Black Unemployment Skyrockets in August

black unemployment


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One response to “Black Unemployment Skyrockets in August

  1. WizardG

    We are slipping back to square one!
    When the Anglo-Elite began to use some wayward blacks like Ward Connerly to help them strip Affirmative action away after they had already watered it down by using it in a broad scope which pushed African Americans “blacks” aside and flooded the fields with White women and ‘people of color’ from other cultural/nationality categories if you will. The use of ‘affirmative action’ began to look like something else and that is just the excuse they needed to try to eliminate it altogether. They are such sly foxes.
    As I witnessed this ‘downsizing’ I was sure something worse was coming down the pipes. I had a notion that jobs were going to become very scarce and all commitments to equal rights and non-discrimination had to be circumvented so that all of the better jobs, contracts, educational slots had to be redirected back to Whites-only and those they deemed useful to their supremacy and financial intentions.

    It is by no accident that blacks are being eliminated from the job market faster than whites or anyone else. We have been purposely set upon as usual and we are always made to be seen as the worse people in the world! It is a constant programming that whites have engaged in since slavery and the proclamation that we were 3/5 human and less intelligent etc. The Elite-owned corporations knew that they were going to be reducing incomes, benefits, and health requirements, they knew that they would profit more from the use of cheap outside labor and prison labor and they knew that they had to remove all laws that forbade them to discriminate and caused them to focus a percentage of their jobs on blacks. So this is where we are at right now and it can only get worse, and remember that in the final analysis there will be few places to find work. Prisons and the military will be overflowing and because we have been thwarted in every attempt to help each other we will still be lacking proper leadership and responsibility from our wealthier blacks to form a solidarity with the poorer.

    Our black communities are screwed in every way imaginable yet still many blacks are in denial while some are selfish and self-righteous and still some are just mentally wracked and unable to comprehend our predicament at all. We are such a “scatterbrained” bunch, made this way by centuries of mind control, abuse, and programmed white hate-mongering media. We cannot understand why we have gotten back to this point of nowhere-for-many in this still very white-supremacist racist owned, controlled and operated country. We are still made to blame each other for everything we suffer when we should know without a doubt who the real culprits are as they continue their concerted efforts to destroy us here and abroad!

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