President Obama’s Approval Rating Reaches an All-Time Low

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President Obama received some bad news this week:  A recent Gallup Poll found that the approval rating for the president has dropped below 40 percent for the first time ever.  A full 54 percent of Americans disapprove of the job the president is doing.   This revelation puts President Obama into George Bush territory.  Bush’s approval rating dropped below 40 percent in early 2006 and never recovered after that.

I would hope and expect that President Obama can recover from his political slide, but it’s difficult to move the country forward when the economy isn’t giving you the political engine that you need.  Bush’s extreme drop in popularity was also connected with the decline in the economy and pending crash in the banking industry, but the former president helped things along by simply being an incompetent leader.

Barack Obama is not an incompetent leader, just a weak one.  Americans who went to the polls believing in the carefully-packaged marketing gimmick called “Hope and Change” are now wondering if Barack Obama actually has the courage to pursue the kind of political change he sold to us in 2008.   Rather than the bold leadership our country needed and expected, we’ve seen compromise to the point of surrender, and an administration that has rarely shown any willingness to take meaningful political risks.

You can break Obama dissidents into two “Hope and Change” categories:  Those who hope that we are going to change presidents, and those  who hope that Obama himself will change leadership styles.  It’s hard to build bridges to nowhere, when the man across the table from you has been given a blank check from his constituents to get you out of the White House at any cost.  The friendly white folks that President Obama hung out with at Harvard University have been replaced by ruthless gangster-hillbillies who will scorch the earth to get what they want.

As expected, Republicans smell blood in the water and are seizing their chance to take over the White House.  But any intelligent person can see that the Republicans have been a key reason the president hasn’t been able to get anything done – they are no different from the man who murders a woman’s boyfriend and then tries to go on a date with her after the funeral.

Republicans have also shown that their racist disdain for President Obama is even stronger than their love for America.  By threatening to drive the nation off an economic cliff during recent debt negotiations, Republicans have made it clear that they will destroy heaven and earth to get President Obama out of the White House.   None of this reflects the patriotism needed to make our country a better place, and it also represents a step backward in our quest for true racial equality.

The job for President Obama is going to become even more difficult, since getting out of recessions costs money.  The original stimulus package in early 2008 was not only too small, it was targeted toward the very same Wall Street bankers who caused the crisis in the first place.  As a result, Wall Street executives were the first to recover economically, and many of these bankers are back to getting their multimillion dollar bonuses.  Obama Administration officials can only blame themselves for much of this, because too many members of Obama’s economic team came right out of Wall Street themselves.

I’m sure there are top secret reasons that the Obama Administration appears to maintain more loyalty to corporate America than to the rest of us.  But the president’s political aspirations may go down bloody and burning because of his willingness to play the political game instead of trying to change it.  Using the title of one of the president’s books, I have the audacity to hope that President Obama has learned some political lessons and will allow his leadership to evolve over time.  I truly wonder, however, if he himself has the audacity to believe he can do it.

Even more sinister is whether or not Hillary Clinton is lurking in the background, waiting to pounce on an opportunity to steal the Democratic nomination away from President Obama.  I can hear the quiet little “I told you so,” from the woman whose face possesses the seasoned wrinkles of someone with more than her share of Washington battle scars.   At this point, the temptation to replace President Obama with a Republican is less appealing (to most) than the idea of replacing him with a more ferocious Democrat.   Personally, I hate the idea of concluding that the Black man wasn’t the best fit for the job, so a better version of Obama would be preferable to the same old Hillary Clinton.

Mr. President:  You can’t spend your life trying to make your enemies comfortable.  True leadership requires sacrifice and courage, almost none of which you’ve shown, especially on the issue of racial inequality.  America needs a strong Commander-in-Chief during difficult times.

There’s a famous statement by Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata who said, “I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees.”  The only thing worse than living on your knees is dying on them, but this may be exactly what happens to the seemingly weak Obama presidency.   By tap dancing on territory where he should have been stomping, President Obama may be slowly digging his own political grave.

Dr. Boyce Watkins is a Professor at Syracuse University and author of the book, “Black American Money.”  To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here. 



