Black Teen Goes Off on Racist Old White Man Who Calls Him a “Typical Black Punk”


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2 responses to “Black Teen Goes Off on Racist Old White Man Who Calls Him a “Typical Black Punk”

  1. Alberta

    This is so typical of what our young people have to go through, particularly black males. Racism is alive and well…

  2. American history is filled with the injustices by the Anglo population as a whole against people of a darker hue. Their disrespect for our ways of existing on the planet have brought us all to this point. It is the ‘Americanization’ and Christianized adaptation that has kept them from slaughtering us like they do the Islamic people of other nations. It is our loyal and conditioned syndromes which keep us divided amongst ourselves and in many cases helping them with their strategies for our demise across the diaspora, with those in weaker positions most vulnerable. We here who are in weaker, or shall I say, poorer positions, have, and will, continue to fall prey to their hateful disrespect, disfavor, and despise.

    The Jewish community has its ‘Jewish Defense League’ , cultural unity, a ton of wealth and a now ‘super powerful’ little country to keep the Anglos at bay. We have literally nothing. We have a few wealthy ‘citizens’ who are so selfish and for obvious reasons, unable to understand what they should be doing to help the masses of ‘blacks’ in despair–and at the mercy of the Anglo-elite, and their willing cohorts. Some of our “people” are even willing to help in our demise because of self loathing or some other psychosocial anomaly.

    So to put it mildly as our body count keeps rising and our children continue to grace the cells of the Anglo prisons adorned with ‘black’ and ‘brown’ guards etc. We find ourselves “up shit’s-creek without a paddle”, and many of us left just as those across the diaspora, without a pot to piss in!

    Praying will not correct these continuous wrongs, and those who amass great wealth in the face of dire poverty will not see anything resembling a heaven no matter what phony preacher or book has told them so.

    Finally. Those foolish enough to believe ANY politician surely must need their heads examined. As a matter of fact we should have all had our heads examined the minute we were able to comprehend words.

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