Evidence that hip-hop needs to be dealt with: What Has this Art Form Become?

"I swear you can’t fuck with me
But I can fuck your girl and make her nut for me
Then slut for me, then kill for me, then steal for me
And of course it’ll be your cash
And I’ll murder that bitch and send her body back to your ass" – Lil Wayne, "We Steady Mobbin"



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10 responses to “Evidence that hip-hop needs to be dealt with: What Has this Art Form Become?

  1. SapphiresMomma

    This is pure ignorant TRASH!

    This is not art!

    We are the only group of people that allow this type of disrespect, and ignorance.

    These so called “rappers” palyed a large part in the senseless, slaughter of thousands of young black males and other innocent black people, including our babies for at least three (3) decades.

    We place importance on other small foolishness, but can’t seem to face the reality of the destruction these types of “rappers” have done to our communties and our people, and they certainly don’t care.

    When will it stop?

    When will black people respect themselves enough to take a stand and say ENOUGH!!!

  2. Roosevelt Thompson

    it will stop when we look at them as devils and not saints
    don’t buy their products and don’t look at their shows
    if they don’t make any momey they will police the industry
    or starve.

  3. claudia

    I understand that LilWayne feels that hes just rapping and making lyrics from whatever comes out of his head. But it makes me wonder about his mind, for him to have such twisted and sick thoughts especially aimed towards women. I just cant listen to such junk anymore. Its either you dont undertstand a thing he is saying or you sicken by hearing too much of what hes saying,. We all as black people must have to realize that your children is entertaining themselves with such violent and corrupted words in his music as this. Theres just no respect for humanity.

  4. Roosevelt Thompson

    I am sick and tired of writers and the mass control media
    blaming black people as a whole for a nut like Lil Wayne
    it is not the black race fought that this person has found away
    to spread his venom and hatred,this industry will police itself
    when the consumers boycott this sick behavior, the media
    call art!!!

  5. maria kline

    They use us in many different ways even in music when we have a evil mind we see notthing in what we are doing not even for ourself tha’s of the spirit within. The devil and God is us it’s known fact that everyone will not come out of darkness specailly the ones that work for the devils until what ever is ahead of us.

  6. Rick

    If anyone in the world would buy trash like this or even let your kids see or listen to such trash you are just as bad as he is. A ignorent Black fool that needs to be in a cage and them them all kill themselfs. Bunch of lame black peolpe and the people that listen to it or watch it..

  7. Rick

    And don’t get me twisted I am Black Rick

  8. William Newsome

    Its like giving these so call artist a gun and saying its ok to kill us all. By the way, heres your trophy, job well done. The mother of every living child deserves to be raped beaten and left for dead, What a message. Move back white folk, we don’t want yall to do it cause we take pride in killing our families ourselves. Turn the music up, ohh another gun shot. What poor black soul droped this time.

  9. Alberta

    As an African American christian, mother, grandmother and professional I am appalled. What happened or didn’t for it to get to this point? Where are his parents on this? Why aren’t they addressing this with their child? Racial pride and respect for yourself and others should be taught at an early age and should trump money. Where do we go from hear?

  10. Alberta

    oops, should have proofed my writing got carried away…

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