Survey: Black Americans Divided Over Remarks by Cornel West Over Obama

In a recent survey by, it was found that African Americans are divided over the comments of Princeton University professor Cornel West, who has critiqued the Obama Administration in the media over the past several weeks.  A mild majority of those who gave a definite answer (44.6%; only 87.2% said “yes” or “no”) claim that West is wrong about Obama, while a slightly lower number (42.6%) said that West is correct in his criticism.   The remainder (12.8%) said that they are not sure.

While Black Americans were divided over the validity of the West critique, they supported his right to freedom of speech.  Well over half (61.2%) of the respondents said that West should continue to share his point of view.   Roughly a third (32.4%) said that he should remain silent.  The rest said they were not sure.

Finally, the majority of black respondents felt that African Americans should ask the Obama Administration to do more than it is doing right now.  When asked, “Should black people ask the Obama Administration to do more than it is doing right now?” most of the respondents (56.9%) said “yes,” while 30.5% of the respondents said “no.”  The remainder were not sure.

The survey results seem to make clear that there are many within the black community who respect Cornel West’s freedom of speech, even if his words are not popular in some circles.  Those who feel that he should remain silent might want to reconsider this point of view, since punishing others for speaking out is a direct assault on the Democratic freedoms on which our country was founded.  Americans of all races have died in many wars to defend these freedoms, so protecting them is of the utmost importance.

With regard to whether or not West is wrong in his critique, the Obama Administration has yet to directly confront the criticism being levied by West.  A recent study showed that the wealth gap in America between blacks and whites has grown dramatically over the last three years, reaching levels that have not been seen in nearly three decades.  Additionally, black unemployment has gone up since the start of the recession, while white unemployment has gone down.  In light of these numbers, it is difficult to argue that targeted economic policy isn’t necessary in a society where African Americans are structurally isolated from the benefits of massive stimulus programs that hit white America first – whites were the first to recover economically, in part, because they have the closest ties to Wall Street, which received the bulk of the stimulus package issued at the start of the recession.

West also faces the challenging task of advocating for the poor, which is a group that tends to be most neglected in a capitalist society.  Obama supporters who are gainfully employed are afforded the luxury of overlooking massive unemployment and wealth gaps in their evaluation of the administration’s performance.  But those who’ve lost their jobs and homes are likely hoping that more can be done.  So, similar to the socioeconomic stratification which exists within white America, black America too is slowly being divided into the “haves” and the “have nots.”  It’s much easier to hold on to hope and change when you’ve got plenty of food on the table.

Dr. Boyce Watkins is a Professor at Syracuse University and founder of the Your Black World Coalition.  To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here. 



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  6. Ersula I. Watson

    West appears to be ego driven over his criticism of Obama. I am disappointed in his actions and comments.

  7. Sam

    The President cannot save us by himself. I understand Mr. West’s critique of the President; but if Mr. West spent more time educating the neighborhoods the president would not have to fight the old white establishment by himself.

  8. Pollard

    While I support Dr. West’s right to freedom of speech, I really don’t know what Dr West thinks President Obama can do. He doesn’t receive the support he needs to do ordinary things much less for African Americans, who are going to be perceived as a special interest group if he even attempts to do anything for African American. He has inherited a myriad of problems including this enormous debt and deficit. We must consider what it takes to be the first of anything with such scrutiny it must be exceptionally stressful being the first African American President. When we consider this we must also keep in mind, the is President, not King.

  9. ok 56.9% say yes he should do more,wow people,have we been put to sleep like that! do we know what’s really going on,i think not not at all.we need to say out these clubs and turn off the tv put down those phones and the music that is full of sex and drugs.and take a close look at what is going dqwn.IT’S NOT GOOD,and don’t believe the news.they don’t tell the real deal.”lets do to a kid 2day.

  10. Pollard

    As I said he is President and not King, so he is limited in what he can and can not do. In addition I will say he PR is lacking because he has done quite a bit considering the opposition he receives. It’s a wonder he gets anything done. Last but not least, the job crisis is complex and needs to be put in the proper perspective. For instance, recently there have been several book stores closing. Why? Because of new technology, the e-reader. In fact technology has affected many aspects of media. People receive their news via, email, television, and e-readers. So when you consider this you understands it has nothing to do with who is in office and most of those jobs are not coming back. When you put it all together one can see it much more complex than meets the eye. So even if Republicans took over things would not change, in fact things would probably get worse.

