Shani K. Collins: When It Comes to Black Men and Prostate Cancer, It Takes a Whole Village



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2 responses to “Shani K. Collins: When It Comes to Black Men and Prostate Cancer, It Takes a Whole Village

  1. WizardG

    We are the lost community and because of this we are vulnerable to attacks from those who have proven gross hatred towards us from the very beginning, but as some us progress and become individualized and selfish we forget that our enemies are still plotting against us and are still devising ways to disrupt any possible attempt to unify our peoples.

    When it comes to black men or anything concerning “blacks”, it should have taken a whole village. The village structure was shut down many moons ago, never to be re-opened. We are now so individually damaged, scattered, and scatterbrained that we will never be a true community again. Everyone is caught up in their own secluded world of consumerism, selfish accumulation of wealth and property, ‘classism’, and the drive to be excepted by the white social structure among many other negatives, that we are all vulnerable to every conceivable tragedy and harm imaginable. To top this all off is the looming possibilities that our country has been flooded with toxic gases, diseases, and unseen radioactive contaminants which will render us all sickly and in line for eventual health concerns ahead. It is not by accident that our white counterpart do not want the whole society to enjoy free health care, and it is not by accident that we are subjects of the greatest number of negative statistics. It is not by accident that we can not unify our community, tally our numbers among ourselves, and garner/guard our legitimate and righteous leaders to help us find our place in this country and the world. Our white “benefactors” make sure that we are kept in this state of defenselessness. We can see The results of their efforts all across the African Diaspora, but so many of us are not able to comprehend exactly what is happening to us, and of course many refuse to believe the reality of our predicament, but they will believe many of the things the whites have integrated into our social structure which do not belong and add to our failed, disenfranchised, and physically fractured community.
    To sum it all up. We are kept from uniting between each other, kept from having viable leaders to properly direct us, kept from seeing the realities of our positions here, and we are subject to all forms of physical and mental abuse from those we ignorantly turn our lives and the lives of our future generations over to. Eventually we are destined to be pounced upon in the near future and we will never have the ability to strengthen our community against the onslaught of such a formidable group of white supremacists which have always schemed and connived with grand unimpeachable “uncomprehended” Power. We may strive to be like them, but we are not them and they are not our friends. But because so many of us are continuously hypnotized and enamored by them we add to their power to annihilate all like us! There is no waking up from this nightmare people!

  2. Thabo Borole

    FOR ME AS AN AFRICAN IN AFRICA IN A PLACE WE WERE FORCED TO CALL SOUTH AFRICA YOUR MESSAGE IS TELLING.THE BIGGESTFEAR I HAVE IS THAT THIS OMNIPOTENCE SEEMED TO HAVE AFFLICTED ALL WE ARE.We have a political structure that is driven by those who do not have our intersts at heart but we are supoposed to be in power.Power which we are unable to leverage to the beeterment of the entire african community instead you find us jostling for power and position in a brutal manner overlooking the bigger picture where we should be heading as a group of people. All afflictions negatives ones in particular such as jealousy selfishness envy and consiumersim have gripped our minds and body. this has led to a sense odf nostalgia for the days of our enslavery.

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