Are Black Women “Single and Bitter”?

are black women bitter?




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3 responses to “Are Black Women “Single and Bitter”?

  1. Walter Bailey

    The older i get, (56 and counting) the more painful it is to witness the obvious disrespect, of any and all minorities, by the media, and entertainment industries. I once worked with a gentleman who i had a great deal of respect, for and still do who lived a life of alcoholism for many years. This man completely changed his life, and became a very respected member of his community. When 9/11 happened he had been alcohol free for 20 plus years. Well, his son was on one of those planes that hit the World Trade Center and i am very sad to say he completely fell apart, and went back to consuming alcohol once again. He ended up passing away from a broken heart, and never recovered from the loss of his son. Needless to say, he was an African American and to this day, i have not read one word about him, or his son, in any of our local newspapers. To continue to make no mention of our brothers and sisters, who either lost their life that day, or their family and friends loss is very disheartening. The day President Obama won the presidency to all those who proclaimed that racism was on a decline, my response to them then, and now, is racism is alive and well, and continues to flourish.
    Walter in Boston, Ma.

  2. Claudia

    I m angry but not bitter. I’m angry at the fact that when I look at Nancy Grace and she give the salute to soldiers that fallen and have fought the war for us is mostly all white men. I sadden that she fails to show pictures or even announce that there is just as many black men who is dying in Arab then white men but they arent recognized as honored men who serves our country. I’m angry that there are so many beautiful black women are looked upon as being ugly by the white race and that is why so many of are black men prefers to date white women instead and has abandon many black women and has left them desolate. For so many years we have been looked upon as being ugly and fat. with big lips, too big of hips and butt and nappy hair. I’m angry that soo many black women has fallen into the white mans system and has no longer accepted who they really are as Beautiful African Queens.

  3. Black women are sweet and beautiful. It’s us men that make them mad. How would you like your women looking at other men when you’re driving? You would not like that. I think this the same with all women regardless of race. I work with women and I have listened to them and found they really get mad with us when we misbehave.

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