Dr. Boyce: What Troy Davis Implies about Race and Justice in America

the racial implications of the Troy Davis execution





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3 responses to “Dr. Boyce: What Troy Davis Implies about Race and Justice in America

  1. I can assure you American people are now politically and socially mature. Look at the array of color of people sympathetic of Troy Davis: Blacks, Whites, Asians, Indians, Christians, Moslems, gays, lesbians and non believers came together to say last prayers for Davis. I am really proud of this country. It ‘s FoxNews and Rush that try to divide and inject hatred among us. They will fail in November 2012.

  2. Rex

    Encouraging observation. WE need to stay united especially when there is no crisis. Peace & Blessings!!

  3. WizardG

    There is no true unity in this country there is only a smattering of good hearted individuals who transcend the color/race/hate of a white supremacist ruling class conditioning. Yet even so, in such groups you will find confusion and misinterpretations of the psychosocial aspects flooding this society. So on certain levels you will find disunity there.

    There is a much more serious problem which has always been at the base of this nation and that is that there is an Anglo-elite ‘Cabal’ if you will, that schemes and cons and controls the outcomes of our desperate attempts to make our country the best it could be. They use every tool to divide and cause confusion and convolution on every level. They murder, and jail innocents if they must. They devise all sorts of ingenious adventures to keep everyone fighting each other white they hide in almost total anonymity. So any attempt, and start, towards anything good by the masses is going to be thwarted by these vile and vicious tyrants. This country was theirs from the beginning and they will kill it and everyone in it before they give it up to the common people. They can actually live anywhere in the world and they do. So there will be no unity no-matter how desperately we need it and no matter how hard we try, because there are forces making sure this never ever happens. So stop wondering why we can’t get our freedom and justice and health and education and most of all why we can’t all..”just get along”!

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