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  5. Tee

    I’m sorry but the in a lot of respects the President has no one to blame but himself. If you follow what has been going on, the President more and more comes across as a person who doesn’t stand for anything. I mean can anyone honestly tell you what him is fighting for? If we are honest the anwser to that question is no! We may not agree with the Republican/Tea party but you have to say that we all know what they stand for, rightly or wrongly. People would be on the President’s side if he stood up for something.

  6. I could not disagree with you more. That’s all I have to say on this matter. I am focusing on making sure the the President is re-elect in 2012.

  7. Loretta

    Well said!

  8. Shirlene Pryor

    It is often easy to mistake kindness for weakness. In my opinion Barack Obama is the strongest of the strong. After all he is the FIRST African American President of the USA and many of us have lived long enough to know what problems “Black Firsts” have to endure. I believe in the Ultimate Power of GOOD over evil. Diplomacy works. It just takes longer and requires more patience and insight than most people have. Also, it is known that all of us that recieive advanced degrees from prestegious Universities have aquired the ability of deep and broad based balanced analysis which takes knowlede AND WISDOM.

  9. Kareema

    Well said Keith Bond. God Speed for 2012!

  10. I do not believe surveys because they reach only those with land phones. But even if these surveys were true, this country has no alternative other than re-electing President Obama. Would you elect Herman Cain who thinks is not African-American and whose friends are TEA Party and Republican White males? No me. Would you elect Michele Bachmann, a bigot, who thinks Blacks were better off when they were slaves? Not me. Would you really vote for Romney whose religion teaches that Blacks were cursed and that men should have two wives or more? Not me. Would you vote for Paul Ryan who thinks seniors should die if they exhaust his $5,000 voucher care in a year? No Sir. Would vote for any candidate who subscribes to GOP and TEA policies to ship jobs abroad, cut education and food programs for our children; cutting rights of American workers; that deny medical insurance to 31 mi American-mostly Black people; that support corruption and fraud at Wall Street and banks? No me. As whole American people have vowed to re-elect President Obama in November 2012. American people are smarter now than in 2010 when TEA party fooled them to elect Republican governors and law makers now brutalizing American workers. Go to Wisconsin and in state where GOPs are governors. Whites, Blacks and other racial minorities are crying: “We did not know it would be this bad to elect Republicans”. But I told them before election how bad Republicans were. They did not listen to me. America, please do not make another mistake voting for any GOP candidate. Let’s rally behind President Obama in 2012.

  11. Shirlene Pryor

    Correction: Have NOT aquired deep thinking analysis skills that also requires WISDOM as well as knowledge.

  12. theprovider

    The president has show america he is willing to fight for what he thinks is best for the country, but unfortunatly he doesn’t show the willingness to do so. His approval ratings can rebound but the longer he waits the harder it will be to get elected. Stand up Mr President and be the man I know you are.

  13. moses

    if you dislike the president on his policies and leadership, i can respect your position. but the dislike of president obama by watkins, west, smiley, fox, tea party the repubs for personal reasons is evil! i would expect this from the racist tea party, but not from three black men who claim to love black people. stop ego-trippin with your peronal issues with the prez, your personal issues with the prez is dividing and confusing us as a people. if there was ever a time we need your guidance and leadership, it’s now with the sinister plan of the tea party. use your powers for good, not evil!

  14. rochesternative

    “Republicans have also shown that their racist disdain for President Obama is even stronger than their love for America. By threatening to drive the nation off an economic cliff during recent debt negotiations, Republicans have made it clear that they will destroy heaven and earth to get President Obama out of the White House. None of this reflects the patriotism needed to make our country a better place, and it also represents a step
    backward in our quest for true racial equality.”

    Let me just start here. The TEA party movement does not care that Obama is BLACK. We just know his policies are destructive to America and the black family. “Racial Equality” does not happen because we HAPPEN to have a black man in the White House, racial equality is something blacks need to make happen on their OWN. We need to get our kids through school, into college and cleaning up OUR neighborhoods. Then we will have equality when we get our families off of government handouts.
    Hermain Cain 2012

  15. bobby weatherbee

    It is not the president fault he is just playing the hand he was deal, and I think he is playing it quite well,these GOP and Tea Party People are destroying this country with their deep racial hate,

  16. Afropick1

    Dr Boyce thank you for having the courage to say what many felt for quite su. Time and many of us saw with our own eyes and heard with our own ears for far too long

    Who do you think should challenge Obama for the democratic nomination for president?

