Unemployed Dads Being Jailed for Non-Payment of Child Support

Parents Face 19th Century-style Punishment for Missing Support Payments

By: Lynnel H. Bott, Your Black World





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3 responses to “Unemployed Dads Being Jailed for Non-Payment of Child Support

  1. WizardG

    Part of the whole privatization scheme is to put businesses built by taxpayers for our use into the hands of politicians, their cronies, friends, and family, but mostly into the hands of the Anglo-Elite conservative minded greedy warmongers. Everything must go at bargain basement prices and only the in-crowd is allowed to pick it all up!

    You should understand what this means when it comes to the well being of “blacks” and people of color. It means we will be further victimized to build greater wealth from every possible venue. You’ve heard that the prison system is being privatized but you could never understand that even while privatized, taxpayers will still be propping up the wealthy Anglo-elite who own these prison systems. The only prison system not privatized will be federal but only until they find away around the blockades keeping them from profiting. Even so, they probably profit from supplying the federal prisons. There is a reason that “blacks” are least to be employed and last to be employed and more susceptible to poverty and crime in this country where white supremacy is still the order of the day! We are like chattel to them and they will profit from our sufferings.

    This story is but one of many stories that have already played out, and but one of a multitude of sad racist-based stories still to come. Of course our statistic show that we are being relegated to the back of the bus in a new way, but the situation is much worse than that and most are too mentally retarded to see this. Can we be intelligent and aware but still not be able to see what is happening to us? Of course we can and of course that is just how things are. To think that there are blacks out there who rally with the Tea party and think that government should be reduced is mind boggling..They are playing right into the hands of the very people who would see them hanging from trees! Government jobs have always been our safest haven in this white tide..Governmental backing of our rights have been our only safety from every state in this country but especially the southern states. Yes some of us are mentally blown away by white hype and follow in every lockstep they dictate. We were lost and never found! Still there will be those who live in complete denial about the condition ‘blacks’ in the African Diaspora are in. They are living on numerous levels of fantasies and are fortunate that their dream state hasn’t come crashing in on them..Yet!

  2. Rich

    @WizardG, I couldn’t agree with you more. I was just having a conversation about this with some of my associates. How can we spend 40-45 thousand in taxpayer money to house an inmate for a year, but we can’t pay to educate them or give them a job for the same amount? I love your breakdown!

  3. Christine

    Yes, this is very wrong. But what we still fail to address is why so many of our young brothers are in jail in the first place? Why aren’t they in school getting an education?

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