Pat Buchanan Needs to Take the Word “Boy” Out of His Vocabulary

by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Your Black WorldScholarship in Action

Pat Buchanan, one of the most divisive political constructs of this century, made an interesting comment about President Barack Obama.  In a recent interview with Rev. Al Sharpton, Buchanan referred to President Obama as Sharpton’s “boy.”

The remark led to Sharpton responding with the kind of ferocity that the situation demanded, telling Buchanan that he needs to respect Barack Obama as his president and everyone’s president.   Buchanan initially refused to issue an apology, but eventually took the time to “clarify his remarks.”

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One response to “Pat Buchanan Needs to Take the Word “Boy” Out of His Vocabulary

  1. Let the fake president fend for himself and let Pat Buchanan dig his own hole with his obviously racist mindset.
    Instead. What do you call a ‘black’ man who does everything in the service of the white supremacist “master race”, and neglects fixing anything that history and the present has shown is hurting the African-American “black” people? (Many blacks are so naive as to favor this black overseer for “Massa”).
    The people in the land of Obama’s father are dying, dropping like flies and I haven’t heard a peep out of Obama. Why is any black person of so-called “leadership” speaking in favor of/for Obama? I can’t see any reason except that there is position and money to be had in the snuggling, but nothing for the suffering masses!!!
    In Haiti the tragedy is atrocious. What has Obama said or done? Nothing because he has been told what he can and cannot do and helping the black Africans that his Anglo-Elite handlers are attacking and stealing from is out of bounds to even speak about let alone help!
    Well…It looks like our ‘black’ African-Americans and the others across the diaspora will never find peace and justice in this world over-run by the most vile and racist power-mongering whites ever! Call them ‘Obama’s friends’. That’s where he and his little clan will get their biggest checks.
    We can call Obama a lot of things, but I could think of some better names than “boy”!!! I could care less what they call him..He’s doing nothing for black people!!!

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