The Man Who Called President Obama a D*ck Is Back on MSNBC

by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Scholarship in Action

It appears that disrespecting the president by referring to him as a sex organ on national television is not a seriously punishable offense.  Mark Halperin, the man who referred to President Obama as a “d*ck”, is now back in action on Morning Joe.  So, you can trust that when you watch the show, you’re not exactly getting objective analysis….instead, your political analyst (not to mention the editor-at-large at Time Magazine), has no problem calling the president a d*ck if he feels inspired to do so.

Halperin’s remark adds to a consistent national chorus of disrespect that has been shown to our nation’s first black president.  This week, GOP Rep. Doug Lamborn had to apologize for comparing President Obama to a “tar baby,” (an historically derogatory term used toward African Americans).  There are numerous other instances in which lawmakers and pundits have referred to the president in a racially-slanderous way and even made jokes about his assassination.  It started with Liz Trotta on Fox News, who said that she would kill both Osama bin Laden and Barack Obama “if we could.”

The presidency of Barack Obama has been an interesting social experiment for all of America.  It shows us that we are not nearly as sophisticated as we’d like to believe, and that racism is alive and well in this country.  When you compound this with the backlash that African Americans have received due to Obama’s election, you realize that we are simply re-living an experience that is descended from the reaction of the south to the end of slavery.  That is when the KKK grew in power, and when African Americans around the country suffered harsh penalties for their advancement in our society.

Today, we see that black wealth has dropped to levels we haven’t seen in over 30 years.  Black unemployment is over 16 percent.  Black people were thrown under the bus during the recent debt ceiling negotiations and have had our issues ignored almost completely since the 2008 presidential election.  Millions of African Americans are suffering the same disrespect on the job and in their communities that President Obama is experiencing in the White House.  Even MSNBC, the network that represents the liberals who claim to befriend us, has allowed Halperin to continue on the job as if nothing happened.  That, my friends, is what it means to have second-class citizenship in America.

Dr. Boyce Watkins is as Professor at Syracuse University and author of the book, “Black American Money.”  To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here. 



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22 responses to “The Man Who Called President Obama a D*ck Is Back on MSNBC

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  8. Eric

    That figures… You had sooo many people claiming that we were so past the race issue. It just shows actions don’t lie…

  9. Ashahed el Shaddai

    In all due respect to what we BLACKS aspire towards or “Hope” for,it is essential that we acknowledge that the “doctrine of Willie Lynch” is firmly entrenched in the minds of whites here in the United “Snakes” of North America.”The oppressed have no rights that the oppressor is bound to respect,” even up to and including the “First Black President” of this Republic.When that overstanding is duly realized,that will be the time when we stop wanting to be seen by the society-at-large, as “first class citizens,”we will begin to see ourselves on that level and work to establish,maintain,and differentiate ourselves through SELF DETERMINATION!

  10. It appears that again, no respect for the President of this country..I feel very very sad that white folks can keep their jobs for insulting and disrespecting the President and Black folks can be fired for just giving their opinion about something that white folks may take offense to. I personally feel this man should have been fired, made to make a public apology and join the millions of people in this country who are unemployed. In that way, perhaps if it got to the point where he was losing his home because of no job, then maybe, just maybe the next job he got he would make certain to show more respect for whoever he is commenting about.
    But, that won’t happen here in America at least not to white folks anyway…