  11. rickydoc

    something tells me this poll was not representative
    more like you trying to help your boy out but its like

    youre beating a deadhorse on this one, the people have spoken
    and cornel and his cronies have been thoroughly repudiated

    the hardleft has its role to play but apparently electoral politics
    is beyond them, even hardleft politics dont tell this whole story

    your boy needs to check his ego, i used to respect him and tavis et al
    but they have allowed their egos to place them above the needs of the

    people, and all the intellectual justifications yall been coming up with
    sound just as self serving as the original transgressions, give it a break

  12. Qboro

    There is a lot of hypocrisy. People have been criticizing Presidents and calling them names for years. I don’t remember black people complaining when people made fun of Bush. Everything Dr. West said is real. I haven’t heard an intelligent retort from the people who blindly support everything Obama is doing.

  13. Michael Davis Sr

    Obama has turned his back on Black Folks.Wake up before we are all in a F.E.M.A. camp.He will not lift a finger to help you.

  14. Why is there an expectation that all blacks are in lock step on opinions? The question is not that Dr. West is right or wrong, but ratner do you agree or disagree with his opinion. President Obama has a full plate that is running over. He has to deal with those who have difficulty accepting a black person as the the president of the U.S. and the leader of the free world and seek to destroy his administration by any means necessary. Others have severe polical differences with him. In addition he faces an economic crisis that the U.S. hasn’t seen since before WWll.
    The president is historically held responsible for the outcome of crisis situations, so on that point, I feel Dr. West’s critique is valid, but misplaced in the expectation that the president has the power to impose the best solution.

  15. Jana

    Who took this poll? apparently not many of the Black Community. Now you are handling the Black Community’s business just like the establishment polls that don’t mean anything and dependent of who is even aware of them. Many read you column and had not seen this poll

    Dr. West and his friend Tavis Smiley at the forefront of this ridiculousness are WRONG PERIOD!

  16. makarios

    I agree with rickydoc… But this just underscores the fact that even in today’s climate we are not able to unify behind a vision that will take more that 4 years to accomplish. I think that Dr. West’s comments are too heavy handed. You have a backlash still being felt from just electing a black president. I see it all over this country, in elections and hiring practices in the media commentary and many other places. All this man has done is try to make a difference. He is in a fight for his political life with the grid lock in Washington. Maybe he is not the pit bull many were hoping for, but I would submit that I am not sure we need a pit bull. He has all of the republican party gunning for him and half of his own party too. No wonder he cannot get much done. Even though he inherited this mess which will probably take more that a decade to undo in my opinion, he is expected to work miracles in a still unbelievably racist American society. What a mess the democratic party is!!

  17. Pollard

    I don’t think it’s all blind or all disgruntled for the President, but what I do ask is please extend solutions to the criticism. For the highly critical, just what do you suggest? The job of President is not one that you do off the top with little or no experience. Basically you hit the ground running. You have a situation that you have to trust people around you, and if they don’t have the expertise you need it makes your job even harder. The most obvious but most disregarded is the fact that whatever the President proposes, the Republicans disagree, even if it’s their idea in the first place. When the other party is hell bent on not cooperating no matter what you do, how can you make any progress? Disagreement and criticism is ok, but please bring solutions when you do.

  18. Kevin Agee

    I personally do not have any problem with a thoughtful critique of the President. However, those who critique leave themselves open for criticism as well. How many Black nonprofit organizations can afford Dr. West’s five figure honorarium. The Syracuse Chapter of 100 Black Men could not get him to speak for them for just that reason. Further, let us not forget that Tavis Smiley is his boy and Tavis has personal issues with the President. Are the critiques genuine social analysis or ego? Only God, Dr. West and Mr. Smiley know for sure.

  19. SapphiresMomma

    Once again,

    Just what does he think the President should do for (just for) Black people?

    While I defend his right to freedom of speech, his delivery, outburst, anger, and frankly a need to be in the spot-light, is yesterdays news.

    If he thinks his presentation is an affective way to represent Black people, then I do not know that else to say. In fact, when did any words from Cornel West (from back in the day) make any difference in moving Black people forward?

    The entire country is hurting, not just Black people!

    Cornel West, please sit down!

