Michael Fauntroy: In Defense of Tavis Smiley and Cornel West

michael fauntroy defends Cornel West and Tavis Smiley





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6 responses to “Michael Fauntroy: In Defense of Tavis Smiley and Cornel West

  1. Shirlene Pryor

    I have followed the rhetoric of Tavis Smiley since the early presidency of Barack Obama. The great divide between them began when The President did not attend a function promoted by Tavis Smiley. Ever since then Smiley has worked his own agenda which leads me to believe that he wants to Be Barack and has envy of Obama’s Presidency and that envy colors his actions. I will do more research on Cornel West so that I may form an informed opinion. I hope that others will do likewise. However I do not like how some of main stream media, seen by millions of viewers, use both Cornel and Tavis as weapons against Obama and instruments to “Divide and Conquer”.

  2. Karen Clarke

    Until I saw last night the Smiley & Cornel “Poverty Tour”, I would have went on believing Steve Harvey’s negative explanation. I see now he is not in favor of what the poverty tour is too accomplish. It is true we are our own worst ENEMY. Instead of Harvey jumping on the bandwagon to promote this tour, he would rather demote and turn their efforts into negative behavior. Someone needs to help our president focus back on promoting change.

  3. Bettye Demps

    Steve Harvey is not against Smiley and West “Poverty Tour”, he stated he has a problem with all negative and no positive comments about the President and focusing on petty issues.

  4. Karen Clarke

    I am not sure I agree with poverty being a petty issue. There are more children living in poverty in the U.S., but yet the focus is in other poverty stricken countries. I have not seen any focus given to homeless poverty black children. These children are not able to perform in school. Lets take care of home for a change.

  5. Bettye Demps

    I’m sorry my statement was misinterpreted. In no way did I mean to suggest poverty is a petty issue, I’m simply stating there are other comments by Smiley and West which Steve Harvey, Tom Joyner and others have stated are petty and has nothing to do with POVERTY.

  6. Dmann

    It is unfortunate that people look to entertainers or should I say Jesters to represent us black folks, Me myself could care less about Steve Harvey or a radio disc jokeys comments. Tavis Smiley is doing what most don’t have the balls to do. These guys are millionaires and continue making money off their own people. If Obama or anyone else who responsible for getting things done and their not, yes they need to be challenged, not matter the color. Just because they’re black doesn’t mean they’re always right. Black people should turn their TV’s and Radio’s off for a while and think for themselves. Everyone has choices, don’t let these rich guys make it for you.
    They just need to sell more books$$$$$$$

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