away free because they didnt have enough evidence to prove that she killed her child. Troy Davis should have gotten the same treatment because it wasnt enough proof that he committed this crime either.

  9. Tracy

    I agree Claudia. I just made that exact point to my husband.

  10. Dr. Watkins:

    Having read so many of your posts you personally have written, It only seems fitting that you have, again, sustained your personal dislike for President Obama by submitting this “poll”. You never stated how many African Americans were asked and how many responded. To me, this was not a legitimate poll.

    Please, Dr. Watkins, your bias is showing..

  11. Tracy

    And I am not complaining about racism I’m complaining about this injustice. Everyone should be held under the same standards no matter their race, gender, religion(WHATEVER). Do you see his fate as fair and just? pRESIDENT OBAMA went to bat for his friend and that didn’t go into any court system, but he stood up for him. COME ON REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t try to play that game you know that’s not what its about. Not from my stand point. FAIR IS FAIR——-ONE NATION/TOGETHER WE STAND/HE DIDN’T STAND

  12. Nojma Muhammad

    No one is blaming President Obama for the death of Troy Davis, but he could have at least said something, anything. He deflected calls regarding Troy Davis. There was a story about a white woman that admitted to hiding her pregnancy and killing her children. She is 25 years of age, and was just released on bond, and the arrangement is that she has a mental disorder. She must be on that casey anthony plan.

  13. Tracy

    This is utterly shameful. See butwe get told we are racist for speaking up about an injustice such as this. What about the black woman they wanted to send to jail for putting her child in a school district she didn’t live in. They were going to do it. INJUSTICE AND I AM SICK OF THIS. I HAVE BOYS THAT I WANT TO BE TREATED FAIRLY IN THE COUNTRY. WILL THEY? A TARGET IS ALREADY ON THEIR BACK BECAUSE THEY ARE AFRICAN AMERICAN MALES. I CAN’T GET OVER HOW SOME PEOPLE FEEL THIS IS OK.

  14. Roosevelt Thompson


    Dear Mr President Obama
    give me a reason to stop whining and complaining my slippers is worn out
    give me a reason to feel i voted for you because i believed that you would
    protect my interest,but so fare i don’t feel you have did that.i did not hear you tell wall street to shut up when they was whining and complaining in fact
    you had an emergency meeting and used your power to give them aid in
    their hour of need. i guess my need is not that important you say you are
    the president of all the citizens of America, am i not an American citizen
    I fight to keep you and your family safe why can’t you do the same for
    my family? this is not an attack this is curiosity from one of your supporters
    at the back of the the way i can’t pay the rent on main street, but i
    do vote ,i volunteered for you.I had two house parties for you in o8,I am
    a precinct captain for the Democratic party,I am that Democrat who is in the
    tranches for you. I try to keep my voters informed about what you are doing
    on their behalf.but tell them to suffer in silence

    and equality

  15. Roosevelt Thompson

    I can’t in good conscious tell them that. remember Mr President you are the
    smybol of hope and change I hope that mean for better and not for worse!!

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