  20. Good discussion is always ‘good’ if it brings forth solutions and vision…or else it is just talk. If the President is not listening to Dr. West and Mr. Smiley, what is wrong with them using their knowledge and wherewithal in the community, coming up with valid solutions, from the ‘people’ and presenting them to the President? Most do that except ‘People of Color’. Let’s work together, not fight each other. Haven’t We fought each other for too long at someone else’s behest? “Come now, let US reason together”…says the Lord of Hosts…..

  21. Afropick1

    Obama sold us out day one when he was seen walk with war criminal bush to his helicopter and waving to GW Bush as the helicopter lifted off and his lips moved
    see ya massa
    -I don’t see no evil- I won’t hear no evil and I sure won’t speak. NO evil bossss

  22. Latryna Carlton

    I’m hurt and angry because for many years I have loved and respected both Dr. Cornel West and Tavis Smiley. I would have never though that the two of them would make the first african american president public enemy #1. I am truly concerned that all this rhetoric and criticism is only another distraction for black folks and leaves them little room to take action where they are because we have to chose a side. I understand the diffiiculty of being unemployed, disabled, low income, etc., But like many are saying don’t just criticize, come to the table with some solutions. If you say he should do more, how will he do it, who will he do it for, when will he do it, where will he do it & how the hell will he get republicans to support it? Take a look at what is happening to disenfranchise minority and poor voters through new rules of requiring a drivers license to vote, then “due to budget cuts” closing those same drivers license offices and/or reducing their hours in democratic areas while simultaneoulsy extending hours in republican areas. These actions and blantant racism that is happening now, does not lend to an environment that is conducive to minorities of any kind getting a real opportunity to vote or have any of their needs met. We need less criticism, more solutions and some real leadership in the black community when it comes to supporting those most desperately in need of a real change. Cornel and Tavis don’t represent me & I don’t follow President Obama blindly, but I can see that division is not helping our case nor community, because it is again divide and conquer and Cornel and Tavis seem to be in line with Republicans about using any means necessary to destroy the ligitmacy of President Obama. Let’s stop the madness and get on track to do something other than complain; our people are hurting and while they are dogging Pres., Obama, they need to be reaching out to those who have real needs and coming up with some real solutions to make reality what they propose he do with all the resistance he faces including that present by the two of them.

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  24. Roosevelt Thompson

    let our vote do the talking . only 2013 will tell the difference
    the tea party whip the republicans in line i think the black vote
    can whip the democrats in line. so let’s get registered to vote
    and be the first black voters to vote for someone that will protect
    our interest. and they don’t have to be black. or a democrat.

  25. Myblackiswonderful

    I respect Mr. West to the fulliest but I think its selfish to blame everything on Obama. We forget that we have been in this situation long before he got here and everyone seems to block that out. President Obama can’t do it on his own! We as a people need to stop bickering with each other and try to make improvements within ourselves and community. This man can’t even get a health care bill to passby Congress how the heck you think he is going to get congress to give us equal opportunity as our white peers?. They disrespect him on Tv and at presidential events and we sit aside and criticize because he didn’t rebuild our community. He can’t! and that’s just it! He can’t do it for sure without our help and participation. Dr West please try to understand where this man is coming from. I wasn’t born no where near the 60’s but I wish I was so i can see how our people really unify. God Bless!

  26. While I highly respect Dr. West, I disagree. The President has been attacked since he won the election. It’s hard to do business with folk that are bound and determined to destroy you. When your own party of both “shades” do not have your back.

    Where was the outrage when the President was called a liar on the floor of Congress? Where was the outrage when the “birthers” and all of the other lunatics came to events brandishing guns, waving pictures with the President looking like a savage with a bone thru his nose? The more folk that did not stand up, the more emboldned these people have become. Now they are quite comfortable slinging insults at him.

    If you have been paying attention, you will see how both senators and congressmen feel free to speak about the things that they would “allow” the President to do; or how he needs to “come to them”! The old “Dixiecrats” are coming out of the closet and dusting off their hoods! The venom and disrespect that has been shown to him is unreal. If someone from the CBC stood up and called “W” the liar that he was, when we all knew that he was lying; they would have been “strung up” from the highest tree!

    Just sayin…..

  27. The cold hard fact is that things have gotten worse for black people under Obama. they got worse under Clinton and Carter, too.

    I think we can all agree that the country was not ready for a black president.

    I abhor the way a lot of white people totally disrespect the president; but his administration invites criticism with it’s ineptness the same way as Jimmy Carter’s administration did.

