Dr. Boyce Watkins: Let Me Explain How BET Has Become the New KKK

Click to listen to Dr. Boyce Watkins explain his assertion that BET has become the new KKK



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2 responses to “Dr. Boyce Watkins: Let Me Explain How BET Has Become the New KKK

  1. Their strategies against all ‘blacks’.

    Dear sir. I truly enjoyed your video on the rapper issue. I’ve never paid much attention to these young rude rappers but I know that it is important for the elite to use them to elevate the problems in our culture (If you will).
    The kinds of negative psychosocial events that our youth are subjected to is by no means an accident or happenstance.

    If you were to look across the African Diaspora you would find that the same type of vile negativity is happening all over Africa, Haiti, and other places that are easily accessible to corporate Anglo-Elite.
    The horrific events occurring throughout the diaspora is similar to what we are seeing here but of course much worse, because it is easier to rain down drudgery, suffering, pain, and death there. We would have it just as badly if we weren’t under more scrutiny by the righteous few Anglos in our society.

    Our people here and abroad are easily psychologically and socially manipulated without ever realizing the seriousness of the social decay we are all experiencing. Many of us just don’t understand, or get it that there are people who strategize to send us down these darkened paths. We who have long been without proper leadership or guidance cannot see the hand of those who not only profit from our ignorance but find joy in seeing their conniving, conspiratorial machinations work! It helps them, when we cannot recognize that we are being set-up on every level and from nearly every angle.

    How can we be so ignorant? Well it appears that practically everyone is just as ignorant because very few can actually see what kind of deviates we are up against no matter how many times they show themselves. (The whole country suffers in certain ways but we must suffer in the worst always).

    In order for our kind to get out of this mess we must have powerful persuasive leaders speaking for us, to us, and with us.
    This cannot happen because they (The Elite) have control over the media and they can threaten and harass anyone who has that ability to persuade the masses. You saw what they did to King? You see what they do to Jean Betrand Aristide? You see what they are doing to Qaddafi? You know they still have a Panamanian leader imprisoned? The list is enormous. All over the world we see these Anglo-Elite put on a show of goodness, and at the same instance destroy anyone who stands in their way.

    What is happening to us is a fraction of what is happening to our people across the diaspora. Mass murders rapes, disease..You name it and they are being subjected to it!

    Also. I keep hearing black people speak of the KKK as if it is not a problem any longer. They have fooled so many into thinking they are dormant when they are not! They are part of the problem even when you never hear about them they are stronger than you think. They are part of the Anglo-Elite and we are so unaware, ignorant and unable to protect ourselves, or anyone from this ongoing clandestine attack against us.
    As for BET. Isn’t that owned by a larger Anglo-Elite corporation? Of course they would promote this kind of degrading, demonizing material for ‘blacks’.
    The question for us is. “What is this all leading up to”?
    Because surely it’s going somewhere. Let’s just hope that we don’t wind up in as vile a turmoil as what we see in many of our African nations.
    So many are in denial of this atrocious situation that it is virtually impossible to stop it. Look at Africa to see what is coming here.


    It is so easy to keep “bopping our heads” to the beat and ignore the realities that are all around us. Sadly, I for one have given up on trying to help those who do not want to be helped. There are still a few intelligent brothers and sisters and even some who are willing to learn (change) for the better and thats who we need to focus on. Get our young brothers and sisters before they become poisioned by the media and the brainwashed masses.

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