Dr. Christopher Metzler Partners with Singer Usher on Youth Leadership and Success


Washington, DC – Dr. Christopher J.  Metzler, Associate Dean of Georgetown University’s Master of Professional Studies in Human Resources Management program, has recently announced his partnership with Usher’s New Look Foundation. As educational partner, Dr. Metzler’s role will include analyzing the assessment and educational outcomes models that the Foundation uses to track competencies and development within the four pillars of talent, education, career and service that are central to the New Look Leadership Academy. He will be evaluating the models to ensure their efficacy and validity.

His ongoing role will include interpreting evidence to determine how well performance matches those expectations and standards; and using the resulting information to document, explain and improve performance of the New Look Academy.

Dr. Metzler is a world-renowned expert on diversity and inclusion across industries and sectors, as well as an evidence-based researcher who has pioneered standards, practices and competencies for diversity and human capital professionals.  Prior to joining Georgetown University, Metzler developed and administered the Diversity Management program for diversity professionals at Cornell University’s ILR School. Before entering higher education, he led the strategic issues and research practice at an international consulting firm. He has consulted with multinational corporations and governments on human rights, human capital, equality, corporate social responsibility, discrimination and diversity.

Usher’s New Look Foundation was established by Raymond Usher IV in 1999. The foundation consists of four programs:  Powered By Service, the New Look Leadership Academy, Moguls In Training and the World Leadership Conference. The goal of these programs is to set the gold standard in leadership development and success for the youth generation.

For more information about Dr. Metzler and the Georgetown University Master of Professional Studies in Human Resources Management program, visit their website. To learn more about Usher’s New Look Foundation, visithttp://www.ushersnewlook.org/


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One response to “Dr. Christopher Metzler Partners with Singer Usher on Youth Leadership and Success

  1. Youth leadership and success is fine if it is properly directed to the betterment of the African-American condition and the effort to improve African life across the diaspora. As things are we are training our children to become tools for the imperialist Anglo-Elite and their constant attacks on us, and people of color around the world!
    If we could unite between ourselves we might have a chance, but let me tell you there is, and there has always been, a white supremacist Anglo-elite faction that will do everything in their power to keep us divided, confused, ignorant of our predicament and oblivious to their devious machinations.

    They kill and/or incarcerate our viable leaders. They kill strong black leaders across the African Diaspora. They have the power and devices to psychologically and forcefully manipulate our paths to power and wealth as a people. They will not allow us to grow strong and they will not allow us a strong leadership to help us grow. They will also not allow our children to all become well educated and follow proper direction toward ‘black’ social progression .

    Many black people are so confused and misguided that they have no concept of the reality of these issues. They are also so brainwashed in ‘Americanization’ that they are ever quick to attack each other verbally and physically. The same tools the Anglo-Elite use to turn the people of Rwanda, the Congos, and Libya against themselves are the same tools they use moderately, to turn us against each other here, and in Haiti.

    So yes it’s good to educate our youth and it’s good to have well known people active in doing so, but they too must understand the enormity of the problems we are all up against and must focus their intelligence, energy and wealth accordingly.

    Some of us live with our eyes half open and think that they are wide open, some live with their eyes wide open and are always seeking to widen their views more-so, but the multitudes have been left so damaged, and so deceived as to not realize they are sleeping quietly through reality, while some are even enjoying the pleasures of their ignorance, unknowingly to the detriment of all others.

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