    Another cold hard fact is that Obama teamed up with George Bush in the biggest transfer (theft) of wealth in history.

  28. SapphiresMomma

    In addition, how many black people took part in the survey?

    For a headline to say that “Black Americans Divided Over Remarks by Cornel West Ocer Obama” is misleading, and not true!

    Were ALL African Americans surveyed?

  29. Maxwell1

    If you read the comments you can see out West’comments have affected our people. Dr. West has a right to his opinion but he doesn’t have a right to be disrespectful.
    The bottomline for 2012 is, Who are you voting for. I am sure you all realize that a vote for a Republican with put us back 20 years based on the current climate. So I would suggest you all try to work with Obama.

  30. DTNewss

    Dr. West has done nothing more than what he has always done which is fight for poor people…why do people expect him to do anything different because the president is black. I heard Dr. West interview on NPR yesterday and he cleary stated, “if the adminstration has a plan focused on poor people i would support it 100%”, however, they do not. I think Dr. west made his point very clear.

  31. Smiley and West are negative barkers. I have no respect for either of them. I wish they would get off the President and start focusing on the myriad of disfunctions in our community i.e. drug and alchohol abuse, men being fathers, black on black murder, crime, lack of motivation, women abuse, etc. etc. President Obama is busy trying to save the country from right wing extremists. Do you want Bachman, Cain, Romney, Perrry, Palin, the rest of the tea party freaks! Re-elect President Obama 2012! Reject the carnival barkers and negative robots Smiley and West!

  32. Edye Mathews

    There is a time to say something and there is a time to be quite. I do not agree with West’s thought on free speech to criticize the President. His criticism is a lack of respect. President Obama is getting enough criticism from racists in this country. President Obama inherited a dysfunctional government fuel by greed and selfishness, West and other African-Africans must understand that President Obama is a scapegoat for the state of our economy. Why didn’t more candidates run in the last election? Look at the candidates. The White power structure knew what was happening. Let President Obama take the heat and maybe in 4 or 8 years we can just waltz in and say what a lousy job the first African-American did to this country. West of all people should know that jobs were leaving the country in the early 70’s, those jobs are not coming back, corporations are paying their top executives and laying off low-and middle income working people, Black and White and they are not creating jobs!!! President Bush took money from Social Security to support his wars thinking that privatizing Social Security was the answer. Where was West when President Bush was in Office? Did he criticize Bush? Major corporations are not creating jobs. Exxon made a 41% profit on the increase in gas. Get on that West to see how many energy jobs Exxon is going to create. African-Americans need to support President Obama. We are the only race/ethnic group that criticize and do not support each other and call it our right. I do not believe we know what that mean. With those rights compare to other ethnic groups in America, we have not advanced economically because we are not united!!!

  33. I supported President Ronald Reagan as a Army Officer. I supported every President I served under. As all Military Officers do, I critiqued each one for body language, tone of voice, content of speach and actions while sitting in the Oval Office as President of the United States. They have to make tough decisions that don’t always sit well with the general population or us.

    President Obama is a Product of an elete Ivy League University. We knew the first dark skinned President could only come from one of the big three Harvard, Princeton or Yale. He cares, I can see it in his face, hear it in his voice and know it in his actions. He is the Commander and Chief but also a family man. When he stood at Andrews and saluted the coffins of our fallen soldiers returning from Combat every soldier knew that he understood the nature and seriousness of our work.

    Cornell West has the right to say what ever he wants to say. Obama cares and is working within the framework of the constitution to uplift all Americans not just us. I made it clear that the President or his representative in uniform or out can call anytime of day or night for my service to the nation. I will go anywhere on earth to support President Obama in his quest to bring peace and prosperity to the United States and the rest of the world.

    Cornell continue the good work you do. President Obama is a War Time President that has proven himself as a leader too many times. The next time you go near Washington DC or anywhere our Commander and Chief is, tell him you made a mistake.

    That is All

  34. SapphiresMomma

    Captain Ralph Jones US Army Retired~

    I salute you sir, and THANK YOU for your service to this country!

    You comments are honet and you nailed the right emotion/feelings of our President.

    We need to be working with him, not against him! There is no one out here that can lead us any better than he is doing under the pressure, racism and unpleasant issues the country is facing.

    Thank you again!

