Dr. Boyce: Why Black People Don’t Have a True Independence Day


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3 responses to “Dr. Boyce: Why Black People Don’t Have a True Independence Day

  1. We are a strange bunch of nomads who try to be loved, wanted, and needed in a country that has proven in every possible way that they are hateful towards ‘blacks’ and some of them with power love to punish us every chance they get. We are a very strange bunch of confused, misguided, misdirected, miseducated, mistreated, and misdiagnosed folks to say the least. It’s true that we are only human, but what continues to happen to us in our face and how we perceive it, and react to it, tells a story of self hate, denial, anger, frustration, and complete ignorance that many are unable to recognize, let alone try to seek help, or speak out about these very troubling issues.
    What would be the use. Just as the country was bad before they began, we are were doomed before our ancestors made it across the waters.
    As a collective we were shattered long ago with only our color the constant unifying property, but as we have witnessed across the African Diaspora our color is not nearly enough! In fact our darker hue has lost its unifying properties altogether.
    We are ignorant to believe that this is our country because we were born here. That is what the Anglos keep conveying to the masses and the masses are ignorant enough to buy it. We buy it and pass it to our children just as we pass all the other crap we have accepted as truth from the children of our former slave owners.

  2. Oh yeah, it’s a big conspiracy. Nothing like a little whitey-bashing on the Fourth of July, I always say. As far as black incarceration rates, I agree that petty drug offenses account for much disproportionate incarceration. But there is a familiar lack of responsibility in this article. ATTENTION: Don’t do the crime, and you won’t get busted. Yes, it is THAT simple. If you know that the police is leaning on your community, if you know that stop-and-frisk is becoming a problem, and you know that you are going to do more time than whites for the same crime, and you still walk around with weed in your pocket and keep dealing and you still commit the crimes KNOWINGLY?… well then I can’t stop you from being a dumb ass. Take your complaint about over-incarceration to the communities where violent crime is rampant and you will be laughed off of the block. Yes, there are many problems within the American black community, and they do need to be addressed by ALL of America. But the first three areas you list in your article could just as easily be attributed to America at large. And calling the prison system slavery and implying that it is conspiratorial on a national scale is nothing but rank nonsense. Step up and take some responsibility for the actions of your community, just SOME of them, and you will get much more respect than this kind of old and tired whitey-bashing and buck passing.

  3. Larry Robinson

    Wow, and Wow I tell you that is a very wonderful story. I feel as if someone is listening to me for once… I even stop teaching because I see just what you stated here… I once did a story about Dr. Bayard Rustin for black history month and was firer because I was told that I was trying to impact the “children” minds into homosexual thinking here in Orlando, FL. I see the samething that you see happening in our community ….

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