Creflo Dollar Appears to be Defending Eddie Long

It appears that Creflo Dollar has a soft spot for his “brother in the Lord”

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One response to “Creflo Dollar Appears to be Defending Eddie Long

  1. Hello Dr. B.W.,

    This cannot be constituted as a “wreck!” If this is a wreck, Pastor Dollar, you have just co-signed for the designer sports car used in the hit and run accident, which resulted in the injuries of these young men.

    We must be very careful in how we respond or address the former members that have made the choice of departing from New Birth, to tell them that, “I don’t want you here” is not an option to imply. Remember, World Changers is a place of worship, people are supposed to come there to do such that and everyday it is God’s grace that the seats are full.

    In addition, right now, these are people who are confused and need a place to lay their weary heads and they are in need of support. Give them your unconditional support, them leaving was not an easy choice.

    Sometimes the most difficult hurt and disappointment you can experience is the kind that comes from the church, so therefore we are to be careful with God’s people and our selection of words. Jesus said,”Come all that are heavy laden” so therefore we are to receive them as such.

    Pastor Dollar, please say words that will edify. When this story first broke I was concern for the people more so then Eddie Long. He will simply lose money and members, the members themselves will lose time, sacrifice, direction and trust and now with your words the lack of support, especially when remarks are said that go against their behalf.

    Former members of New Birth Missionary, stay encourage and know that God is with you and he see all and hears all. I pray this will continue to propel you in his never exhausting grace and mercy. This too shall pass…

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