  35. Afrotapp

    I believe West is right on the money with his critique. Little has been done for the working class and the poor in this country, most of what has been done has been a continuation of most of the Bush policies(whether domestic or foreign). If people would actually “look” at the policies the “implementation” they would see things systemically are going in the wrong direction.
    The great thing about West is even when he supported the President (then candidate Obama) he shared with the crowd that would be critical of his presidency if he did not actively address concerns of the poor. Well, don’t hate on the man because he is fulfilling his campaign promise with a President that has fulfilled very few of his
    One thing I give the Republicans is they are aggressive in pursuing their legislation even when it is vastly unpopular( with the public(stripping teachers unions of collective bargaining rights, preventing unions from bargaining rights at all, repealing EPA legislation, repealing affirmative action legislation, cut only approach to the deficit, ban on reproductive services), while the Democrats pander center-right in most legislation because the republicans continue to shift the line further right. One thing about Bush, he got the “right’s” agenda pushed through whether they controlled the Legislative branch or not. Unfortunately, our President even with a SuperMajority has failed to stand up for the poor/working class. Now, with on fledgling majority in the Senate, most fights end up giving Republicans more than they ask for in negotiations.This has been why the left have been disenchanted by President Obama’s administration.
    Lastly, a thriving democracy holds its leaders accountable, I applaud the critics that were out front early when everyone viewed them as a traitor for critique President Obama (not talking about right-wing obstructionist, but those holding President accountable to what he promised in the way he promised). Its hard being patriotic, past patriots shedding light in the democracy have them friends, money, and even life, but in the end they are often remembered as heroes(Paul Robeson, MLK, Cesar Chavez, Delores Huerta, Nelson Mandela etc.)

  36. Jordon

    Please stop calling President Barack Obama Barack and/or Obama. Be proud that you have lived to see a competent African American in the position of President of the United States. It is disrepectable to refer to him as Barack and/or Obama. He does not desire or need to be disrespected by Dr. West or Mr. Smiley. Why do so many Blacks hate to see other Blacks achieve any sucess? Dr. West and Mr. Smiley should be using their positions to help President Obama; we all know that President Obama has more than enough people who would prefer to see him fail even at the expense of the middle class and poor people of this country.

    It appears to Dr. West and Mr. Smiley need to use their freedom of speak to address those who are determined to destroy President Obama even at the expense of the American people.

  37. The problem of Black unemployment was created when millions of illegal aliens ran across the border and were employed by companies to avoid hiring Black people.
    Cornel West should get off of the President’s back and attack racist companies who discriminate against Black people when hiring.
    That is the problem. The President is trying to fix this mess.

  38. F.W. Lee

    Everyone is entitled to speak their mind. However, why has anyone not addressed the failures of our community, religious, business, education and political representatives from the city, county and state levels. It seems these individuals get a pass even though they are suppose to be hround troops. They are the ones in the trenches and should be providing the tools and training meeded to compete and succeed in an everchanging global society. It seems the accountability starts with these individuals. We should be asking them to show results, not rhetoric. When the local levels have been strengthen in a united, consistent and results-oriented manner ( financially, academically and politically), then the national level politicians (democrats and republicans) will take us seriously. So, cut out tours, marches, protests and all, roll of our sleeves and get to work in rebuilding a globally competitive race.

  39. Dr. West is a genius. Obama is intelligent but not as intelligent as Dr. Cornel West. Have any of you read any of Dr. West’s books? How many know of his achievements and what he had to go through just to be himself?

    Dr. West is not a politician. Like Dr. Martin Luther King he speaks on behalf of the people. Mr. Obama is a politician. He does not speak on behalf of the people he speaks and acts on behalf of the Anglo-Elite white supremacists who could get most of you to do the same thing if they wanted to.

    They assassinated Dr. King because he was speaking up for people who couldn’t, even for people who were too confused to recognize that he was speaking for their welfare. Dr. West is like Dr. King. He speaks for our welfare against the power that hides behind the Obama cloak. What he must do now is understand that many of his people are as confused as they were during the King years. Which is why they cannot differentiate between a crooked politician who is fronting them off and a true lover of mankind who is trying to better their environment and future. You should not expect Obama or any politician to do anything beneficial for you and yours, but you can expect that Dr. West is willing to give his life to serve you, even if you cannot understand your own thinking process and even if you are confused about who loves you and cares for you.

    Sending your kids to college in this racist climate is the least of your worries. Thinking a black man is honest and proper as president in this type of country is insane!

