Dr. Ron Daniels and Others Will Lead a Pilgrimage to Report on the Status of Haiti


Dr. Ron Daniels, President of the Institute of the Black World 21st Century and Founder of the Haiti Support Project (HSP), announced today that the Haiti Support Project will lead its Fifth Annual Pilgrimage to Haiti, October 6-10, 2011, to visit the Citadel and other significant historical sites.



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One response to “Dr. Ron Daniels and Others Will Lead a Pilgrimage to Report on the Status of Haiti

  1. While there is a “pilgrimage” headed to Haiti, who’s going to send a “pilgrimage” to see what is happening here?

    I can tell you what the status of Haiti is without leading a “pilgrimage”. If you watch Democracy Now on Link TV or search democracynow.com on the net. You will get more and better info on many things. As for Haiti the first thing you must understand is that the U.S. Anglo-elite are treating Haiti as if they own the country and its people. They have already helped France drive the country and its people into dire poverty and death. They have been stealing the resources and usurping the government for decades. Clinton is showing his ugly face there promoting his version of lies in his theft-filled programs. The people cannot recuperate from the latest natural disasters because the U.S. led UN is there in command and control and the government of Haiti is not of their own choosing. The camps are being torn down and the people are being pushed out to suffer on their own. Thousands of women and girls have been raped and the sicknesses are compounded by disease, rancid water and unclean facilities if they exist at all.

    The people were forced to vote for a new president without a democratic process. The majority of the people were blocked from voting. The former president Jean Betrand Aristide was ousted by the US under the first bastard ‘Bush’ then Bill Clinton. (Read Randall Robinson’s ‘An Unbroken Agony’). I
    It is my assessment that Haiti was brought down by the machinations of a combined French and US collaboration. The Anglos do not like the idea of having an all black nation prosper and thrive. The Anglos are more likely to rob any weaker country they can, but have a special hatred for African peoples. Now think about our president and ask yourself if he has any power to change the conditions of Haiti. I would say that he has no power to change much of anything anywhere. He is a flunky for the ruthless US Anglo-Elite who are quickly devouring the world’s resources and wealth.

    There was a time when the elite counted on the ignorance and misinformation exported amongst the populace to help them do their dastardly deeds and take whatever they desired, but now they have become quite arrogant and assured in their control of all national and local security forces. They know that they can get our own people to kill us and they known that they can get at least half the people here to agree with everything they say or do. We are not a democratic society and we ‘blacks’ are in great jeopardy and so are totally unable to help Haiti or any other African nation that is caught in the grips of the US Anglo-elite. Haiti and many other African nations will suffer grave disasters to come, but we as an African people in the US are not to be spared either. Because we are so trusting and ignorant we are unable to understand the seriousness of our inability to build unity or to create enough strength to even protect ourselves. We find many of our smartest blacks willing to serve the ‘whites’ in every capacity possible. We serve them and they stab us in our backs as usual!
    So while there is a “pilgrimage” headed to Haiti, who’s going to send a “pilgrimage” to see what is happening here?

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