Pastor Convicted of Sexually Assaulting an 11-Year Old Girl

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2 responses to “Pastor Convicted of Sexually Assaulting an 11-Year Old Girl

  1. People (especially blacks), who practice the white man’s religion (or any religion for that matter), should understand that they cannot believe in righteousness while constantly doing wrong things. This is what the general ‘American’ public is guilty of.

    One could label this man slightly retarded just because he professed to believe in the fantasy of an omnipotent being you call ‘God’, and all of the humanly contrived trappings attached to such belief. Humans who cannot detach themselves from this are indeed mentally retarded, and/or, insane. You refuse to believe this, and therein lies one of our biggest social problems. Some of you are so ensconced in this belief system that you will become violent against those who speak out against it. Which is worse, a child molesting preacher, or a religious zealot who would attack and kill another person?

    This man can be heaped in with all the Catholic priests and many other religious zealots who have not been recognized as social deviants so far. He is a humanoid who has been indoctrinated with a belief in fantasy and superstition but his animalistic nature still trumps his spiritual machinations.

  2. AntBee

    This “man” is a child molester and it has nothing to do with religion, or the white man, or anyone else!

    End of the story~

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