Citizens of Newark Hold Massive Rally for Jobs and Justice

     Newark,N.J.-On Thursday July 21st Newark activists and residents held a small but very home hitting rally in front of the Prudential Center Arena, demanding new jobs and justice for citizens.  It was co-organized by the office of Southward Councilman Ras Baraka, People’s Organization for Progress (POP), District 1199J,the Newark Anti-Violence Coalition, and several other civic groups.  The rally’s theme was, “Jobs, Justice, Peace, and Unity”. The program included several speakers each addressing social issues that they felt the city, state and federal governments were neglecting.

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2 responses to “Citizens of Newark Hold Massive Rally for Jobs and Justice

  1. Regg'e

    A Government For the People and by The People . . .

  2. Little did the people know that the politicians they voted into office would be the vermin which would cause them loss of jobs and robbery of taxes for illegal wars, and suspect other ventures like paying the corporate elite etc.

    Now that we have voted (supposedly voted) for these rogue politicians which are only pretending to serve us we are left fighting to regain things they keep taking. We are victimized by our public servants and now we are trying to get back what they have robbed from us. Their deeds are done and they have not finished. We are left trying to take back what should have never been stolen from us.(The deficit media-game is a play for our benefit as they slyly steal more).

    The saddest part is that most people don’t understand our dilemma and cannot comprehend the nature of the beast. The politicians (whom all work for the elite), want to strip us of all that we’ve gained and we can face serious problems trying to stop them let alone retrieving what they have taken and fixing what they have damaged.

    The situation becomes more hopeless if people do not, or can not recognize who their enemies are. The enemies of the people are dressed up in nice suits, and have nice families, and they even look and act charming, like say. Mr. Obama, and all of his colleagues on the left and right. They live in virtual luxury and they know exactly what they are doing to us, but few of us know.

    So go ahead and try to talk to them, hold protests, speak to your congressmen, try to speak to your president. In the end we will still lose horribly and we will not be able to receive compensation. In fact they will stick it to us harder and deeper! We are trapped in the biggest con/ripoff known to civilized man.

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