GOP Rep Compares President Obama to a “Tar Baby”

by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Syracuse UniversityScholarship in Action 

GOP Representative Dough Lamborn from Colorado decided to stir the racial fire in the recent debate over the debt crisis.  In his remarks about President Obama, Rep. Lamborn said that being associated with President Obama is “like touching a tar baby.”




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62 responses to “GOP Rep Compares President Obama to a “Tar Baby”

  1. Regg'e

    . . .sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me. . . nah-nanah-nah nah

  2. He wanted to call him something else.. But that would have ended his political career… Kinda like the Mark Halpren man that called TJE President of The United States a “Penis”..!
    That’s ok.. They’ll call him worse than that when he wins re-election in 2012!!!

  3. facia

    @Regg’s…that was too funny LOL real loud

  4. Gwen Lewis

    He certainly could have used a better example…Sambo?

  5. He could have selected a better choice of words…Sambo?

  6. Kam J

    Amazing how this President has endured so much ridiculous negativity and nobody is taking bigots like this to task. Bet if a Black or Hispanic Legislator referred to George W. Bush is the same fashion they’d be calling for his or her head on a stick. I guess the old saying is true “when you’re White, it’s all right, if you’re Black, get back”

  7. coco

    I believe Obama know who he is or he would not be president, so what you call him dose not determine his future only God, can and will…

  8. “Tar Baby, huh? Hmmmmmmmmmm…Bible says: “out of the abundance of a man’s heart doth he speak!” So, I wonder if this particular man has “tarring and feathering” on his mind! That man bears watching, for sure!

  9. Jennifer J

    No matter what they call him, they cannot erase the fact that he is President of the United States and will go down in the history books with the white Presidents that they so loved. They cannot take that away from him, so let them say what they want, at the end of the day a black man became President and will stand next to George Bush, Bill Clinton, Abraham Lincoln, etc.

  10. The Coalition For Change, Inc. (C4C) members are not surprised. Racial slurs, disparate treatment, discrimination and retaliation is status quo in the Federal government. Black employees are often called “tar babys”. Managers in the federal government who preside over our Nation’s programs and policies are seldom exposed or disciplined for their ill-treatment of employees on the pubilc serve.


  12. Myblackiswonderful

    I don’t understand why continue to let this go on. Why do we support these folks in their wars, on their holidays, elections..whatever! I’m not raises and I have friends of all nationality but those folks in government has a different agenda for black folks or poor. Why do we support them?

  13. Christy

    Shame on these people. Can’t attack his argument so they attack him personally…pink people never suprise me

  14. Susan

    It makes me so angry to see all these racists calling themselves the Tea Party now holding so much power. No other congress has been as disrespectful to the office of president as these right wingers are being to our brilliant, half black President. Remember that congressman who yelled out “Liar” at the President during his speech to the houses? That was the first sign of the level of disrespect that was coming.
    I felt nausea at hearing the racist Lamborn refer to our president as a tar baby because I know the emotional weight that slur is supposed to carry. At first I was stunned that some of you youngsters don’t know what it means, but that is how awful and politically incorrect and backward and racist the term is – it has fallen way out of use since the Sixties. If you think the white trash, racist Tea Party came up with the idea to vote against their own best interest on their own, take a deeper look at the real power behind them. Visit the ALEC website. One has to be super rich and super white to even get near that club; they are the silent power behind this whole manufactured debt ceiling crisis, union-busting in Wisconsin and other efforts to dismantle everything enacted since FDR.
    Be very afraid – they all bear watching and researching. The secretive and powerful super-rich are happy to have a black President to destroy because they can garner support by tapping into white racism to vote in their order-taking representatives.

  15. Christy, I agree with you!

  16. Wow this is the world we still live in today.

  17. mooney44

    As I read these comments, I’m so dis-heartened. Becuase we black people are manipulated so easily.
    1st question: what’s worse, someone who is an outright racist, or someone who pretends to be a friend of blacks(ie. Bill and Melinda Gates) but hates you more than the out-right racist…

    2nd question: why aren’t black people up in arms when someone black uses racial slurs? Chris rock “bigger and blacker” ring a bell.