  17. Mai

    I’m so glad/ hopefully obama last term is coming up.

  18. JoeMay

    America has been blessed and cursed by the Obama Presidency.

    Barrack has been an above average representative of the African American community (even though he doesn’t see himself as African American) and for that symbolic representation, I am very thankful.

    Like other people here today, however, I believe that Barrack has lived up to the expectation I had of him before he was elected. He’s never played football, never hit, never been in serious fights and/or never run a business.

    In all of those things, you learn what most of us have and that is… You must hit and hit often to move forward, but do it with dignity so your opponents will respect you. They may hit you equally hard on the next play, but hey… that’s how it goes.

    Obama is too maleable.

  19. Sunny Johns

    Wow, talk about persecution!!!!

  20. Sunny Johns

    Wow, talk about persecution. Bush wasn’t persecuted this much, and he IS THE ONE WHO MESSED UP THIS COUNTRY. Obama just walked into the mess.

  21. me

    Obama didn’t walk into this mess. He through his hat in the race an applied for the job! If you don’t remember the persecution of George Bush-that goes on to this day- than you don’t have a good memory.

  22. Rafael Martinez

    USA, are like the movie: “No Mercy” and nobody has the magic formula, including “the genius” of Aladdin’s lamp. For the problem of the U.S. and Obama was limited to three variables: a) spending b) debt c) unemployment.
    Spending does not stop and dissolved without anyone to explain, including Bernanke, head of the Federal Reserve banks, the $ 800 billion to save the real estate and banking crash inherited from Mr. Bush. Unemployment rose to 9.2%, 8 million lost their jobs since 2007, but has created only a million but earning less than before.

    Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae $ 2 trillion) and Lehman Brothers (which dragged Merrill Lyn 100.000 more) out there so-called “pay” (no prisoners!) Food-there, not here, still on the rise in prices, and five years of crisis, people save less.

    But now all Obama’s fault, try to forget that they voted for all the nonsense that we have a crisis now. Congressmen think more about their personal interests than in the country.

  23. Mfuasi

    When will folks learn (probably when it’s too late) that politicians don’t control this country, corporations do. When you truly change your focus in this manner, you’ll be commenting and arguing from a more accurate perspective

  24. President Obama is doing well. I believe the American people have a selective memory whenever it is convenient for them. Remember the troops will be home soon, and there are no new lies to the American public coming from DC. There are also no new bullying tactics in speeches at the United Nations, and the unemployment rate was undoubtedly the worst in U.S. History on the day he stepped into office. We, true supporters of the Obama Administration are pateintly waiting for opportunities to make a difference on our part. While most people who voted for “Change” haven’t done much to change their OWN envronments, but they expect President Obama to change life for them. Please, we need to give our President at least 8 years to accomplish his goals. Reagan, Bush Sr, GW Bush and Clinton all had 8 years to do whatever it was, they did, and as far as I’m concerned, Papa Bush had 24 years in office. Think about that! Y’all need to fall back with all that slick talk about my President! Peace. ~Hotep Shabazz Allah

  25. Mai

    Ppl please stop, Pres. Obama knew that the white folks was not going to treat him no better than the rest of the POTUS. And he would/have a harder time. Pres. Obama needs to stop looking/ back about Bush, no one put a gun to his head to take this job, and if the job is so hard , step down and go back to Chicago.



  26. ms freeh

    Obamaroid out eviled George Bush junior/senior/Bill Clinton/Ronald Regan
    Nixon and Lyndon Johnson put together. He is a PUPPET for the Military Industrial complex and was only elected to office because voters were more interested in electing a black to office than electing a black with character.
    Two candidates quickly come to mind. Van Jones and Cynthia McKinney.
    The afro american community is still trying to out white whitey in their value system which is as bankrupt as whitey’s.
    The american ghetto called afro americans needs to get a hit in their soul
    as charles my man mingus would say. Google americans who tell the truth robert shetterly to take your first step towards recovery. Ayuh, and I am white, whatever that means.

