New Film Discusses the Crisis in the Congo: A Must See




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5 responses to “New Film Discusses the Crisis in the Congo: A Must See

  1. JRBAllen

    Well we all know that the black race have been bench marked in their endeavors for building the world in all parts… for decades. All the name calling is part of the hatred in him coming forth…he is so full of it. His face shows hatred.

  2. JRBAllen

    My first comment is toward the British commentator…he is ridiculous.

  3. William Jones

    IT’s about time! As African Americans we should be focused on those who suffer on the continent. Neocolonialist divide and conquer. This is the same tactic that has been used for four hundred years. Every town , city and nation where people of African descent are located is under attack. Our leaders should go to the UN and demand a plebiscite or reparations from the US and all other previous colonial powers. We need more leverage and we must change the way we think about national and international affairs.

  4. William Jones

    This crisis has gone on for far to long and we should pressure our Pres. to take some action to help our brothers and sisters in the Congo. Contact Pres.Obama to take a public position of condemnation of African states and any other foreign interests responsible for this human tragedy .

  5. Why can’t we see all of this video? You are pimping us also with the advertisements… This needs to go out to the world without Capitalistic GAIN! What is the agenda? A CHRIST LED REVOLUTION!!!

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