Christina Edmondson, PhD: “My Kid has What?!?” Is ADHD Even Real and How Do I Care for My ADHD-Labeled Child

christina edmondson, phd



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2 responses to “Christina Edmondson, PhD: “My Kid has What?!?” Is ADHD Even Real and How Do I Care for My ADHD-Labeled Child

  1. WizardG

    Our so called free privatized industry filled with taxpayer subsidized wealth and protected with political clout is poisoning our air, water, land, and all food sources. We are walking experimental subjects or just plain victims of the same old usual powerful bunch of criminals. Before they’re through everyone will have all kinds of strange new biological diseases. Some even created and used on us purposely. There are few who really understand the seriousness of our social problems and there are many who refuse to open their eyes. More-so there are those who actually think they have an omnipotent being ready to whisk them to heaven and so our world is filled with nothing but people who have no idea who or what is controlling their lives and will never know in most cases..It appears that even two thousand years from now humans will still be as superstitious and ignorant as they were two thousand years ago. That is if mankind can survive the amount of stupidity and madness we are suffering right now! Hell…everyone is sick in some way or another…Name you poison if you can!

  2. Phyllis Reid

    The bottom line is SUGAR!! Plain and simple!
    Stop giving our children (and adults) sweets and you will be surprised how better you feel. Fruits and vegetables is what the body needs and is asking for. This country is about MONEY period! We live in a capitalistic society. The more you run to the doctor, the more he/she
    makes money. Why….because you will be given a prescription. That drug or drugs has side effects, and you take it anyway because your doctor told you to. What’s wrong with this picture? We see more Blacks on TV commercials than ever before! What does that tell you? Sounds like white folks have awakened and are going the Wholistic route. All my clients are changing their diet and cannot believe how much better they feel.
    All your body wants and needs is fruits, steamed veggies, nuts (almonds,sesame seed, dates) and grains.
    Check our the book…RAW AND LIVING FOODS: The First Divine Act and Requirement of a Holistic Living Way of Life. Written by:
    It will change your life!!!

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