  27. L Epps Jr

    Before we go labeling the President as being weak, let’s go to the root cause on what created the his weak negotiating position in the last budget talks. The President and the people who helped get him elected (that’s me, you, Dr. Watkins and a lot of other folks) failed to energize enough supporters to get out to the polls for the last mid-termm election. That lack of showing up (a.k.a. apathy) opened the door for the racist-based Tea Baggers to walk in and establish a strong base in the House which eventually led to the President and the nation being held hostage by a gang of Republicans who are committed to being nothing more than obstructionsists and are willing to risk the nation’s financial well-being to get this black man out of the WHITE House. I personally think that President Obama has done a brilliant job given what he’s faced since he took office both in terms of the economy and the opposition. Furthermore, on the budget deal, I think he’s playing chess while the other side is playing checkers so don’t count the game over yet. With the threat to cut defense spending looming, my bet is that we will see revenue concessions in this next round of talks. So, if we want to see a stronger Barrack Obama, we need to get our behinds to the polls not just for presidential elections but for every election from chief dog catcher to the mid-term congressionals. And please stop trying to bash Obama for not fixing racial inequality in the last 30 months! Are you kidding me? The economy for minorities and the poor is set to ensure that our voluntary military force has an abundance of able-bodied, young men and women who have no better viable employment options than to ‘volunteer’ to serve their country. President Obama didn’t call that play and he is not going to be able to stop it especially with a Congress that is fully committed on a rare bi-partisan level to the military industrial complex. Follow the money trail and the mystery tends to evaporate very quickly.

  28. J

    Imma keep it real …a bunch of you….I suspect Dr. Boyce included…are slave minded negroes.

    You are tripping over yourselves to revel in the obstacles of another Brother who frankly, has done more under the circumstances, then anybody else could’ve/would’ve or ever will.

    You’re like the slaves at the plantation laughing at another brother for getting a whipping.

    Some of you have a harder time dealing with Black Leadership then white people….you try to play your jealousy off with “Obama ain’t doin enough for Black People”.

    You know good and damn well Obama has done more and will do more then the “hillybilly gangsters” who have banned together to throw him out of office and thwart him at every turn.

    So now you’re “not going to vote for him”.

    So which Republican candidate are you going to vote for?

    Or are you going to sit home on the sidelines like the lazy apathetic plantation coon that the Ganster-Hillbillies have you pegged for?

    You know what….some of you deserve your misfortunes….and deserve the greater misfortunes you got coming….because you are covetous, short-sighted, mentally lazy, slaves blaming everybody else for your problems.

    God have mercy on you.


  29. ms freeh

    Back in 1991 , let me repeat that, 1991 , we brought Leonard Gates
    to speak at Bates College about the voter fraud he was committing for
    FBI agents in Cincinnati. Leonard Gates was a supervisor at Cincinnati Bell telephone and was placing illegal phone taps onto the modems built into the electronic voting machines. FBI agents had obtained an illegal copy of the voting machines operating system software, re-written it and built trap doors into the software so it would erase itself after the election. google leonard gates bob draise
    fbi voter fraud You can also visit this site about voter fraud.
    Leonard Gates told the audience at Bates College that the FBI is doing this throughout the United States. LOL and you think we have a Democracy.

  30. Right on Tee! You said it all when you said it.

  31. rochesternative

    Unfortunately for President Obama, there are not a whole lot of people who dislike him for “personal reasons” (ie his race) More people dislike him due to a) his politics, b) his willingness to spend money that isn’t his, c) his desire to turn this country into a third world nation, d) his inability to speak without a teleprompter, e) his stance on immigration, f) his stance on Muslim extremeism, g) his stance on Israel.
    About the ONLY thing I agree w/ Obama on his that something drastic needs to happen in the public schools…he’s FOR more charter schools and that is a GOOD thing. But he won’t be able to move forward on that because of the teacher’s unions.

  32. rochesternative

    I agree with most of your statement. I don’t agree with the part where you said he knew he’d have a harder time. That is not true. The media has done nothing but fawn over every little thing Obama does. (Taking his daughters for ice cream is news?)

  33. Abby

    So he beats me, again and again, but I love ’em and goin to stay with ’em.

  34. Ed

    When Obama loses the 2012 election it will all be because is black and America is racist. It couldn’t be because he is an incompetent socialist who is way over his head. He is a terrible president, has proved it over and over again but because he is HALF black we should all give him a pass. No Way!!!

