Rev. Jesse Jackson to Your Black World: “We Must Support President Obama’s Proposal”


jesse jackson speaks on President Obama's economic plan

by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Your Black World

Yesterday, I spoke with Rev. Jesse Jackson about the death penalty case of Troy Davis.  Rev. Jackson offered to partner with us at Your Black World to fight Davis’ execution (you can join our campaign by clicking here), which is scheduled for September 21.  Toward the end of our conversation, Rev. Jackson mentioned that he was about to watch the highly-anticipated jobs speech by President Barack Obama.  That’s when our friendly discussion switched over to the black unemployment crisis and the state of the economy.

In spite of the widely-held belief that Rev. Jackson does not support President Obama, the opposite is actually true.  Rev. Jackson appears willing to do all that he can to help President Obama do an effective job, with the joint interest of supporting the working poor and urban communities. In the 20-plus times I’ve appeared on Rev. Jackson’s show since Obama was elected, I’ve only heard him defend President Obama in the presence of those who wish to criticize him unfairly.

Today on the Huffington Post, Rev. Jackson went out of his way to encourage all Americans to support the jobs proposal put forth by President Obama.  Rev. Jackson referred to the package as a significant down payment on America’s future.

The time to act is now. Congress – Democrats and Republicans alike – must swiftly move from debate to passing the President’s positive, job creating, legislative proposals. Republic before Republican. Democracy before Democrat.

Unfortunately, some members of Congress demonstrated their utter contempt of the President and refused to even show up – and they’ve not shown up for 242 days of the Obama administration, saying no, rejecting plans even before they receive and review them, and refusing to support or enact any job creation bills. No wonder this Congress is suffering from all time low poll ratings from the public that is disgusted by their dysfunction.

Rev. Jackson goes on to explain that he supports President Obama’s efforts to see the act passed in Congress.  Each American must become politically-educated and active in some mechanism designed to make their voice heard in Washington.  At this point in time, American politics has been hijacked by corporate money, which serves to make the rich richer and the poor poorer.  The president must himself become stronger when negotiating with Republicans, and one expects that strong support from the rest of us can give him the leverage that he needs.

One fact that holds true is that good old fashioned American racism has led to Republicans becoming the ultimate traitors to the future of America.  Their disdain for a black president has led them to push for his failure, which is synonymous with hoping for the failure of our nation.  It has also led the party to demand that spending be cut at a time when government spending is critical to saving the economy.  Only time will reveal the depth of the damage that is being done.

While unfair Republican opposition is certainly noteworthy, we must also push the president to more deeply commit his administration to doing what is right.  In the black community, unconditional love for any politician must be replaced with conscious analysis of policy choices being made by our elected officials.  One cannot blame the Republicans alone for the fact that black unemployment is the worst that it’s been in 27 years.  The old notion of the “rising tide lifting all boats” (as Obama communicated three years ago) does not apply in America, where millions of Americans are not even in the economic water.  President Obama must show a commitment to the poor, the working class and those in urban communities, and as Maxine Waters said this week, he should “treat us like we are Iowans.”

Dr. Boyce Watkins is a Professor at Syracuse University and founder of the Your Black World Coalition.  To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here.  To follow Your Black World on Faceboo



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19 responses to “Rev. Jesse Jackson to Your Black World: “We Must Support President Obama’s Proposal”

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  7. Mark S. Allen

    I was on WVON radio last week with Rev. Jackson, and as one of his former national staff members, I publicly pledged to accept his public appeal for help in getting our community locally and nationally engaged in much more direct action on this reinvest in America campaign, job creation and more. The problem with Rev. Jackson and other national civil rights organizations is that far too many poor grassroots constituencies no longer have a active and systematic relationship with the leaders and organizations and thus the direct action movements do not have the strong community presence at it deserves and if my presence can help attract them back, I am on my way back, along with my local and national members of The National Black Wall Street USA to try and bridge those connections.