  40. Patricia

    The people here are so bloody naive! Cornell is right! Obama is a puppet of the UN and making excuses for him only puts you all in a worse place, still trying to believe he Cares. Wake the fuck up! He has done nothing for you, never will, never can because he is a puppet. He was since day one.
    Bush put us in two wars, Obama has us in 6 wars, Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Several of them by drone attacks alone. The man is a murderer of women and children and stop making excuses for him, oh, so , -He cant do anything etc. He ordered the war on Libya from Brazil. Stop being dumb as shit and defending him. Cornell is right and even nice about it. He is a murderer and the first NWO President that only answers to the UN, which he is Chairman, illegal by the Constitution, BTW.

  41. Sonja

    Jordan or anyone here,
    Please tell me what President Obama has done to help blacks, the poor or middle class of this country. To clarify, something that is working.
    As Wizard G says, but does not specify, Obama works for Wall Street bankers. The Elite. He does not care about you, he never did care about you. Even the health care ‘mandate’ hurts not helps you, but you can get out of it if you are poor, which means you get nothing, just like before, you just don’t get a fine from the IRS. If you are middle class and dont ‘buy’ health insurance from middlemen HMO’s you can be fined by the IRS several thousand dollars. Nice deal eh? Your so called ‘government sponsored health care program’.
    WTF is going on here? You get zero benefits and get completely screwed in every way , but because Obama is half black you have on some rose colored glasses. And when a smart man like Cornell tries to wake people up to the truth you shut him down. Shame and disappointment. Corruption exists in all colors. We need to understand this and reject the two party system altogether and think up something new.

  42. Edye Mathews

    My comments here are not for a response from Sonja, Patricia, WizardG and Afrotapp. Your writing appears to be of someone between 35 and 45 and do not reflect the experience and knowledge of African-Americans who have “been there and done that” in terms of what has happened to us over the years. My Mom died at age 91, five months before President Obama was elected President. It was the proudest moment of her life and so many elderly African-Americans in South Carolina. She was too frail to go see him when he came to SC but my sisters did and couldn’t contain themselves when his family sat next to them. This my brothers and sisters is something none of us will see again in our life time. What he is doing and cannot do is control by our elective representatives in Washington and the rich lobbyist who support them unless he makes an Executive Order. He is smart enough not to do that. African-Americans today consider themselves “free” to say and do what they please. Well, we have certain rights but we are not free. The chains were removed from our hands and ankles and put on our brains. Everything our forefathers fought for, pride, dignity, culture, respect and most of all freedom is fading. President Obama is not an “African-American”. He is the President of the United States. If you truly knew what President Clinton did while he was in office we might not be having this conversation. Yest, he left over a trillion dollar surplus but what did he do to have it. Let’s go back to our roots because we are about to come full circle in America! I leave you with the book of Judges to read.

  43. MW

    Congratulations to Dr. West for speaking up on behalf of those who just to get what is happening to them. Although I support the President, he must be held accountable also to the group that overwhelmingly voted for him. The stimulus package had absolutely no impact on Af. Am. in this country. The President has not shown anything differently on his cards that when he ran for office. Just like he did not show up for Jena 6 and forums like the one Tavis hosted, what are we expecting now? Remember he did show up for the anniversary for the March on Salem around the same time this was going on. That March did not require the President to put himself on the line. Don’t expect him to change this now that he is in office. He represents the middle class. Cornel and Tavis sees this clearly.

  44. Sonja

    Awesome Edye,
    So we all have gone past the first Black President moment, and we can now fully realize that a black President can be in every way as corrupt and mass murderering and manipulated by Wall Street bankers as the white ones. Hilary Clinton is a mass murdering female.
    Those interested in politics cannot afford to be hypocritical based on skin color or gender, and therefore Cornell has every right to criticize this President as he would any other. If you criticized Bush for Iraq or Afghanistan, there is no way to condone the mass murder of so many more innocents under Obama because he is black. That is judging a man based on the color of his skin. Sound familiar?

  45. Cornel West and President Obama should come out of their foolish, school boys’ corners and shake hands. Obama, should call and thank West for the great campaign that West did for him and not treat this episode like he did with his birth certificate issue: taking for ever to showing it to the American people. Obama should call West, now, and thank him for helping him wind the White House. You owe it to him!

    This is not the time to give up on our Black president who is wise and clever and waiting for his second term to bring home the bacon: laying out his Black Agana. No CEO can get it all done at the flick of the bic.

