Dr. Boyce Speaks in NYC about Cornel West/Tavis Smiley, Poverty and President Obama

Tavis Smile, Cornel West, Dr. Boyce Watkins




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4 responses to “Dr. Boyce Speaks in NYC about Cornel West/Tavis Smiley, Poverty and President Obama

  1. I do not remember if I posted this comment here. “This country has no alternative other than re-electing President Obama. Would you elect Herman Cain who thinks is not African-American , calls himself Black American, and whose friends are TEA Party and Republican White males? No me. Would you elect Michele Bachmann, a bigot, who thinks Blacks were better off when they were slaves? Not me. Would you really vote for Romney whose religion teaches that Blacks were cursed and that men should have two wives or more? Not me. Would you vote for Paul Ryan who thinks seniors should die if they exhaust his $5,000 voucher care in a year? No Sir. Would vote for any candidate who subscribes to GOP and TEA policies to ship jobs abroad, cut education and food programs for our children; cutting rights of American workers; that deny medical insurance to 31 mi Americans-mostly Black people; that support corruption and fraud at Wall Street and banks? No me. As whole American people have vowed to re-elect President Obama in November 2012. American people are smarter now than in 2010 when TEA party fooled them to elect Republican governors and law makers now brutalizing American workers. Go to Wisconsin and in state where GOPs are governors. Whites, Blacks and other racial minorities are crying: “We did not know it would be this bad to elect Republicans”. But I told them before election how bad Republicans were. They did not listen to me. America, please do not make another mistake voting for any GOP candidate. Let’s rally behind President Obama in 2012.”
    adison, WI

  2. Although I criticize President Obama, he has my vote. I have ideas and possible solutions that can lead him to becoming a great president. However, I don’t want him to become one of the guys he talked about when he said Washington needs to change, and that he could bring that change and then he gets in and starts acting just like the ones he wanted to change. Also, President Obama must never again cow down to Republicans! If nothing else stand on the principles that got you involved in politics initially. People are feeling betrayed by him because he continues to ‘give in’ but not only does he give in, but he offers above what the compromise was. He must stop this. Compromising is a skill. Not everyone is good at it and he has certainly proved that he is not. Nancy Pelosi, is extremely good at compromising because with a compromise you meet somewhere in the middle, you don’t give away the damn store. And another thing, African American/Latino people have the highest rate of unemployment and are suffering the most. I would enact special programs for the high unemployed or underemployed people who have been out of work and need training or special help. I wouldn’t care who said what. Other presidents didn’t care when they created programs that the programs were for select people. What’s the problem, white people get everything anyway, so give a little to other races for a change. I need to see strength in my President, even if he attempts to act like John Wayne at times, I can dig it. When you stand firm, be firm. The President should stop letting them bring him to his knees. He should STAND UP! AND THEY WILL SIT DOWN!

  3. Kim

    President Obama has definitely passed several legislation that are not being mentioned. Our black leaders are not sounding (praising) off on that. People need to pay attention on how these Republican Governors are running their states. They are slowly bringing back the “Jim Crow’s Day” in their own little way. The Tea Party has left a bad taste in my mouth and I think it’s a shame how the African Americans that do represent the Tea Party degrades their own race; when they do degrade and criticize our race, they are also degrading their mothers and fathers. They have forgotten what their parents had to endure in order for them to become Representative/Senators. President Obama must STAND up for what he believes and what is best for all Americans!!! STOP COMPROMISING This compromising has gotten out of hand and it makes him look very weak. I believe that is why our Black Leaders are very upset. about.

  4. While Black leaders maybe upset of what President Obama is not doing, which I don’t see what he is not doing, these same Black leaders maybe jealousy that such a young man, not them, is President of US and of the world. I know quite a few such as Allen Keyes, Michael Steele and Herman Cain who falsely claimed Obama was not African-American born here. Some even called him the bad word. That was a shame. But President Obama put up with all those insults. That God he has a wonderful loving First Lady Michelle Obama. I believe she calms him down every day. Obama had gone through the same racial discrimination like most of us. At least he won relationship with people of all races. Whites, Blacks and other racial minorities love President Obama. Now without wasting time, let me summarize what President Obama has accomplished in the last two years. He appointed first Black Attorney General. CEOs fear this guy. CEOs know if a discrimination case comes to his desk he takes action. Little people like me are safe now we have tough US AG. Obama appointed quite a few Black federal judges. We have a Black woman at United Nations and Black ambassadors. Now if those complaining want a job, they should simply apply to President Obama. Without application, President Obama will not know all Black people who want a job in his administration. President Obama got “A+” on the Health care law. American people, including us Blacks should appreciate that insurers cannot deny covering pre-existing conditions – good for Sarah Palin down-syndrome child, prolonged stays in hospitals, covering your kids in college; if you lose your job, and you can keep your doctor. President Obama is ending war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Some troops will be coming home. President Obama got A+ for restructuring Wall Street. No more cheaters and corruption there. President Obama got A+ for reforming the banking system. Banks cannot hit you with fees you do not authorize. President Obama got A+ for establishing business fund to help businesses retool their businesses. President Obama used his muscles to easy loans for businesses. Banks are sitting on their big money and are reluctant lending it out. President Obama got A+ for restructuring student loans. Loans can now be processed at colleges instead of giving bank CEOs undeserved bonuses. Now you can send your bright Black child to college and get grants and loans easily. President Obama is getting A+ for rejuvenating the economy. We did not know the depression ended last year and now the economy is growing and creating jobs although at slower pace. Private sector is now creating jobs again. President Obama got A+ for urging homeowners to refinance their mortgages. Banks have been complaining but he is on top of cheaters. We, as American, can now go overseas: India, Malaysia, China, Egypt, Libya, other African countries and be received as friends. This was not the case during Bush era. In fact does anyone know why Egypt, Libya and Syria want democracy? It is because of American people electing a Black/White President. People of the world have seen American people, regardless of race are now politically mature to elect first African-American president. That is why they are demanding democracy. President Obama got A+ for getting Bin Ladin and his followers. Now we can sleep better without Bin Ladin nightmares. TEA Party and Republicans are jealousy of President Obama getting rid of Bin Ladin. Republicans cannot even find a candidate to challenge President Obama. And I forgot one thing: President Obama is easily accessible with Black leaders. I remember NAACP leader made a call to see President Obama. Obama agree to meeting within a day – this never happened with any president before. Therefore we should stop whining. Instead we should focus helping President Obama re-elected and in race relations. Let’s fight TEA Party and GOP. Look at what some Black leaders are doing now. Each is creating new black organization: 1 mil Black-Men; 100 Black men; Urban League; Black World Coalition and now The NationalConversationonRace.com. These and many others weaken the impact. We have NAACP that effectively addresses and even confronts racism and other issues involving equal rights. Can’t black leaders simply join and work with NAACP leadership? The more Blacks split the less we are effective dealing with race issues. I am asking people of all races to join me in effort to re-elect President Obama.

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