    We need direct action campaigns targeted DIRECTLY at all the people in the Republican Presidential Campaign and those key Republican and Tea Party leaders, for just rallying in nth Black community does not get us the movement in Congress we need. So again, I will be going to Rev. Jackson’s organization today to offer my support in directing strategic direct action campaigns on behalf or the Troy Davis effort and on behalf of President Obama’s Jobs Bill to put America back to work.

  8. i am urgently seeking/begging the help for an attorney ( i ask the NAACP) AND OTHER PLACES.

    “The first question which the priest and the Levite asked was: ‘If I stop to help this man, what will happen to me?’ But…the good Samaritan reversed the question: ‘If I do not stop to help this man, what will happen to him?”
    As I looking for one myself I ask the same question. Is it that when the black african – american finish law school through many struggles, but with the help of their own black african-american, they then help other race (it’s ok to help other race), but when the black african-american is in need of help then let them ask those who they help (this if a fair comment right).

    Never, never be afraid to do what’s right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society’s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way.

    Where is help of the black african- american minority help, especially in employment law.? who help the black african- american minority?

    DISCRIMINATION / HARASSMENT SUFFRAGE on a young MINORITY, black -African-American young (lady)/ Woman: Woman RIGHTS ~
    (with no one to help / defend her under the law because she a minority not a celebrity/ famous civil rights leader or child of any civil rights leader.

    Look at Dr. Elaine Ruth Jones I truly respect her. She turn down a job at the NY times to work for the NAACP ( a pay that was 1/3 less than the offer at the NY times). It’s not alway about riches & fame, publicity, or award. But in her own little way she was well reconized.

    comment by
    joan morris

  9. Who's really winning?

    We absolutely need to show our support to the jobs plan by putting strong pressure on the politicians who are holding Congress hostage with unreasonable opposition to good policy.

    It’s almost as if 9/11 worked, and the terrorists won. After 9/11, our economy took a nosedive. We entered into a war that put us in a deficit, the banking industry almost collapsed, the stock market crashed, and need I go on? It’s like they won, and are still winning.

    And any politician who will jeopardize America’s future by playing politics and/or holding on to racist feelings of disdain is helping terrorists win. And those politicians need to be identified and held accountable by We The People.

  10. EloracDesigns

    I don’t particularly like Rev. Jackson; however, I agree with him that we should and must support President Obama! I believe Barack H. Obama will go down in history as one the greatest Presidents, if not the greatest Presidents of the US. Give him a chance. All the negative backlash from the likes of Tavis Smiley’s group is irresponsible and misleading. I believe President Obama is acutely aware of his “role” and obligation to the diaspora. If you listen to the nuances in his speeches, he speaks to Black people – his love of “us” through is “family” and his efforts on “our” behalf……but is so smart and sharp, the idiots like Smiley miss it! Let us not sleep on this great President. Support his proposals and re-election!

  11. Leroy Avery Jr

    As a black teaparty conservative I wonder why Ms. Waters wants Obama to treat blacks like Iowans, maybe it is because Obama respects Iowans and does not respect blacks. The repubs are not holding this country hostage it is this president and his policies. For two and a half years Obama had it his way and what did black people get, nothing not even talking to us blacks about the hardships of an a jobbless recession. If you know histroy there is no reason for blacks to be dems they are party that did not want us to be free in the first place and you blame the repubs. Blacks should be independents free to vote and think as you choose not following along with the likes of Jessie, J. or Rev Al. Ms. Waters who has been in office for 30 thirty years but has done nothing but keep blacks on the 21st century plantation with Obama as head slave master. Even now we see our young people becoming welfare slaves at very young ages, all you have to do is F–K and have a baby for your welfare check , is this what the civil rights movement was about. I am glad MLK is not here to see what we have become as a people.

