Creflo Dollar: Bishop Eddie Long “already has a ticket into heaven”


In this “interesting” video, Creflo Dollar tells his congregation that Bishop Eddie Long already has a ticket into heaven.

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2 responses to “Creflo Dollar: Bishop Eddie Long “already has a ticket into heaven”

  1. miseagle1013

    How do Creflo Dollar really knows. I know that God does honor his word, but there are also sins that arent forgiven by God to. It could be wayyy more other sins that Eddie Long has besides being Gay. Like robing his flock, blasphemying while on the pulpit before his congregation in lying and not coming forward with the truth,. I am pretty sure his lawyer has told him to take this route in paying off the guys in order to calm things down without going to trial. Creflo isnt God, even though his eagle is wayyyy bigger then God.

  2. There is a way to easily tell which humans are mentally disturbed. Religious belief in a ‘God’ is a sure sign that something is wrong. There are other sure shot signs, but that one is the best. Try to understand why this is so and if you can, then there may be hope for you after all.
    If we are to listen to any of these people who preach “gospel” we are doing ourselves a great disservice. Yet I do realize that social conditioning and our animalistic tendencies call for some sort of conditioning measure.

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