    This is a distraction a psy-op, to get us fight about some one calling us names instead of the people who have a gun pointed at us, just waiting to pull the trigger

  18. Amen and Amen! …profound and passionate words of truth!

  19. aziza

    America will never get over its racist past, because racism never became the past. It’s in the air we breathe, the water we drink and the soil we walk on. This nation was build on racist ideals of keeping some men down. That is just the sad truth

  20. mooney44

    @ aziza… I agree but also disagree.
    The masses of black people have never identified the REAL racists.. we have identified the people who have been used to perpetuate racism. Just as money is nothing but a tool used to suppress knowledge, critical thought, Real investigations, so on and so on… the people at the top of the pyramid have enough money. They use money to control us. Many of our politicians are comprimised, either by their own exploits or monetary stability… so they are used to keep us from figuring out what their handlers are up to…

  21. Deb


  22. Deb


  23. mooney44

    Realize if you restrict his free speech then you restrict yours. I may not like what some people have to say but defend their right to say it. Many of you said much worse about bush(who I don’t like either) Another racist has came out of the closet good… Now he never will be able to hide that fact… he’s already lost his credibility… The elite want to take our freedoms away. and one the biggest is he 1st amendment…

  24. Carol

    Lamborn said that being associated with President Obama is “like touching a tar baby” – — Is he afraid his rug will adhere to this “tar-baby” concept?! Jus’ askin’ . . .

  25. I have written an in depth dissection of American racism. My analytical exposition was done in the spirit of an unemotional look (by a black man) into the creation and the amazing self perpetuation and preservation of this centuries old major component of American society. Very few Americans have been spared an encounter with racialist events in the course of their daily lives. NEWS FLASH: I can’t get any serious interest from any major institution to act on the conclusions presented in my paper. This is also true for for some well known black journalists supposedly fighting for civil rights. Therefore I have come to the painful conclusion that fighting against American racism can be summed up using Mark Twain’s famous quote about the weather which was, “Everyone talks about it, but no one does anything about it!” Peace……

  26. This racist slur or remark. Was out of context, people like that will never change their way of thinking as I have learned, when people are envy or jealous, they will say or do anything to try and bring another person down. It’s best to keep looking ahead and not let petty behavior stop the progress.

  27. Mary

    I think we need to give the President the respect he deserve as the president. The same respect we have given to all the other Presidents before him. What a world we live in, I feel sorry for the example we are setting for our youth!

  28. bgrant

    All these negative comments are directed at the man—but as president of these United States he must be made to apologize to this man for the position he holds. When the man called him a liar when he gave his speech in congress, he should have been escorted out. President Obama must never let anyone disrespect the position –even when they don’t like the man. Please MR. President,demand that respect at all times!

  29. barbara

    This is one of Palin’s biggest wish. People, when we have to stoop low and began name calling we are just as small as those (want to be white people). The story will be told when we learn to educate ourselves and get into politics. We must start now trainging our young to attend political fuinctions, take political classes, and learn the trick and trade of who to hang with. The leaders before us will be retiring soon…then what. We as black people must stay away from the negative and get into the real jobs, POLITICS!!!!!!

  30. Rovelver Garrett

    Our president deserves total respect at all times. Ignorance comes in all colors. People need to watch what they say because words of a derogatory nature will come back and bite you in the ASS. Paper remembers when people forget and election time is coming and we will REMEMBER!!!

  31. DRoberson

    ……..and still I raise!

  32. Lovely

    Who cares what this lizard-faced idiot says about Obama. He should scrape the tar off of his teeth before making comments out of his asshole. Jealous Lizards!

  33. Ormash

    Another distraction, the last thing President Obama is is a ” tar baby” he just gave away the kitchen sink now he is preparing to give away the kitchen. These comments are a negative way of causing us to rally around Mr. Obama. Everyone in congress including President Obama should receive an oscar award.

