NC Lawmaker Refers to NAACP as “Racist Thugs”


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2 responses to “NC Lawmaker Refers to NAACP as “Racist Thugs”

  1. Pollard

    In this particular article there was very little substance. No information on what either side is talking about other than name calling on both sides. There should have been more explanation on the issues. This was a waste of time and energy to post not to say anything about money.

  2. If whites are good at nothing else it’s slighting ‘Black’ people and the organizations that represent us.
    I would like to see what happens if they were to attack the Jewish Defense League in that fashion. No they wouldn’t because the Jewish are posing as whites and they have a well armed and dangerous Israel to cover their asses!

    Whites are also good at being in denial. They have done unspeakable things to ‘blacks’ then, and now, and apparently they get away with 90 percent of their wrongdoings if not more.

    They generally own everything in the country, then as now, including the government, and the most powerful churches. If there were any such thing as ‘racist’ (which is an oxymoron considering the fact we’re all one race), it would be them. The good whites and Jews help to perpetuate the slanderous demonizing of African-Americans and ‘blacks’ across the diaspora and not even the NAACP can seem to stop them. (Who are the actual thugs in this scenario)?

    If the Anglos were to attack the JDL they would be stopped dead in their tracks, and as for a politician, he/she would be quickly ousted! We are still fighting the most vile and quietly allowed “racism” in this country, and the fact that they (whites and Jews) get away with it, is proof of our overall weakened state of affairs here and abroad.

    With our most wealthy and powerful representatives in sports, entertainment and business humbled for personal gains, we look to greats like Dr. Cornel West to speak for us, and for that he and those of his ilk catch holy hell from many of us, and everyone else!

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