Matrix Author: “Neo Character was Designed After Muhammad Ali”–Meant to be Played by a Black Man


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2 responses to “Matrix Author: “Neo Character was Designed After Muhammad Ali”–Meant to be Played by a Black Man

  1. Pollard

    Why is this information just now coming out? I believe this crime has possibly set back what could have been a profound inspiration in the Black Community. Children could have had a cool Black futuristic role model. It could have put more black actors to work, as well as inspired more blacks to pursue writting scripts, video games, and computer science, which in turn promotes the pursuit of an education.

  2. Isalo Elaine

    Those two movies have been two of the most explosive and enduring films in entertainment. The nature of the game is theft, actually, the nature of several games is theft.

    As a woman who writes and has an afrocentric and afrofuturistic perspective of time and of the Afrikan’s place/position in it, I want Blacks to know of this story and to tell it, to learn from it, and step forward out of it. But, it appears that either we don’t know what has happened with Sophia, or it is taken as small potatoes…and there is a number of complex and intertwining reasons why that might be.

    I believe ensuring that we are aware, not just of this story, but also the impact it could have on Black/Afrikan “sovereignty” could help us begin to unravel some of those complexities.

    The entertainment industry, namely the film industry, has a huge affect on nation building when we think in terms of culture, identity, and economics especially, so for a woman to create such a world where Afrikan-Americans would be able to recognize themselves…period, and purchase tickets to movies that showcase them in ways generated by black thought and perspective, to purchase tickets that support a black lead cast (if the entire cast was not intended to be black) would have been beyond powerful. It would have been validating.

    Thanks for writing this article!

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