  34. GI Kid

    White people are going to be bigots and racists in their heart til the day they die, it is something God will have to handle. It never surprises me w/nothing that comes forth from them. Ever since Obama got in office this country has been upside down, because neither the Dems or Republicans work w/him. Yes he has a hard time getting any leeway w/any policy or bill he wants to pass. Secretly the Dems despise him. For instance, Hillary C. talked about him like a dog, than she accepted a post in his cabinet. That dislike, distaste or just doesn’t go away over night. There is no telling how many traders and betrayers he has to work around or through to do his job. No president in my recent memory has ever faced the ON GOING probblems of these kind that I am aware of. I could be wrong, but even is this brotha drinks a cup a water he is wrong. I am damn sick of American politics.White people of both parties constantly critize this man, but how soon they forget that when he took office the country was nose diving then. Now I know for sure my beliefs about white people were true, they will never change. This man basically can not do his job because of all the inner hatred of him being a Black man as president of the good ol’ U S of A.
    And my brothas and sistas, the Tea Party is just a coming out party for the CLOSET BIGOTS, and the blacks that join it are nothing but but fools. But don’t get me wrong, we got some black fools in them other two parties as well. We need more brothas like Al Sharpton, Tyler Perry & Spike Lee, who can’t have their opinion bought. That’s what made Malcolm X so special, he didn’t have a price that could buy his opinion. And believe me this is a short list. I may no be able to put it into right words, but we as a people must never hate the way we are hated against.

  35. We must continue to keep our President Obama and his family in prayer. He has endured so many threats, injustices and major disrespect as our nations first Black President and he still stands as a proud, intelligent and honorable Black man,father, husband and leader. The idiots like Lamborn and the other naysayers who find fault in the normal daily functions the Presidency requires and who deny our President the respect he deserves are demonic idiots. We must unite and surround our Pres Obama with support to ensure he has a second term to correct some of the devastation created solely by the corrupt and racist republicans. The Tea party members are wolves in sheeps clothing and tie for the same corrupt position as the republicans.
    Pres. Obama is the most intelligent, honorable and trustworthy leader our nation has had for over 50 years and we must support and protect him!

  36. rikko

    Tar baby

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    For other uses, see Tar baby (disambiguation).

    Br’er Rabbit and the Tar-Baby, drawing by E.W. Kemble from The Tar-Baby, by Joel Chandler Harris, 1904
    The Tar-Baby is a doll made of tar and turpentine used to entrap Br’er Rabbit in the second of the Uncle Remus stories. The more that Br’er Rabbit fights the Tar-Baby, the more entangled he becomes. In modern usage according to Random House, “tar baby” refers to any “sticky situation” that is only aggravated by additional contact. The expression tar baby is also used occasionally as a derogatory term for black people (in the U.S. it refers to African-Americans; in New Zealand it refers to Maori), or among blacks as a term for a particularly dark-skinned person. As a result, some people suggest avoiding the use of the term in any context.[who?] [1]

    hummmmmm . . . makes u wonder, no it doesn’t, sounds like he just got “da gown” back from the dry cleaner.

  37. Why are you mad at this man? This is the way they all speak when there are no black people around–yes, even your good friends.

    And you still want to integrate with these people? Are you out of your mind?

  38. bdl big daddy large

    Now this is to much bull shit we all knock each oters races he is president maybe referred to as tar baby or nigger but that by some who just talk smack cracker blankito thems white words we use in the hood however they are said in negative and positive ways so is nigga used both ways but tar baby is old school white shit. Let that shit move down the block i do not even like Bams the pres views i diagree with alot of his bullshit but most of them have egos . He is still the pres of the greatest nation on earth i do not no him personally but i do not support most of his policies or the few before him but I RESPECT THE SHIT OUT OF ALL OF THEM so grow up lets all work and by AMERICAN goods BDL big daddy large

  39. He look like a red neck hick and trailer trash….

  40. Just imagine even today we have congress person referring Black people as “Tar Baby”. That statement is coming from TEA Party leaders. This now tell us what TEA Party and GOP are up to – kill us all Black people, White women and racial minorities. Well, we won’t take it any more. Come November 2012 Doug Lamborn and his parties (TEA Party and GOP) will be out of commission. We have backing of hard working American workers, students and the elderly. I hope Doug Lamborn will jump in lake and drown preaching his bigotry. Of course he can be joined by Herman Cain and Bachmann. And I do not understand why Herman is with GOP and TEA party. Enough is enough. 99 percent of American people are now smarter than in before 2010 elections.

  41. dee

    As history has proven time and time again…. evil greedy old white men will never change!!! They wont give credit where credit is due…and will rob rape steal and do just about anything for “power” they”re corrupt and evil!
    Bad enough the bastard thinks of our president in such a manner…(we’re not REALLY surprised…but the audacity to feel no shame in disrespecting the highest ranking man in our country!!! We MUST vote in all levels of the elections not just the presidential!

