Karen Wallace, JD: Unemployment Benefits and Health Insurance–How We Can Do Things Better

Attorney Karen Wallace talks about unemployment benefits and health insurance




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One response to “Karen Wallace, JD: Unemployment Benefits and Health Insurance–How We Can Do Things Better

  1. WizardG

    Even well educated and highly intelligent people can be conned..Even con artists can be conned. What some of us can clearly see others are not mentally geared to see intellect aside.
    This whole Obama-as-president con is another Anglo-elite presentation we were suckered into. We have been conditioned to take the ‘Americanized’ configuration as it is (usually) ‘hook line and sinker’. Just like this Obama con/scam the health proposal is part of their con and was never meant to do more than make ‘their’ Obama seem legitimate and slightly left democratically. Understand that those who run this country could care less about the people they lord-over and everything they do is for their own special reasons. We are never going to have a proper society or country if we can’t all spot a super-con and understand the vile background of this country and the true nature of the beasts who control and manipulate us–Now almost without effort! Once you understand the enormity of the con you can throw all of the excess hype out the window! If you refuse to believe or cannot understand this you will simply continue to feed into the hype/con and continue to help make it look legit. We humans very easily forget our past or forget to factor the past into the equation. This means that all of the problems will remain confusing and false.

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