  35. I’ve constantly written President Obama, basically saying the same things that I’m reading from you. If he doesn’t get his act together immediately like yesterday, he surely is a one-term president. And my words to him are: As the Commander-in-Chief, when are you going to Stand Up, And They Must Sit Down? And tell Congress and the Feds what you want, not what you hope they will do! I said if Ted Kennedy were alive, he wouldn’t allow this President to cow down in such a manner. President Obama is born under the sign of a Lion. What the hell happened did the Lion get destroyed by his own jungle?

  36. President Obama, Stand UP, So Others Can Sit Down! No one has time for a weak President. George W. acted like a freaking cowboy, I didn’t appreciate it much, but I admit he acted with no fear. But with you we see too much fear. If you are going to lead, then lead on. If not, then move over and let someone with strength and courage do the job. You have to be fearless to be President of the United States. You knew that when you took the job. And now all we see is flawed weaknesses. Compromising is one thing, but over extending is not a virtue. Compromising is meeting in the middle, not adding extra whip cream! I want you to get mad as hell and YOU not take it anymore because if you don’t get it together like yesterday, you will be a one-term President! Represent! Respectfully.

  37. Aaron

    Moses, I agree with you wholeheartedly. I made the same affirmation at my Synagogue. Either we support and stand with our President or we all suffer at the hands of the Nazi like Gentile Rethugs!

  38. Brooklyn

    Dr. Boyce, I respectfully disagree with your assessment. I think we need to look at Washington as a whole and see that the problems we had belong to those politicians that have been in office far longer. All of the naysayers who are harping on the negative bandwagon, I wonder how much work they’ve put into being the change they want to see. We are no better than racist Republican/Tea Party members if we only harp on the negative with no regard for the good that has come of this presidency. Furthermore, anyone of the negative commentors who’ve been President over anything more than their own fanclub, holla at me! Let me know how easy it was to “hit hard” when people are working dililgently to see you fail. Being President is NOT an easy task!!! Give me a break ya’ll. Yes, President Obama applied for the job he has, and contrary to all the negative comments, he IS doing that job. We have to expand our minds.


  39. Reirhap9

    Folks have been listening to the news reports too much. The reports have only been about the republicans and their racist attitudes and then you call President Obama weak? What’s really going on? Did you really expect things to change for Afro Americans because we have a Afro American president? The feat was to finally have an Afro American as President … He still has to follow so called Roberts rules of order. You fall in line with White racism when you belittle our President Obama. You should be supporting him as he deals with these disrespectful racist republicans. The programming energies continue to divide our people as our people think with White racist thoughts learned from the programming. Will we ever stick together as a people or has the programming fulfilled its purpose of breaking a people down? And is Gallup a republican? They didn’t get my opinion! Who is breaking our President down?

  40. Abby

    There is non so blind than those that cannot see……

  41. rudyabdul

    Below 40 percent. Really? According to a telephone poll in which only 1,500 out of 300 million people responded. Really? Polls are not a reliable way to gauge how most Americans feel about anything. Wait until the election.

    There are a plethora of polls out there that gives different results, such as,

    Rasmussen Reports 1500 LV 43 54
    Democracy Corps (D) 1000 LV 45 50
    Washington Post 601 A 44 46
    FOX News 904 RV 42 48
    Reuters/Ipsos 1055 A 45 52
    CNN/Opinion Research 1008 A 44 54
    McClatchy/Marist 807 RV 44 46

    Again I say… Really?

  42. Reirhap9

    To Rudyabdul … Ya know? The sad part is that most folks are programmed to form their opinions by these polls and they follow the natures of the programming energies being perfect in their following.

  43. rudyabdul

    Mr. Boyce: Mr. President: You can’t spend your life trying to make your enemies comfortable. True leadership requires sacrifice and courage, almost none of which you’ve shown, especially on the issue of racial inequality. America needs a strong Commander-in-Chief during difficult times.

    Me: Folks always talk about how he extended tax cuts for the wealthy but they don’t mention a word about what he got in return for the Middle and Working Class as well as the unemployed. Folks keep accusing him of caving in to the GOP about the debt ceiling fiasco but they don’t talk about the fact they he saved Social Security, Medicare, Student Aid and programs for the poor from being cut.