  42. This allows us to see the ignorance of the many, that are making decisions for the world. It’s really scary, but what’s more scary there is no protest and he’s still allowed to make decisions. This why it is important to vote. I remember people saying less harsh words than this against Bush and they were punished.

  43. Beverly Goodwin

    Where was Boehner in all of this schit?

  44. Beverly Goodwin

    Due to time constraints this a.m. I will post my conversation with Lamborn’s Colorado office tonite. I am from Colorado and this attitude does not surprise me.

    I ask all of you to contact Lamborn’s office either by phone, email or snail mail after you read my post.

  45. gwen

    ….Just speechless!


    Its funny how people use certain words or phrases and then give a fake apology. Say what you mean and mean what you say but don’t apologize. Dont apologize for being what you are because it wasn’t a slip of the tounge.

  47. Brenda

    I agree with GI KId. If the president were white and a black man made that remark, something would have been done tot he black man. Lamborn is an ignorant racist like most white Americans. But like most white Americans there is a tar baby relative in your closet that you came from.

  48. Brenda

    I agree with GI KId. If the president were white and a black man made that remark, something would have been done to the black man. Lamborn is an ignorant racist like most white Americans. But like most white Americans there is a tar baby relative in your closet that you came from.

  49. While I view the comment as egregious, I must stipulate the man to be pompous and arrogant. I happen to be a black man with a degree in classics. There certainly should be sanctions. I wish I could have a monument erected in the capitol which would recognize this man as the epytome of racist stupidity

  50. Ernestine Lilley

    How could a member of goverment do such a thing. This is not professional at all.What about our President family his children goes to school.If Congress can do this say what they want the children in school can be put through this also and our first children will be put through the same humiliation.I think something should be done.All this talk about the President what about the raise the congress recieved and nothing was said about it. Our elderly worrying about if they will get their check,not our goverment officials they are getting theirs and now they are slandering the President of the U.S.Calling him names and it is alright.I do not agree to it,consider the President family.

  51. donnyrutledge

    This is a perfect example of the devil in the flesh.The walk Lamborn has about himself is evil.He is a true person that has a cold heart and his reactions of having to associate with black americans is hatered to his soul.Especially having a black american as president of the United States;so instead of doing his part that his position holds he uses it to try and muniplicate our black president,his family and all black americans.How would Lamborn feel if the president would say something racist;for example Lamborn you make me fear for my life when I’m around you because you seem to be a klu klux klan memmber.Look like you can hang a good black man.

  52. rpmurphy

    As long as the people at the top of the pyramid (the rich) can keep the
    middle class and poor fighting among ourselves, racism will never end.
    But if the middle class and poor (black and white) would ever band to-gether ad work together, we could get something done.
    One group whispers in the blacks ear…I would give you a job or help
    you, but I have to give to whites. Then they reverse the whisper in the
    white ear…I would give you a job or help you, but I have to give to blacks.

  53. JRBAllen


    I have read the comments from so many and agree with some. I am so quite sure our President does not really care about the congressman that yelled out (Liar), name calling from Pat Buchannan (your boy), the illiterate Doug Lamborne (tar baby), Mark Halperin (penis), and boogie down girl; Liz Trotta (who says she would kill President Obama if she could) and that was a threat on his life. What a list of pitiful, pathetic, insensitive human beings. Ya got some African Americans that do not like our President either because they think he is wrong for the job and got WF’s in their ears swaying them and they could give a grain of sand about AA’s. The best thing for us to do from this point since disrespect is being thrown like mud and no one at the top of their pyramid is doing anything; is to go to the polls and VOTE! Tell me this, does anyone know if any of these “corn raised. red neck” people ever been or is Manga Cum Laud from the university they supposedly graduated from if any as our President is from Harvard University. Jealousy speaks for itself. Hahahahahaha! Smart black man with a lot of sense…street and book. Give it up for President Barack Obama…at least he is not an alcoholic president.


    When we, as people’s stop tolorating this kind of behavhor. and doing something about it. this madness will stop. PS. IF we don’t stand for something, we will continue to tolorate anything. A. BELL


    LOOK how fast they are trying to let this story die. but oh! no not this time.

  56. cindy bass

    Like fiddler said “what you care what they call you, you know who you be”

  57. beverly

    As promised, here’s the conversation with Lamborn’s staff. I’m sorry for the delay, there was a family emergency.

