Black Men Get Decades, but Ivy League Dope Dealer Gets Probation

By JasmineHughes

It is no secret that Blacks have been on the short end of fair treatment in legal sentencing for decades. Since the establishment of mandatory minimums and three-strike laws under the leadership of the late Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy, African-Americans have essentially been thrown under the prisons. READ THE REST OF THIS ENTRY →


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8 responses to “Black Men Get Decades, but Ivy League Dope Dealer Gets Probation

  1. Cheryl

    It is no surprise for it has been this way for a long time. Whites get away with many horrible crimes including the blatant disrespect of our President. But what can we say about that for WE have black men doing the same thing in an open forum. Until we can stand togerther with each other…having this conversation really don’t mean anything!

  2. We have no unity like the Jews. Did you know that Jews are allowed dual citizenship with the U.S. and Israel? We have no language like the Mexicans, Did you know that Mexicans have their own country and more media stations spoken in their own language?. We have no culture. Did you know that the people of India bring their culture, language, unity and the backing of a nuclear-weapon powerful country behind them? We have no religion. Did you know that Christianity/Catholicism etc. are the creations of the European conquering nations and everywhere they go they inject that particular religious belief into a society? I spoke to a middle-aged black women the other day who believed that Christianity originated in Africa! That is how disturbed our people are. We have been stripped of everything including our birthrights of African lands and it has been replaced with all of the trappings of our white-supremacist slave masters. So it’s no wonder they treat us like they do. We are so gullible and naive as to swallow all of their BS and raise our children to do the same. Some of us are so retarded that we even relish the ideas of pleasing the white status quo. When they put a black face into the ‘White’ house no one questions the reasons. There is a level of denial and psychological brainwashing in our ‘black’ populace that allows us to self destruct without ever realizing it. So it’s no wonder that they treat us as lesser human beings, even today when we have accomplished so much for them. Even when our children are dying in their power-mongering wars. Even when they deny us equal health, education and economic stability. Yes something is wrong with us, but we didn’t start out like this. We were raped, beaten, hung, burned, threatened, murdered, tortured, and separated while at once being pseudo-assimilated into this madness known as Anglo-American civilization. We are still being persecuted under their new guise of a so-called ‘black’ leader. If they could have pulled it off in blackface I’m sure they would have!

  3. @Cheryl. You really should reassess the notion that a black man is the president and the president is the power source of this country. Remember what kind of country this is and how it was stolen. Remember how deceitful those who took it were and understand how deceitful they are today!

    Try to understand that no matter who they put into the ‘White’ house it will not be for the reasons you would hope for, and remember that some black people can be just as treacherous, conniving, deadly, and evil as any white person given the type of training they receive in this society, and by what special teams. The Anglo-elite have perfected all sorts of tactics against us! They are not above using us against each other. In fact that is one of the things they are best at!

    Know that you can take the kindest and most genteel of animals and turn them into vicious monsters! Now with just those few things in mind please think twice about who and what you think Mr. Obama really is given his track record and what this country is still doing around the world, and to the poor working class here. What more can I say? Accept that the repubs and dems are playing a game on us to make us think that one side hates the other or whatever. It’s a dog and pony show designed just for us dummies.

  4. Qboro

    Wizard G, I feel where you coming from but, there are a couple of problems with your analysis. First of all, Africans did start Christianity just like they created the Jewish religion. Yes, Christianity has been perverted by Europeans, but it is African in origin. Second, black Americans or African-Americans have a culture just as other black people do who were taken to the Caribbean, Central and South America. A culture is simply a way of life. Black people in this country have their own way of doing things agreed view points etc, therefore a culture. I agree that we have no unity and that is because we don’t know who we are, we don’t know our history, and we would like to fit in to the Anglo-American society.

  5. American Justice System…At its best!!

  6. barbara

    Well I will not waste my time speaking to the black men. I will address the black females..we need to train our little boys to read at the age of birth. Don’t worry about being called old fashion becausee you keep close contact on his communication of friends…. just do it. By all means teach the baby to save money in a jar if need be, and you will get respect, honor, and know that you had your eye on the prize…..your black drug-free-son.

  7. Regg'e

    SO what else is new? It is what it is. Some do the crime and pay MORE time than others who do the crime, and pay little to not time. Let’s move on and choose the battles that involve our children being victimized for no apparent reason.

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