    Obama is not a dumb man nor is he weak. He knows exactly what he’s doing. Obama IS a leader who has the courage to make sacrifices even though it might hurt him politically. And he does it all on behalf of the Middle Class and the poor.

    In Sun Tzu’s “The Art Of War” One of the methods Tsu uses in combating his enemies requires a silken strategy that invites all of his enemies to participate and if their intentions are dishonorable, he makes them seem to get their way. In time, their arrogance will be until the noose tightens around their neck. A successful warrior, Mr. Watkins, doesn’t beat his chest, use brute strength or stubborn will to fight the enemy, only patience. It is the unemotional, reserved, calm, detached warrior who wins, not the hothead seeking vengeance and not the ambitious seeker of fortune. In time, Obama, along with the American people WILL win this fight

  44. Fireofdesire

    Rudyabdul: Very well said, very well said!!!! Obama 2012!!!!!

  45. President Obama is not God give him credit for being the human being that he is ,it takes a god to straighten out this mess.

  46. What did I tell you. Republicans and TEA Party are now running out candidates to challenge President Obama. Would you believe Republicans, under advice of Karl Rove – the GOP think-tank, are considering Sarah Palin be GOP nominee. What a joke! Sarah Palin is weakest challenger to President Obama. No sane American will vote for Sarah Palin. The woman is just air-head. Sarah is going to address TEA Party convention­? I wonder what part Michele Bachmann, the other Obama challenger, will play at the TEA Party convention­. Are Sarah and Bachman going to debate and one who wins gets the GOP/TEA Party nomination­? I guess Republicans are in denial TEA Party is dead – killed by Scott Walker and GOP governors now abusing American workers. American workers (Whites, Blacks and other racial minorities) now hate TEA Party for lying to elect these GOP governors in 2010. Watch how many people will attend – I predict no more than 500 die-hard disgruntle­d racists will attend. Further I do not see any of the GOP candidates not bad-mouthing President Obama really looks electable. For this I have asked sane TEA Party and Republican­s to endorse re-election of President Obama. This will save them money and time.

  47. rochesternative

    I predict less than 500 die-hard racists. See the tea party is NOT full of racists, it is full of people who are tired of seeing elected officals (and not just the president) run our country into the ground. Vote Hermain Cain 2012

  48. Herman Cain is bright and I can attest from his performance at GOP debates. Unfortunately Cain is a Neo-Slave who does not know he is African-American – in fact he denied being so. Cain does not identify himself with President Obama. He says Obama is African- American. Cain says he is Black and American. I found Cain ignorant also. Look, Cain doesn’t know he is not wanted in TEA Party or GOP because he is black. But like many neo-Slaves Cain forces himself into these parties. Cain is also a bigot – hates and talks down on fellow African Americans and Mexicans. Cain should remember Pat Buchanan candidacy died for his hatred of Mexicans. Like Neo-Slaves, Cain brains have been poisoned by FoxNews. This is a disease some us African-Americans acquire when given money or big jobs by right wing masters. We forget where we come from. Look at Clearance Thomas. He does not mix with African-Americans. Bill O’rielly and right wing media already don’t want Cain any more because he is Black and smart. Cain should check himself into mental rehab to bring back his brains to see himself as African-American and that hatred of others based on their religion or other backgrounds is immoral. Maybe Cain should pair with Michele Bachmann. Both are bigots. Let’s pray for them. Amen.

  49. rochesternative

    The term “african-American” is decisive which is why Hermain Cain does not like it. This is no different than if others identify themselves as Italian-American, or Polish-American…it’s wrong regardless. Unless one has COME from another country AND obtained citizenship identifying oneself as “from” another place is both stupid and intellectually wrong. I have a friend who identifies herself as “Candian-American” but she has dual citizenship AND she grew up in Canada. You say Cain does not associate with other “African-Americans” perhaps that is that EXCEPT for Clarence Thomas, Walter Williams and a few other famous personalities very few actually THINK rather than following Obama blindly. Too bad Janet Jackson’s song “what have you done for me lately” doesn’t make a resurgance. Someone should ASK Obama what he’s done for (you, me etc) lately.