    Hello: Representative Lamborn’s office, how may I help you. ( A man answered and she never got his name)

    Hello: My name is Regina and I am calling from Dallas, Texas. I’m originally from Colorado and I do keep up with the issues in Colorado. I am telling you how I feel about the tar baby comment.

    Lamborn’s friend: Well, that comment was misinterpreted and I want it to be know that I’ve known Representative Lamborn and he is a very good friend of mine and he does not have a racist bone in his body.

    Regina: She’s trying to talk and he is talking over her trying to get her off the phone. She says excuse me, I’m trying to talk and you are trying to get me off the phone because your friend is wrong for his words. You claim he is not racist, but he used a racist comment. Tell me, how many times have your heard the word N-I-G-G-E-R pass through his lips, whether it is a joke or a serious discussion and how long will that be before he says that word? I am not politically correct by any means and many blacks did not vote for Obama, but blacks do show respect to Obama’s white predecessors and why is it for you whites to do the same?

    I know you whites don’t like a black man in charge and you don’t want to call him boss, but he is the president and show him some respect. This total lack of respect is what you show to blacks.

    Lamborn’s friend: Well if you were to know him, he is not racist at all and he meant that as a term of a sticky situation and again words like tar baby have a double meaning.

    Regina: I know that Colorado is a very racist state and is more racist than the south and I know that Colorado Springs and Durango was part of the south, so don’t try to play me for a fool thinking I don’t know what Colorado is all about.

    Lamborn’s friend: Silence

    Regina: It is comments like tar baby that is continuing to divide this nation and you politicians talk and lie about this country being United.

    Lamborn’s friend: Well, ah, ah, ha, we are a United county, and we should not take this comment too seriously.

    I dropped my hot coffee in my lap. BASTARD. That word is in the KJV of the bible

    Regina: Well since you’ve said that. Do you blame Obama for the division of this country and the financial woes of the past twenty years or do you blame the Demoscrews and Rep-h-u-c-k-i-k-a-n-s for the state of this country?

    Lamborn’s friend: You are saying vulgarities and I am a born again christian and I am terminating this call.

    Bevo: HYPOCRITE!

    Lamborn’s friend: Who said hypocrite?

    Bevo: I did. You as a born again xtian cannot have it both ways.

    Lamborn’s friend: I am not racist.

    Bevo: Yes you are. When my sister said N-I-G-G-E-R, you should’ve said that is a vulgarity and that you are terminating this call. This is totally acceptable to you and your friend.

    Lamborn’s friend; Click

  58. Edye Mathews

    My parents did not cuddle my four brothers. However, I will not cuddle President Obama or blame him for high unemployment among African-Americans. It has been high compared to other other ethic groups since I can remember. I wrote my thesis on the issue in 1979. Let’s support the President in all his efforts to run this country. He knows what he is up against. Look at his hair!!!!! Our criticizing him is worst that the racist because we see an African American and expect him to solve our problems. It does not work that way. We have to develop our own economic base and create jobs like other ethnic groups have done in the past and still doing it. What are we doing?? We are still entertaining Whites and calling it an “industry”. Really. We just can not seem to get it together. What a pity. Sometimes I wonder, why I organized and participated in the Civil Rights Movement. I believed at that time, we would change our mind set about hair, skin color, education, love each other and move forward. I did not expect but so much from White folks. When push comes to shove, they will always be White folks. What about us??

  59. STEVIE


  60. Glenda N

    President Obama will always be a class act. He doesn’t let the name calling bother him and that is what the TEA Party and other prejudice people can’t stand. They will do anything to keep a black man from being successful even if it means tearing a country apart. One thing that President Obama has on his side is God and he will prevail. President keep doing your job and those who are trying to destroy you will be the ones to lose in the end. No not in this world but in the judgement. I voted for you the first time and I definitely will vote for you again along with all my friends which are plenty. I am already getting ready for the big day because I know that you will win again!!! I hope by then that the people will see who is really destroying our country the TEA Party (racist people) and the prejudice white people. It is so funny that former President Bush put us in this position in the first place him and his father but they don’t care about that because they are white. They are trying to blame you for this but the intelligent people of this country know who really got us in this mess and we will continue to support you with all our heart and soul. I am so proud of you and your family. You all are one CLASS ACT!!!

  61. r.mceachern

    Racist let a black man call him white trash they will b ready to give him life. u hater

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