Survey: More than Half of All African Americans Know of a Friend or Relative with HIV


by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Syracuse UniversityScholarship in Action 

According to a new survey at Your Black World, it was found that over half (56.3%) of all African American respondents have a friend or relative who they know to have HIV.  The number was higher among black women (58.7%) than black men (51.2%). 





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2 responses to “Survey: More than Half of All African Americans Know of a Friend or Relative with HIV

  1. Regg'e

    Not me. . .I don’t think?

  2. Blkpanther

    I don’t know of any person with Hiv/Aids…What I see is a disease that was prevalent in gay white males only, is now supposed to be a problem among black women, since when does gay men and heterosexual black women has sex to pass on this disease? I see this as a demonization of black women and men to make us the most diseased, criminals, public aid receivers, when we’re only 13% of the total US population…How the hell can this be possible? If we were to divide this number by 2 (male/female) that number is 6.5% for each sex, subtract out the children and elderly females who’re not sexually active and we’re down to 3-4%, how the hell then can black women or men be the most infectious when we still have whites who are 63% of the population? When you bread down the numbers you will see the vicious propaganda that is being orchestrated by the white media against black people…

    Hiv is being distributed by vaccines, all these west nile, flu, HPV, hepitatis and all these other new vaccines they keep coming up with and making mandatory, as well as the genetically modified foods we’re eating, is how these evil bastards are infecting black people with these diseases to get us off this planet…Look at what’s going on in Asia and Africa and all these vaccines they are giving those people, then we are told that Africa has the largest amounts of HIV/Aids…Following the food and famine and we have a ready population for these evil bastards to experiment with their latest biological weapons of mass distructions…

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