  50. johnson

    you americans are sick. Barrack is clearly your ideal candidate. I dont care about his skin color. I guess you have been watching the debates. Johnson. NIGERIA

  51. johnson

    You complain about unnecessary things , while the chinese and other asian and small european countries are re inventing themselves. Obama has put in his best, its unfortunate he has to deal with white bigots. The greatest solution to bigotry is wisdom,tact and tenacity. You need to show them you’re smarter. Black folks liberate your minds and re elect Obama in 2012, its a statement to your born and unborn kids. Nigeria

  52. Yes, America and the whole world are better off as Obama reaches 1000 days. All world bullies are dead: Bin Laden, the Yemen guy, Ghadafi. Obama also encouraged Egyptians to embrace democracy. We can now feel fresh air in the sky. Gas prices are also getting to $3.00 a gallon. I am glad FoxNews, Rush, Republican Party and TEA Party have selected Herman Cain as their GOP nominee. Let’s give Obama another 4 years.

  53. Rochesternative

    Oh where to start… 1st we Republicans have NOT selected Mr. Cain (although he’s my first choice) primary season hasn’t even started.
    Obama doesn’t get credit for “killing the world’s bullies” AT BEST he gets credit for giving the go-ahead to Seal Team 6., As for the “Yemen guy” He’s still there as are several other tyrants in the middle East.

  54. Rochesternative

    Obama’s best has NOT been good enough. It has been a woeful attempt to recreate our society into a socialistic one. Obama needs to be a one-term president. I remember the ’70’s. Obama makes Carter look like a good president.

  55. Rochesternative


    You sound like you are not even an American. If that is so then why are you encouraging people to vote for ANY candidate.
    As for your previous comment about our children “born and unborn” Obama is a proponent of “choice” in the form of abortion, allowing aborted babies born alive to die and more than 50% of black babies are aborted.
    So far, can you point to ONE thing Obama has actually DONE that has been positive.

  56. Steve Jobs is dead- he won’t be hurt if President Obama is one-term or two-term President. In fact we don’t know whether Steve is in heaven or other places depending how he lived his life. Why then does Walter Isaacson and news people want to tarnish Steve image revealing he did not get along with President Obama. Steve is no little god to predict whether President Obama would be one or two-term President. In fact as I see the GOP candidate group, I can certainly predict President Obama will be re-elected. No sane American will vote for Cain, a bigot and hater of his own race; neither Perry a racist who dared keep the “N” word on his house. I wouldn’t vote for Romney, a Mormon who promises to enact law requiring us men to marry two wives. No American woman will vote for Romney. Mormons church also teaches that Blacks are cursed humans – that means Cain, who patronizes with Romney, is also cursed. The rest of GOP candidates are useless-they should wrap up and go home. They are done. Please your book writers leave Steve alone with his God.
    Madison, WI

  57. Rochesternative

    You look very ignorant when you post things that you are wrong about.
    #1 Perry’s FAMILY bought the property AND they removed the offensive word back in like 1980 something. This is not news.
    #2Personally not a fan of Romney (or his mormonism), but Romney doesn’t have two wives and he cannot enact legislation to permit plural marriage. The president does not pass legislation that is the role of Congress. Additionally that would be against the first Amendment.
    #3The mormon’s church DID believe that blacks were decendants of Ham and cursed. T hey have changed that position. (not that it matters since they are basically a cult.
    #4 ANY of the Republican running (even the ones I don’t care for) would make a better president than our current one.

  58. Aaron

    You are a Bona fide Fecal Nabisco

  59. Rochesternative

    This is what liberals do. They resort to name calling when they have no facts.
    Truth hurts huh?

  60. Aaron

    I’m neither a liberal, democrat, rethugs or independent but a Jew that believes in truth/fairness. This President took over the reins of a nation in the worst condition ever and expected to turn it around in one term….bull shit!
    You gentiles and egg suckers are the cause of your perceive failures of his administration, he’s not a player of the “race card” but that’s the only deck on the table. You’re still a rat-azz fecal gentile Nabisco!

