Analyst Calls President Obama a “D*ck” on National TV

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2 responses to “Analyst Calls President Obama a “D*ck” on National TV

  1. Pay close attention to what Obama is doing here and abroad and you might see that the people he represents has him doing the worse things possible that a ‘black’ man could do as their front!

    Look how he can do nothing to improve the problems for African-Americans, and how Haiti is still suffering, and New Orleans is getting no attention. Look at the famine in Africa along with the genocide, look at how he doesn’t stop Israel for threatening the flotilla after they’ve already attacked and killed.

    He was easy with having his name used for ‘white’ snipers to fire on so-called ‘Somali pirates’, and kill them regardless of the true facts of why Somalia is suffering. Which is because of European poachers and toxic waste dumpers in their oceans among other issues.

    African countries are suffering great droughts and are dying all around. Obama doesn’t make any statements about anything his white owners don’t want him to. He is comparable to the the ‘House N’., or the one used to keep the slaves under control. I can no longer stand to hear him speak his lying gibberish, so I immediately mute my tv whenever he speaks. In my opinion he is worse than a “dick”, he is a poser with nothing to gain but his own achievements and great wealth for himself. Nothing is to be shared with us even when they’re using our tax wealth to gain their great power and wealth!

    They (The Elite), use people to further their ‘manifest destiny’ and Obama is one ‘black’ who seems to have been primed early on for his job. He is not the true power but he does represent them, and what is worse, his color automatically makes him represent us. All this is terrible for us but many are too ignorant and blinded by disinformation etc. to see.

  2. H. Camerman

    It is too bad that american voters were fooled by this “baloney sauce” artist..Americas first black president has paved a hard road for future black presidential-hopefuls.
    I am praying that voters, and especially black voters will determine to make Obama a one term president…
    His incompetence is embarrassing!

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