Dr. Boyce: Why I Won’t Be Attending the MLK Dedication Ceremony

martin luther king memorial






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4 responses to “Dr. Boyce: Why I Won’t Be Attending the MLK Dedication Ceremony

  1. I feel that despite the fact that many of the actions Dr. King fought to improve, have not come to fruition, he still deserves to be honored. All the things he brought to the world’s attention haave and will be addressed in one form or another. Therefore, future generations will ask, Who is he? and why is he important? and will be informed forthwith…

  2. Lee

    i just sent my semi-regular irregular writing to worldwidehippies.com about why i’m not going, either. My penname is SisterLee on that site.

    Thanks for your writing this.

  3. SapphiresMomma


    Keep your negative asses home!

  4. Shirlene Pryor

    I do not see that by attending the memorial ceremony we do not undestand that there is much more to be done to make Dr.King’s Dream a reality. I will not be able to attend so that is my ONLY reason. However, I do not even begin to think that Dr. King would be insulted in any way but I would NEVER imply that I know how Dr. KIng or anyone else would think. That power belongs to Our CREATOR. By the way I did not get a personal invitation to participate in the ceremony either BUT I have no hidden agenda and no sour grapes. Spmetimes our pseudo intellectuals get carried away with themselves to the point of spewing out much nonsense and BS that don’t make any sense to anyone with two working brain cells. A good turnout for this event will mean SO MUCH to so many. Sometimes it is difficult to overcome our selfishness.

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