  61. Aaron

    You’re obviously an inbred

  62. Rochesternative

    Sticks and stones…

  63. Rochesternative, I didn’t mean to cause fights between you and the rest. But some arguments you raised actually defeat your own arguments. You said Mormonism is not a church but a cult. That means Romney belongs to a cult-Mormons. Nobody should trust such a person. Second you said Mormons have reversed themselves on their teaching about Blacks – that Mormon now think that Blacks are okay. Remember when you’re attached to a church, it’s difficult to remove those teachings from brain. You may say that Mormon do not now teach that Blacks are cursed. But you do not attend their cult rallies. Remember after announcing he was running for WH, Romney attended Mormon service and was received by Mormon rally. By other way do you know Mormons are in court now? They are asking they be allowed marry as many wives per their belief. Their reasoning is that If gays and lesbians can marry can’t Mormons marry more than 1 wife- so long as they are consenting adults. On the other hand Obama will be re-elected. The present GOP WH field is useless. Please join me in November 2012 to vote for President Obama.

  64. Rochesternative

    I appreciate your respectful response. It was getting a bit immature. I agree. Romney shouldn’t be trusted. Just the fact that (via his religion) he thinks he’ll be a god on his own planet makes me think he’s a bit odd. He’s also flip-flopped on items of policy that are important to me.
    As for the mormon rally…I don’t recall that, however since he has said he will not change his religion I am not surpised. My pastor always says that one should not be surprised when people who are in the world ACT like the world.
    As for the mormons in court, that is a small sect of a larger cult (the flds). And I did anticipate this when states started passing laws saying gays could marry. It’s probably a matter of time (my children’s lifetime) when people will be able to marry multiple spouses or animals. This is another symptom of sin in our world.
    Blacks in the mormon church were welcomed in 1978 after the church leaders recieved a “revelation”, but the earliest writings show that Joseph Smith thought blacks were cursed because of rebellion against God AND this rebellion caused their skin to become black.
    I seriously doubt that Obama will be elected. The Republican field is set and we have some pretty good people. Personally, I think Bachman and Perry are done. Santorum and what’s-his-name from Utah. It’s quickly turning into a two-man race between Romney and Cain. I could nervously vote for Romney, but he’s not a true conservative. Cain is my first choice. A Cain/Romney ticket would be good. A Cain/Bachman ticket also good.
    I’d like to invite YOU to join me in Nov 2012 to vote for the Republican ticket.

  65. Rochesternative – Please accept my arguments that your religion has misled you to believe Republicans are okay as leaders-they are not. Remember however that I love capitalism. It makes people work harder and proud. But not the way Republicans interpret capitalism. As for GOP field now, none will address social and economic issues? Republicans do not believe in future of children education or training of local work force. That is why we don’t have skilled and professional workers. We are importing professionals from abroad. Republicans are encouraging CEOs to train workers abroad. Republicans encourage CEOs to ship jobs to Japan and China to meet their mistresses – cheating on their wives. President Obama created fund to help small business. Republicans hated that. They do not believe helping fund local small business retool their shops. Republicans do not believe in workers’ rights: family leave, sick leave, military leave, equal employment opportunities and fair minimum wages. If they talk about the future, they mean how many mistresses they will have in the future. That’s why they divorce and take new women. Remember Gingrich. Look at Sanford who has been hired by FoxNews. This is a disgrace. Republicans agree with Ryan to kill seniors who exhaust their $5000 voucher. This saves insurers money to give money to GOP candidates. Republicans do not believe the poor should have equal access to medical services. That’s why they are trying to overturn Affordable Medical law. They want to kill all poor people especially Blacks and Romney will be happy doing so. GOPs, as Trump said, love corruption to cheat on investors. They don’t want government to sue people cheating. Do not believe what republicans and present candidates will solve social and economic issues. They believe that social and economic issues solve themselves once you make the rich richer. President Obama has made US and the world safer than Bush. Bin Laden is gone, the Yemen guy is gone, Gadhafi is gone; Mubarak is done. Remember what Rush, FoxNews, Gingrich and others said? They said that Obama was weak in foreign policy and sympathetic to terrorists. This has proved them wrong. President Obama is bringing US soldiers back from Iraq. Now the focus is on economy. GOPs do not have any policy on economy other than cutting tax to the wealthiest. Republicans and TEA Partiers fooled us in 2010 when we elected radical governors now abusing workers. Americans are now smarter than in 2010. We are going to vote out all GOPs at state and national levels. Please join me re-elect President Obama.

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