Survey: 86% of African Americans Think Casey Anthony Would be Guilty if She were Black


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3 responses to “Survey: 86% of African Americans Think Casey Anthony Would be Guilty if She were Black

  1. African-Americans ‘blacks’, should be totally sure of it by now, that we are a people who have long been reduced to second-class citizens regardless of our socioeconomic status. They have used their elite-owned media to make us look lesser and nearly invisible in the eyes of the country, and the world. Which means that even people just entering the country are going to judge us almost entirely by how the media portrays us and how our positive side is rarely portrayed. In fact if you watch television for any length of time you could infer that there were only ‘whites’ in this country, and that all whites were super-people, good people, blonds, and very smart people. They portray themselves in a constant loop as better and prettier, faster, and stronger than anyone, in all things.
    You can’t live in this country and not be bombarded with media that makes you want to grab and hug a white person!

    We should know without a doubt that we are made to be seen as the subservient, less intelligent, and less beautiful on purpose. Not only have they sold most of the different nationalities of the country etc., on their greatness, and our having weaknesses, but they have convinced a number of us too! That is why the percentage of those who think a white person has a better chance than us is not at 100 percent. It’s also one of the reasons why we see our own betray us!

    Of course today there are tiny exceptions to the rule, but if you take into account our overall treatment, the rate of incarceration, the level of poverty per capita, and the level of poor education, and understanding as to what is occurring all around us– Those who have made it are so caught up in their own selfishness and confusion, that they could care less about the ‘black’ masses and our social standards or problems. Money softens the blow!

    So of course they will treat black people differently, that should go without saying!

  2. Just because Obama is President does not negate the reality that systemic racism is alive and well in America. It has many manifestations, but is mostly seen in our criminal justice system, which houses over 2 million inmates (more than any industrialized country) who are predominately African Americans. Many of our African American males have been railroaded by a system that literally feeds them to the prison system for economic gain. While we have an economic system that makes war on the poor, I advocate we make war on what has made the average black man poor: injustice! Today, some prisons are for-profit businesses listed on Wall Street and wherever you have a business, you have to have a commodity if that business is to succeed. Guess what that commodity is… Its African American men and increasingly African American females. Not only has this been a long-standing systemic plague, but also now, with the current economic chaos, just like in the biblical times of Joseph; today in America there is a famine in the land.

    Therefore, saint and sinner, middle class and poor, freemen and felons are suffering but none likes those who find themselves incarcerated. Few are really talking about improving the plight of the poor therefore; it should be of no surprise that the poor who have been left behind are primarily African Americans. I often wonder when are we going to become the answers to our own problems? It is shameful that in this county there are still close to 50 million Americans without health care and 40 million Americans below the poverty line.

    In our war against what makes the poor, poor, we like Jesus must love the poor and hate poverty. You and I must be motivated by more than just compassion for the poor and bring innovative analysis and solutions to the table in our fight against poverty. Many of our brothers and sisters in the inner-city end up in prison because of a weakened flow of resources into deprived and vulnerable communities. Following in the footsteps of M.L. King I believe that the poverty that often leads to incarceration can be eradicated by — guaranteeing the poor an annual income… diverting resources from the war in Afghanistan into domestic social programs… raising the minimum wage and by restructuring social and economic relations through what King calls “a revolution of values”

    King argued that materialism, militarism and racism were killer kin; the offspring of American greed and oppression that has wreaked havoc on our poor. King said that when machines and computers, profit motives and property rights are considered more important than people are, then these giant triplets are incapable of being conquered. He insisted that a nation that, “will keep people in slavery for 244 years will commoditize and economically exploit them today. King, also felt that the depressed living standards for African Americans were a structural part of the American economy.

    King was especially disappointed with the black middle class’s refusal to toss in with the plight of their poor black underclass. He constantly reminded well-to-do blacks of their obligation to their less fortunate brothers and sisters. His words contrasted sharply with the bitter assaults on the black poor out of the mouths of many of our present day black elites.

    King’s philosophy fought against reducing poverty to a matter of the personal responsibility of the poor. “We do much too little to assure decent, secure employment.” King said. “And then we castigate the unemployed and underemployed for being misfits.” Today many still assume that unemployment usually results from personal defects; therefore, our solutions largely tend to be personal and individual. King argued that we “need to take quite a different view of the causes and cures of the economic misfortunes of the Negro and to aim at establishing income security.” King went on to further state that if society changes its concepts by placing the responsibility on its system, not on the individual and guarantees secure employment or guaranteed income, dignity will come within the reach of all.” To that, I say a hardy Amen! Just my opinion… Love Always, MA

  3. 86% of African Americans are wrong on two counts…First, you are killing your own children by way of neglect, while wasting time on tv drama( e.g. “graceless nancy’), et al), commentary and innuendo. Secondly, you are confused, thereby confusing them (our children). As long as you refer to yourself as an African ( a friken ) American, you are not equal to an American, and are not entitled in the” just us” system. You are out on the left of American, or just left out! You (we) would be more respected by addressing ourselves as Americans of African decent, though even that’s not correct, because not all historically from on continent. That aside – don’t be so naive…neither we, nor the aforementioned system have raised as much noise about the daily genocide in our children’s lives, nor have any so-called parents been sent to their deaths for killing “African American” children – not the gestapo, politicians, gun sales representatives, not even the “purveyors ” of git low, or high as some of us call it…just look at what drugs make us do – GIT LO!!! In the mean time we scurry about trying to disguise ourselves as natural blonds, redheads, etc. with cat eyes, eagle talons for nails, “ho dresses”, spine revealing pants (male/female), foul mouthed, loud, yet uncomfortable conducting anything like intelligent conversation, maybe driving the latest, most expensive “get read for prison mobile, flashing gang signs, wearing the t- shirt of the day, all the while knee deep in pit bull excrement, garbage/filth in front of our own doorways…Oh I’m sorry, we’re worried about whether miss ann in Florida got away with doing something wrong, huh??

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