Ayvaunn Penn: You Can’t be “Black Like Me” So Don’t Even Try

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One response to “Ayvaunn Penn: You Can’t be “Black Like Me” So Don’t Even Try

  1. catherine whitehead

    Beautiful Black Woman
    by Catherinebutterfly

    I am the beautiful woman standing by the power of God
    Saved by Jesus Christ
    I have the love for All mankind in my heart
    I have come to know who I am,
    Whose I am and where I belong.
    Folks distinguished me from other minorities
    By my physical characteristics,
    “I, Me. and My”
    they think they know me
    Unlike other racial or cultural minorities
    they judge me
    The smirk at me,
    talk about me, but they do not know me.
    Yes they labor me what they want
    and as whom they want
    Poor sick minds flickering into that which they do not know
    Can not know and might never know.
    I the black woman am not distinguished by culture
    From the dominant group.
    I am said to be a woman that have completely
    Lost my ancestral culture, and hold no value
    In the man without color world
    I am a woman and not a girl.
    When I was a girl I acted as a girl
    But when I became a woman I stood up,
    Took on my responsibilities and here I am
    A blooming child of the King
    With His help I can do anything.
    There is nothing impossible for me.
    I speak the same language; I practice the same religion,
    And accept the same values and political ideals
    as the dominant group.
    But yet their world and many in my own world
    does not see me, as me
    Consequently, when one speaks of Black culture in the United States,
    One can only refer to the folk culture of the rural Southern Black
    Or the traditional forms of behavior and values which have grown
    Out of the Black’s social and mental isolation. .
    drifted by the dominant group
    never looking at themselves as the one that have polluted my race
    by their interaction of desires, desiring and needing to taste and touch. .


    Beautiful Black Woman by Catherinebutterfly

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