The Story You Should Know–Black Babies Were Once Used as Alligator Bait




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2 responses to “The Story You Should Know–Black Babies Were Once Used as Alligator Bait

  1. This is frightening. The footage really takes my breath away. I had the opportunity to visit the Jim Crow Museum at Ferris State University in Michigan and that was a life changing experience. I’ve yet to visit the Black Holocaust Museum, but it’s on my list. I’ve seen a lot of alligator bait paraphernalia, but this is my first experience hearing a story that definitively states that alligator baiting with black children really did occur. It’s just too much to take…this is so horrifying! I’m really disgusted, but so glad that these curators are telling the stories of slavery and Jim Crow. These are such important facts that have been systematically erased from our history. Thank God for these people who are making the truth known!

  2. daron

    THAT is most likely true,cause south and in Florida is hot spot to kill blacks to this day in there prison system.just look at this,black kid jack car and he will get 49 to 50 years at age of 16 he sent from juvie to big house,white kid do same he will get probation or house arrest,I have seen there jim crow law at work and it is still like that today,negro’s are still in slave but in new way PRISON,killing young baby by putting them there for long period’s of time.modern day slavery,,

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