  46. And so the life of African-Americans in this overtly racist white supremacist country continues with many of us still confused about who owns this country and since we’re here and are forced to pay taxes without proper representation and worse, who owns us! There is nothing I can say to bring those who are mentally damaged to clearer consciousness. So the game we are caught up in is very thorough and elegant in the near perfect way the Anglo-Elite and their cohorts have twisted the minds of the masses into thinking just they way they want them to.
    I’m tired of trying to get people to understand our dilemma. Hell if Dr. West can’t reach our 45 or so million confused minds then who am I to try?

    All of you supposedly educated people really need to rethink and reassess this social environment we live and die in. It is not as it seems. We live in the most fake and vile country in the world, but let the whites tell it, it’s a virtual heaven. Maybe for many of them because they stole it and robbed all of its resources and are now creating phony resources and making phony money while still filling ours, and our children’s heads with phony lies and phony representations as to what this is we live in. (It’s a fancy hell hole).

    Obama is not a president as presidents go. He is a token negro controlled by his racist white slave-masters. It is why he is not allowed to do anything he wants. This is why we are unable to get his attention and it is why our leaders must kiss his ass even when they know that he is not the true power in this damned country full if idiots, retards, lunatics, haters, murders, and leptons. (Too many primitive minds with money).

    I’m so angry at the ignorance that is generated in this vile country which allows us to drop like flies and still praise our keepers as if they are special. Yeah things could be worse and most likely will get worse for your children, but you will never know. You can’t see what’s right in front of your faces.

  47. SapphiresMomma


    ” We live in the most fake and vile country in the world, but let the whites tell it, it’s a virtual heaven.”

    So, when will you be leaving?

  48. Anthony 1

    Because Dr. West can be quite incisive in his comments and observations as a rule, it’s understandable that some people may wish he were less so in his criticism of President Obama. Since criticism goes with the job, and also given the extreme hype and presumed significance of the election of a black president, it’s probably fitting that someone like Dr. West should chronicle the event with as much depth and detail as possible.
    Whatever power the office of president carries, it should be clear that whoever holds down the post is just a figurehead who gets his/her marching orders from another purch. Like many, I supported President Obama, donated some cash, did some g.o.t.v. stuff, while never truly buying into the “Change You Can Believe In” slogan. Given the current budget display, I’m hoping this isn’t the change Obama was referring to. If it is then a little criticism from Cornel or anyone else should be the least of his worries. In the meantime, I would tend to agree with a lot of what Dr. West has stated so far. After all, it’s kind of hypocritical to ask for the support of the American community, but somehow not even cast much of a gaze toward the one that looks a lot like you.

  49. You know some people (who I consider a byword) will do and say anything for the $1.00. There’s always somebody somewhere the WHITE MAN can find to do HIS dirty work, be a saleout to his brother, sister, community, etc.. They never have a suggestion or solution to help solve any problem, all they do is bring down the person who’s trying. That’s too bad and very sad for these two well educated brothers, they have gone from being some what respectfull to a low base mind set. So tell me Mr West and Mr. Smiley who do you suggest would have or could have did better for the Black African American People and who do you suggest will do better for All People period. With the way this World, especially these United States and the HATE people have here in America, I suggest we ALL face the East and PRAY to YAHWEH, asking through THE SON YAHWEH BEN YAHWEH for Blessings and Protection from the evil-doers of this World.

  50. Madmax

    If Cornell West didn’t spend so much time sitting on panels and pushing his vacuous books, and spouting Maoist-religi-babble for the sake of sounding intelligent, he might see that for lack of a better choice, we are stuck with President Obama, and all of his blatherings only give aid and comfort to our enemies, and make him a useful idiot.

  51. Sonja

    Aid and comfort to the enemy is Obama himself, and his dedication is to Wall Street Banksters, and your future is being sold off, whether you realize it or not. It is Not about Black and White, it is a class war and Obama has no black dog in this fight. He does not care about YOU, the middle class or anyone! He is not brilliant, he is a puppet. Your lives are being bought and sold as a commodity, and Obama is just one of the crowd who does it with ZERO thought as to your well being. The sooner you GET IT, the sooner you will stop being stupidly spoon fed Bullshit and Propaganda Daily.
    Black, warmongering, murdering, lying bullshit is pretty much the same as white warmongering lying bullshit, so the fantasy in all our heads about political Change has to- just end. We need to think of another paradigm. It’s not the elected that claim BS Change we need to believe in, it’s US, in community that need to Change. We need to Stop the WARS. This is the biggest evolutionary Change that could ever happen.

