Comparing Obama to Reagan and Carter on Black Unemployment: Is Obama Worse than the Others?

by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Your Black World



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One response to “Comparing Obama to Reagan and Carter on Black Unemployment: Is Obama Worse than the Others?

  1. President Obama is visionary and approaches issues including employment for the benefit of everybody regardless of race or national origin. It’s our responsibility (Blacks) to look and train for jobs were are interested in. I talked to ATT&T help desk today. He sounded White. At the end I asked him how much he makes an hour. He said $18.21. I further asked him whether he went to formal school for what he does. He said, No. After graduating from high school, he applied for the job and was trained at ATT & T. We Blacks have to apply for jobs. If we do not, these CEOs will not hire us. Of course if you are Black and famous these CEOs can hire and use you to block other Blacks. Therefore the first thing is apply for jobs. Let CEOs deny us – if they dare. That is where the battle starts. They have to give reason for denying us. We have now Black Attorney US General. CEOs fear him. They know if they use old tactics to deny Blacks employment he gets on behind. President Carter was very conscious about progress of Blacks. He even hired a black man as Commerce Secretary. Unfortunately he died in a plane crash. As a Black man it was easy to get a job during Carter era. After graduating I got several offers from private and government agencies. Reagan did not value Blacks as people. That’s why he introduced Tricker-down economics. Reagan vision was first White rich should get filthy rich. When they have left over they can give some to others – that’s including Blacks. Therefore even if unemployment for Blacks is higher now than during Carter or Reagan, President Obama should be given credit for his innovative ideas for encouraging Blacks to look for employment. Jobs are there. The first step to get a job is to apply for one or several. Let’s prepare for his re-election in November 2012.

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