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  12. What many ‘blacks’ are unable to grasp is that Obama was put in place by the Anglo-Elite to serve a purpose for them. Everything that is aimed at him is for show. Those in politics etc. are playing a role that sometimes calls for them to belittle Obama merely for our perusal. They figure they give legitimacy to Obama when they create anger amongst the ‘black’ populace by attacking Obama. Every time they put out a ‘feeler’ by having someone purposefully call him a name etc., they are gauging the effect it has on the black population and with that they can tell roughly how many blacks are still under the illusion that Obama is “their president” and that he represents them and their welfare.
    Nothing could be further from the truth. Wake up people. The Anglo-Elite know how to manipulate whole nations! They destroy the leadership of whole nations and sap the resources and wealth from the people of those nations. If they can do that, imagine what they can do to us here. Imagine who they can manipulate to believe one thing or another. Imagine how they are able to move a black man into their ‘fake’ office and make the whole world believe that it is a legitimate process and that Obama is a legitimate “leader”.
    That being said. Of course they are going to make the person they asked to say something seemingly disrespectful in public a wealthier man, He did his job splendidly and Obama was prepared for the insult in advance. Obviously the depth of their scheming and conning of the population is unbelievable but it shouldn’t be. If you have studied a tenth of the history of this country you should know at least a little of what the powerful ‘whites’ of this country are capable of. You have no idea the schemes, the theft, the pillaging and the genocide these people have, and will, perpetrate. Not only here, you can witness their work around the world!

    So don’t be so roweled by the name calling and the goings-on of the politicians and the manipulators of our consciousness. They are playing the biggest con game you could ever imagine. What probably amazes them most is how gullible the people are and how many cannot use logic to figure out the gravity of this elaborate con!

  13. Mike Robertson

    He was placed in this position as a distraction, while the real gangster’s on Wall Street hustle the world.

  14. David2001

    It doesn’t surprise me. There is a fine line between so call white liberalism and white conservatism. MSNBC is the same network that employed Don Imus and currently Pat Buchannan. I will always remember the late Tim Russett during the presidential debate between Obama and Hillary Clinton when he asked Obama to repudiate Louis Farrakhan as the worst kind of hatred in America. Keep in mind Russet was close personal friends with white Jewish racist Don Imus. Tim Russet like his white colleagues in white mainstream media had never asked a white politician to do the same ever. Seeing all the racist hatred from right wing conservatives (now with he tea party) for decades spewed at black Americans not one word demanding repudiation.. At the end of the day white liberals and conservatives are all the same.

  15. Pay_Attention_

    It’s like the old Hardy Boys & Nancy Drew books. The villians wanted Nancy Drew to look in the direction they were leading her, but as a detective, Nancy Drew’s instinct was to look at the not-so-obvious. More blacks need to think like that.

    For those who look past the obvious, distractions only last for a moment. Sort of like a reflex, you look at the distraction initially. But more need to start disecting the distraction immediately, otherwise you’ll get led to your own distruction. You’ll go willingly, because you never saw it coming.

    Politics are full of distractions. That’s how laws slide by us, and we had no idea of the law itself, let alone its impact to the black community. We have got to do better…

  16. Claudia

    Did you really think because a black President made it to the White House that things would improve among the black race. It only got worse, for the simple fact is that whites are terrified of the black men whos in control and becomes successful., because they know that money is power and if they can keep a black man from attaining that in life, it will always remain the same for them and that is to exhault their authority within the work force, the justice systems, education etc.

  17. as long as there’s one white person in this world,there will never be peace between the races.they feel superior to all other’s in there dna.a black man in the white house don’t mean a thing.they are in control.all good things come to an end,check thruout history.all empires thurout history had there time in the sun,then they fall.when you squander power,you lose it.peace

  18. Regg'e

    Those of us who have worked in what is truly coined as “The Idiot Box”, are neither surprised or infuriated by this. There’s absolutely no justice, just-us when it comes to balanced reporting, morality, integrity or honesty. Never mind respect has long since gone out of the door, along with rabbit ears. Nothing much left on the boob tube but a bunch of beauty queens with artificial appendages and anal retentive,napoleon complexed mamas boys, that get their kicks name calling “The President of the Free World”. It’s no wonder so many of them cheat on their wives, and are on the down-low.
    Yeah I said it, and I’m standing by it!

  19. JRBAllen

    I commented previously on the “disrespect” to our president by the many people that call themselves Americans. I really think the best thing that we as a people that support him can do, from this point since nothing is gonna be done as far as discipline, is for us all to “Pray” for our president and show up at the polls and VOTE. There are a lot of haters out there.

  20. support our president cast your votes ,only then can we silence e the haters

  21. Aaron

    Mark Halperin in order to call one is to know one, your mother in fact is a dick head.

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