Mother of 5-Year Old Shaniya Davis Charged with Murder, Selling Child for Drugs

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2 responses to “Mother of 5-Year Old Shaniya Davis Charged with Murder, Selling Child for Drugs

  1. Once again, a child is harmed and no one spoke out to try to save this child. Surely there were family members around when the mother was using drugs and having people like McNeil around this baby. Why didn’t someone do something??? GOD help them.

  2. @Nadir MaxiMom Nance: Your heart is in the right place, yet you must consider the conditions of our society today, where families are so dissected, disenfranchised, and left unprotected due mainly to the type of government and social structure we’ve been oppressed under. For many people, (whom never had a chance to begin with), drugs are purposely dumped into their impoverished neighborhoods. Some people are fortunate enough to have a safety net, and/or a family structure to support them, but millions fall by the wayside. These tragedies are occurring numerously throughout the African-American ‘black’ sector, but they are not an exclusively black problem, as we have witnessed in recent news events. What is more unnoticed is that if we observe closely we can see this occurring throughout the African Diaspora and probably around the world.

    We see that we are cut-off from family members, for the most part, in many various ways, and we find that law enforcement is not always available to help, and sometimes may even have a hand in the problems. What can we do? We can only try to help those within our reach and we can only make sure that we don’t contribute to these problems in some inexplicable way.

    That being said. Don’t expect an omnipotent being you refer to as ‘God’ to help them or anyone else, because if it hasn’t helped humans thus far I’m willing to bet it is not going to help humans ever.

    I must add that I feel sorry for everyone involved in this incident, and in every tragic occurrence around the world. We are living in such an environment, and at such a time where everyone can be considered a victim including you and me. If you have increased your worldview you will see children of the world dying in higher numbers and in worse conditions than ever imagined.

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