Dr. Boyce: Reminders of How Black People are Suffering

If you want to see the kinds of things that are coming in my email inbox everyday and why I am so passionate about us fighting the black unemployment problem, please read this letter below in order to get a sense of how black people all over America are suffering.

We do not have to suffer in silence, but the reactions from many politicians in Washington seem to imply that if we ignore the suffering of others, its as if they do not exist.  We must deal with black unemployment.

The letter is below:

Dr Watkins, I was on welfare when I had my first child 45 years ago.  Yesterday I had to file for food stamps. The same humility that I went through 45 years ago I am going through now.  It hurts. Welfare put me through school, paid for a car and paid an agency for the job that I got 45 years ago. I was only in the system for 2 years. I have sustained myself for 43 years, I got married in 1971 (40 years ago) I have 2 more now grown children. I have worked in the medical billing field for the past 40 years.  I was laid off my job with the _________ Hospital 3 years ago when the hospital was sold and I have not been able at my age to get another job.  I am now on social security getting $940 a month. My husband is receiving Social security Medicare $ 1092.00 per month. We are trying to maintain our mortgage payment of $1916.73 per month. We cannot make it. We applied for the ________program to our lender _________Bank and after exhausting many many pieces of paper faxed and re-faxed to them they turned us down and said we do not make enough money. I want to sue _________Mortgage and  _________,  please tell me how do I do this? The people on a fixed income have no chance. The programs are against us. Please help me I am so angry.



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2 responses to “Dr. Boyce: Reminders of How Black People are Suffering

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  2. Brother,

    We know we’re hurting. What we need are solutions.

    I don’t think we should suffer in silence, but one of the problems that I have with pieces is that they seem to imply that the immediate solution to our problem is to just sit back and shake our fists in the air. That approach ignores what should be common sense. Let me explain what I mean.

    If someone starts shooting at you God has designed us where our first response is to haul ass and get ourselves out of harm’s way. Then once we get around the corner, only THEN do we start yelling for assistance. But your approach seems to advocate that if a person starts shooting at us we jsut stand there and shake our fists in the air and complain about gun control.

    If an individual takes that approach they won’t survive, and if the Black community takes that approach neither will it survive. We’ve got to start taking action to help ourselves, then people will take us more seriously when we ask for assisstance.

    We’ve got to become more realistic, and start seeing life as it is, and only then, as we would like it to be. The next time you get hungry, try sitting at your dinner table and shaking you fist in the air demanding food to appear. I guarantee you that using that tact you’ll starve to death. If you want to eat you’ve got to get up and do something about. That’s just the way life works.

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