Reaching Out for Ideas

Note from Dr. Boyce:

"I might go crazy on these niggas I don?t give a motherf*ck
Run up in the ni**a house and shoot his grandmother up, what!
What? I don?t give a motherfuck get ya baby kidnapped
And ya baby motherfu*cked" – Lil Wayne, 3 Peat

As we move forward and confront this content in music, would anyone like to contribute some ideas on how we can best challenge the music industry, corporate sponsors, radio stations and networks about promoting this kind of stuff? 

I’m all ears for anyone who has good ideas on how to proceed.   The goal is not to impede on Lil Wayne’s freedom of speech.  It is to exercise our own freedom to protest this self-destructive brainwashing of our children.

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4 responses to “Reaching Out for Ideas

  1. Alberta

    Now this is the epitome disrespect for one self, race, and black women in particular. How can anyone who spews this kind of rhetoric out of his mouth be so looked up to?
    I am so disappointed in this young man and have to believe his folks are too, I know I would be. I can remember in the not too distant past admiring the young lad for being such a talented entertainer – what in the world has happen to him?…

  2. Nadir Nance

    This is so sad. What makes this boy say things like this?
    We really need to reach our youth before they start listening to him and others like him. I did not allow my kids to listen to him in my house. Now that they are out of my house however, they do listen to and like his foolishness. As a community, we MUST rally around our children and TEACH them what is wrong with this type of “music” (though I DO NOT consider this boy’s “stuff” music). Also, we need to reach the parents. Today’s parents are so ignorant to what their children are doing. Many of them are too busy trying to “have a life” to raise, teach and nurture their own children.
    My idea is to develop more outreach programs that will be geared toward helping parents and young children/adults.

  3. Alberta

    yes it is. I wish I could wave a magic wand and have it all go away, unfortunately it is far more difficult than that. In my opinion we are already doing what needs to be done and that is having an opn dialogue about it, rebuking it. This in my opinion sends a louder message. We are saying hey young people you are hurting us with such rhetoric – you are better than that; can’t you see this is the way the others expect you to behave, this is the kind of language about your women they’d like you to use. They want you to put down your own then they don’t have to.
    Respect yourself…

  4. wilbur

    We are constantly kicking our own down it is no wonder that KKK doesent march any more because we are doing a pretty good job ourselves.

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