Dr. Boyce and Dr. Wilmer Leon: Was Tom Joyner Right to Attack the Sexuality of Tavis and Cornel?


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4 responses to “Dr. Boyce and Dr. Wilmer Leon: Was Tom Joyner Right to Attack the Sexuality of Tavis and Cornel?

  1. When some people verbally attack other people it is usually out of frustration and anger. Sometimes they cannot intellectually compete with the person(s) whom they are upset with, they will resort to vile, foul language and mischaracterizations to belittle instead.

    We always see how people will stoop low to degrade and attack when they have no intellectual reply to truthful information about an issue or about themselves. This is the quickest easiest way to ‘comeback’ after receiving a verbal strike of intellectual significance for which they cannot intellectually or wittily answer or reply to.

    Dr. Cornel West is easily twice as intelligent as Tom Joiner. In fact Dr. West is a genius and Mr. Joiner realizes this.

  2. WizardG said,

    “Dr. Cornel West is easily twice as intelligent as Tom Joiner. In fact Dr. West is a genius and Mr. Joiner realizes this.”

    What evidence do you have of that? You seem to a bought into the corporate hype. Cornel West ain’t not but a Harvard anointed preacher. You’re only assuming West is more intelligent than Tom Joiner because West has been given the accoutrements of intellect and power that the puppeteers confer upon the people they select for you to listen to. Thereafter, all he has to do is keep up the front.

    That’s how they control our minds – they tell you who’s been certified for you to listen to by giving them the robs, badges, or titles that looks or sounds impressive, and we buy right into it. But I suggest that people really start listening to Cornel West time. I’ve been doing it for some time now, and I’m a word merchant, so I understand the meaning of words.

    West specializes in stringing a lot of impressive-sounding phrases together that don’t mean a thing. It takes him twenty minutes to say what any reasonably intelligent person can say in one short sentence. The reason for that is his intent is to impress less than critical thinkers so much with the sound of words so much that they don’t recognize the fact that he’s camouflaging the fact that he’s not saying nothing.

    Listening to Carnel West reminds me of eating rice cake – you can feel it in your mouth, but it doesn’t have any taste or substance. It’s like eating cardboard – you might as well eat the box it came in.

    Wizard, don’t buy into the bullshit, brother. Tell me one memorable thing that Cornel West has said of any significance. Take your time and give it some thought.

  3. Victoria Rowels

    A Letter to My Brothers
    Copyright by Victoria Rowels, ©2011

    Tom, Tavis, and Dr. Cornel,
    Three brothers we all wish well.
    Y’all got a a right to disagree,
    But I’m still hoping for unity.

    I done seen the enemy
    And he don’t look like y’all.
    Sometimes he’s short.
    Sometimes he’s tall.
    He says he’s white.
    But he looks pink to me.
    He loves Black disunity.

    Pain done come and left its mark.
    The hidden stuff came of out the dark.
    But God is good and loves us all.
    My three brothers, I’m depending on y’all.

    The mic in your hands is a powerful tool.
    Of course they want y’all to cut the fool.
    Don’t give in and fall for the o-ke-doke.
    Y’all remember what they like to do with rope.

    Now they swinging rope all up in the air.
    It’s a high class lynching and it ain’t fair.
    But they play dirty and always will.
    Y’all intelligent and know the deal.

    Don’t hate the player, hate the game.
    A soul is too much to pay for fame.
    Yeah we are diverse and we will disagree.
    But I’m still hoping for unity.

  4. Vernon Jones

    That poem is the BOMB!!!

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