  12. We certainly MUST.


  13. WizardG

    I don’t think that we MUST except anything from Obama..He has already proven that he works for the Elite and their big business pillaging machines.
    What Jesse has just proven is that he is in the good graces of the Obama collaboration and therefore he is destined to improve his social and financial status exponentially.
    We must understand that regardless of what we approve of or disapprove of we are going to be kept on the lowest American totem pole. We have no choices in any of this racist union’s matters and we should all recognize this sooner better than later!
    If anyone disbelieves the obvious just watch how it all plays out in the next ten years and you will see that the “black” community will be worse off than ever! And we will see that Obama has assisted in the greatest genocide to date of “blacks” across the African Diaspora! So go ahead a vote…Suckers!

  14. Geejay

    WOW! I’m an independent, free to vote as I think, and chose as an African-American. (Thanks to the Right To Vote Law) I wonder could a black teaparty conservative give me the names of any other conservative teaparty candidate that would fight for African-American issues/concerns as hard as he/she would for others. (Please include their track record of previous fights as it relates to African-Americans issues/concerns.) Otherwise, I will continue to vote as I chose, thank you Leroy. Geejay

  15. Claudia

    Its always disturbing when I hear of someone who is really innocent of a crime but still gets executed wrongly. Especially when witnesses has recanted on what they thought they saw. Is our jurisdiction is so eager and quick to frame innocent people just to close a case and say that they have solved it. So many innocent black brothers has been executed wrongly for centuries because of over eager crookedness in our system who just wants to get anyone they can so they can solve a case and they get a huge pat on the back. I believe the the real killer will die with the knowlege of knowing they were the one who pulled the trigger. Please we all must attempt to stop such false execution on the innocence.

  16. I appreciate Jesse Jackson will support President Obama job creation initiative and re-election campaign. It is more than 40 years I have been following Jesse Jackson leadership and I still respect him. This is the kind of African-American I can trust and tell my children: “We still have Black people in this country who have not forgotten who they are.” In fact after 2012 re-election of President Obama, I will endorse Jesse Jackson as Secretary of State if Hillary Clinton does not want the job. Jackson is respected by Africans, Europeans, Russians, Arabs, Jews and Asians. People overseas perceive Jackson as man not only of faith but also a person who believes what is right for himself is for others. Jackson can also be excellent choice as Commerce Secretary. Till today American people of all colors and faith in this country respect and trust Jackson. Recently Jackson came to Wisconsin to support workers who are being abused by Governor Scott Walker. No other civil rights leader dared come here in support of workers. On the contrary there were Neo-Slaves, such as Herman Cain, who came here to support Walker abusing workers. Cain expected to be respected by American people. They do not. Instead even rights wing media, such FoxNews, saw Cain as hypocrite and now do want any part of him. Cain thinks is not African-American but thinks is White Republican and distances himself from Black people. Jackson has not forgotten his roots and who is. Jackson will be best choice as Secretary of State or Commerce Secretary. I appreciate that Jackson will support President Obama job creation proposal and re-election campaign.

  17. WizardG Tell Us

    Wizard G,

    to response to your statement “go ahead and vote suckers” calling a black person a sucker for exercising their right to vote is totally disrespectful to our ancestors who died to give your black ass the right to be who you are, an angry black man, doing nothing but talking shit and always blaming the white man. if obama is destroying black people as you say, so are you, which seems to be the only thing i see you doing. what else are you doing…please tell us?

    this type of rhetoric does nothing to help our people if you never offer solutions.

  18. Vic

    Jackson has a habit of supporting loosers.

  19. JanetL

    Mr. Leroy, Wizard G and VIC, sad, sad, sad, unfortunately the continuing “Willie Lynch Theory” that was taught to the Black Community is alive and well

    Our prayer is that the community recognizes either Trolls lying about who they are and are participating on this Blog to destory the Black community under cover, or those who really don’t realize they are still living under the Willie Lynch Theory

    Ask our Students if you are not aware of the Theory they will be happy to share with you.

    God Bless

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