  52. Kunta


    Please leave the blog post as I have seen your replies to other topics such as the one were discussing now and i fully beleive your working with the other side. You salute what, a retired US Army guy who has been brainwashed to think that he would go anywhere in the world to defend a nation that wouldn’t defend him or seek to revive his own ppl. LMAO. You all are lost. Go take a bath and be quiet cause your rectic stinks of uncle TOM and the like. Black power is the only thing that matters.

  53. SapphiresMomma

    Kunta Kinte,

    You are an over processed, ignorant fool, who needs to get a grip.

    It is your foolish store front revolutionary, fear, and inferior mind-set that brings us all down, but mostly keeps you and your kind ignorant.

    Let me ask you as well, when are you leaving the country, you dumb hypocrite!

  54. Kunta

    Sapps Momma,

    I’m leaving the world. You can have it Sapp and continue to suck the white mans dick. Your pretty good at it I see. just remember to swallow like you always do.

  55. SapphiresMomma


    You prove over and over how stupid/ignorant your are.

    Once again, it is foolish negores like you that we can no longer afford.

  56. Kunta

    Sapp Lewinski,,

    all you have to do is get rid of me and the world will be a better place. So do it >>>>>>>>>>> and btw i’m not a negro. lmao. I’m just pointing out your BS. everytime someone questions Barak or any other negro you belive in you get defensive and accuse others of being silly and not knowing the real deal. what are your credentials. Uh i know – Let me see – your probably overwieght, undersexed and two burgers away from the 500 pound mark. You probably stay up at night and eat ice cream while you blog your ass off. Get a life and more importantly be a mother and get off these damn blogs.

  57. JUDE

    I wished that Professor WEST were President – he certainly has the REAL credentials and they’re NOT sealed. I know that everything that Professor West writes is his OWN – he has no writer friends willing to do the ghost writing and take no credit. Ya know a man by the way he speaks – his writing isn’t a lot different ( He doesn’t need script writers – teleprompter). It’s forgotten, that the President is as much white as he is black.

    It appears that his white side has hired ALL former WHITE Wall Street – Corporate CEOs/ the black he has (Reggie) is his ‘personal helper’!!! When Michele (cost $1.3 million per day) took the girls – her mom, nieces, nephews etc on SAFARI to Africa (just got back) were they thinking of the millions a few miles away/ outside resort area —-DYING for lack of a bag of rice some water, milk for babies.

    The vacation in Spain ( resort of Saudi kings) cost $6,500 per night (villa) . Air Force One costs $181,527.00 per hr to run around to these fund raisers ( cost per ticket $35,000)/. Meantime 86,000 shut off notices had Detroit citizens BLACK freezing to death. Who can afford to send their kid to camp ( 2 weeks) at $4000 per week.

    The point is, black, white, green, purple – its the MONEY boys who run the show in Washington – –rare is the man who is not quickly overwhelmed with all this HIGH living, KOBE steak (organic) at $170.00 per lb – a $6000 clutch bag – $500+ sneakers to hand out food at a soup kitchen. Check ONLINE MAIL – UK (they don’t show this stuff here) Michele’s Designer Outfits. When they went to England they had a contingent of 500 / dozens of gas guzzling SUVs . FACT – black, white, etc –the POOR and Middle Class have been kicked to the curb.

    NOTE how the media did NOT show all the BLACK teachers in Chicago / Washington D.C. etc —replaced with the new college grad Change Agents (not teachers). The President’s girls go to exclusive $$$ Sidwell (French chefs cook lunch). NOT your kids – not made front page news was that one of the FIRST things the Pres. did upon entering office was to cancel Washington DC voucher program ( 2,100 kids) for black kids —back to decaying, crumbling, freezing classrooms of 40-60 kids which = NO education.

  58. Er zijn een aantal interessante boeiend deadlines in dit maar maar ik weet niet of ik ziet ze allemaal midden hart tot hart. Er is echter ik te behouden tot Ik kijk in het verder. Goed artikel, bedankt en we willen wij willen extra! Toegevoegd aan FeedBurner als ook

  59. Very soon this site will be famous amid all blog visitors,
    due to it’s fastidious posts

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