What? Time Magazine Includes No African Americans in its 9/11 Commemorative Issue

time magazine features no African Americans in its 9/11 special edition


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9 responses to “What? Time Magazine Includes No African Americans in its 9/11 Commemorative Issue

  1. I am not surprised there are no Black faces on TIME MAGAZINE. Remember these people still regard us as unwanted people or spoilers. Recently I warned a local hospital here in Madison, Wisconsin about its advertisement on its billboard. The billboard had pictures of only White children. No Blacks children were featured on the billboard. I e-mailed the hospital president and gave him five days to amend the ad to include Black children. The hospital president has promised to amend the billboard ad to include Black children. These people habit of excluding Blacks is not uncommon. I have here in Wisconsin a state agency which does not like Blacks in its offices. I will update you on this issue in the near future. It’s time to expose bigotry and hatred of some officials against Blacks. TIME MAGAZINE top officials must be bigots.

  2. flyguy

    I am not in the least surprised. In all of the coverage that I have seen I have not seen one black firefighter or policeman or any other black first responder. Are there no black people in New York engaged in these professions?

  3. Regg'e

    Having worked in the television industry and majored in mass communications, surprised I’m not by the continued insensitivities of the media at large. Please remember that their subscription profiles are those that don’t resemble us. In fact, I can remember my parents having a time magazine subscription when I was a child, and none of my friends parents subscribed. They play and will continue to play to their audiences, regardless of the truth. Look at our designed exclusion from the history books. Don’t be surprised, if anything, gain truth and pass it on to those who are coming up.

  4. Renelda Moorehead

    I vigorously posted on YAHOO! about the gross omission of African Americans in a pictorial article re 9/11. We who are aware of this glaring
    disrespect to our culture are being ignored. And what abot the MLK statue
    memorial in D.C.? It is, in many opinions, a disgrace. And that project was
    spearheaded by blacks . C’mon! There are no black sculptors in America?
    Why are our voices not being heard and acknowledged? mAYBE we need to get more raucous; maybe we’re being too POLITE. Maybe we need to
    become ORGANIZED into ACTION—Actions do speak louder than words!

  5. I believe I posted something regarding the new Ms World. The right wing media hate Blacks so much they refused to publish that a Black African woman won Ms. World Beauty contest. We welcome Ms. Angola as Ms. World. You may remember I wrote about black women in response to Japanese evolutionary scientist, Satoshi Kanazawa, who wrote black women were unattractive. Here is a world beauty now to challenge Satoshi so called scientific stupid observations. I believe Kanazawa had not met beautiful Black women. He should go to Dares-Salaam, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Nairobi, Chicago, and Key West or come here in Madison. I have had opportunity to observe women of different national origins, White, Black, Spanish, Somalis, Arabs, Russians and found women of all colors and background were no different from one another. As a whole all women are made attractive. I believe Satoshi Kanazawa was deceived when young to believe Black women unattractive. Sorry he was fired. He should get mental treatment. We welcome Ms. Angola as Ms. World.

  6. Renelda Moorehead

    Well said Pastori. Thank you.


    When looking at the past films from 911. I saw one black fireman who was helping and aiding someone with oxygen but I havent heard or seen any tribute given to any blacks. Why are you shock about Times magazine. They have never given blacks credit and have never edited stories about blacks. This isnt a surprise to me. I was just commenting also about Nancy Grace on why she only salutes decease white soldiers and never black soldiers at the end of her shows. I know there is just as many black soldiers dying over seas then what she shows. I like Nancy Grace and respects what she does but this part pisses me off about her.

  8. I emailed the Editor of Time last week and haven’t even received an acknowledgement so I’m planning my subscription today. This is a disgrace.

  9. I emailed the Editor of Time last week and haven’t even received an acknowledgement so I’m cancelling my subscription today. This is a disgrace.

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